Press & Dakotan, you should be ashamed of yourselves for printing such scurrilous diatribe which you published on Oct. 20, 2021, by the minister from Avon. Statements he made, if made by your paper, would likely result in litigation as they contained half-truths, false statements and innuendoes.

You may argue that in politics anything goes, but this really goes beyond all decency. Please curb your enthusiasm for your leftist readers.

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I completely agree Mr. Jameson.

E pluribus

I would think that you, as a Doctor, would be more alarmed by the anti-vaccine words that appear in such frequency on these pages.

It’s hard not to wonder - if you feel this strongly about a liberal pastor’s letter - why you wouldn’t be even more alarmed that our nation has so completely failed its citizens in fighting the Covid pandemic.

America's bungling of its response to Covid has resulted in more deaths than any other nation on the planet. And the refusal of so many folks to get vaccinated means that the numbers of unnecessary deaths will continue to climb.

Perhaps all Americans should feel a bit ashamed that this is now how America is “exceptional.”


Funny how E talks about America's bungling of Covid, haven't the democrats been in charge the last 10 months, isn't it them telling everyone what to do and how to do it? isn't it them shutting down businesses, shutting down schools, muzzling our kids, forcing people to lose their jobs? Oh that's right, it's the unvaccinated fault, even though their world saving vaccine now only keeps you from getting sicker, at least that is what they are telling people anyways, it won't prevent it from spreading, it won't prevent you from getting it, even though that is what Jill Biden's husband and Fauci claimed for months and months, it will only keep you from getting sicker. But as a typical democrat, when their policies fail, when their truths turn out to be lies, it is someone else's fault. Agree with you on American's being ashamed, Jill Biden's husband and the democrats have taken the most powerful nation in the world and it has become a laughing stock to all other nations, and they have done this in a short 10 months, yep, American exceptionalism is no longer, until the right party is in charge that believes America is the best nation in the world, not the most racists, not the most hateful, and then believes we are the world leaders and that we don't apologize or beg other nations for their forgiveness and we don't beg for their help, the republican party believe this and the democrats don't, and this is the nation that they have created, weak, just like their great leader.

USA Strong

While we were in Europe 2 1/2 years ago we visited four different countries. When we told people we were from the USA the same response was given by them. The now Former President Trump was the laughing stock of America. And by the way he was also the one that called this virus a hoax and has kept many of his sheep from vaccinations


By now I'm certain that ALL European countries agree that Biden has taken a substantial lead as laughing stock, hoaxes and shepherd.

Mr. T

Mr. Voice, since you are quite comfortable with repetition, I hope you’ll forgive my repetitive response to your repetitive response.

The facts still bear out the truth that vaccination is the way forward in confronting this virus. But despite their desultory mandate policy Democrats cannot make everyone get vaccinated.

Yes, last week, Florida boasted a COVID-19 case rate lower than California’s.

But here is the more complete picture:

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Florida has counted 277 deaths for every 100,000 residents - the seventh highest rate in the nation. In stark contrast, California, has had 180 deaths per 100,000 people, California’s cumulative death rate ranks 36th on a list including all 50 U.S.

But Florida's new numbers have nothing to do with DeSantis’ fight against mandates and vaccines. Quite the contrary.

Instead ordinary Floridans have been looking at the real numbers, ignoring DeSantis and getting their shots.

Consequently, as folks increasingly disregard anti-vaxxer disinformation, both Florida and California now have relatively high vaccination rates, with 60% and 61%, respectively. This explains why Florida’s new case rate has now fallen so sharply.

Instead of proving anti-vaxxers' right, this actually backs up the preventative value of vaccination.

This is good news for us. And it means you and Abe may have to wait a little longer for us to be “sorry.”

For now, until the vaccine which you guys say will eventually “poison” us fills our hospitals instead of the unvaccinated victims of Covid, we’ll go with the CDC numbers.

And the CDC says that UNvaccinated Americans are more than eleven times more likely to be taking up hospital bed space than we are.


People need to research who makes up the CDC, it is an agency that gets funding from private companies, meaning, any company that wants to "help" can give the CDC funding for whatever reason they want as long as that funding gets used for what the private company wants it to be used for. So let's just say for example, a big pharmaceutical company had a way of making a vaccination and they wanted to make some money, because that is what they do, they are in the business to get rich, they contact the CDC and say hey, why don't you look at what we need to do about a virus that we can help "protect" people from, all the CDC has to do is say, you bet, send the cash and well let you know. It's that easy folks, the CDC is funded by private companies that are in the business of getting rich, you won't believe me, go do your own research, but you have all put your faith in big government that is full of millionaires, they don't get to be millionaires by mistake, but keep believing all these corporations and government agencies controlled by millionaire politicians have your best interest at heart, they don't.


The great democratic party, the unifying party and all their supporters spend the night demonizing Glenn Youngkin, calling his win a "delta variant of Trumpism", this from an MSNBC host, calling those that voted for him racists, keep attacking democrats, keep blaming Trump, why would the American people ever want to get back to a stronger military, border security, lower taxes, economic growth, energy independence, having choices, having a say in what our children are taught, why would anyone in America want that? Oh that's right, because that would make America strong and prosperous, the republicans wouldn't and don't run around blaming everything wrong in this country on someone or something else like the current administration does daily, under the democrats, well, you know, it is the same old tune unfortunately for America, failure after failure.

Mr. T

Mr. Voice, the CDC manages approximately $2.1 billion. Of that only a bit over ½ of 1 percent is received from outside funding.

Are you seriously telling us that this fraction of a percent is skewing CDC Policy?

Actually Mr. Voice, I’m a bit confused by your trashing of the CDC for another reason.

Wasn’t it the CDC you were quoting when you were saying that Florida’s Covid rate is down?

Where else would you have gotten that information?

And does this mean you doubt the CDC recommendation that your grandchildren get vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, rotavirus, influenza, and hepatitis A?

Are your grandchildren really unvaccinated, Voice?


To be fair, we should determine the efficacy and safety of this so called vax by comparing it to all those that you mentioned. While there is a growing number of true anti-vaxxers out there, you can't lump them in with those of us who abide by the tested and proven vaccine requirements despite our reluctance to accept this experimental cocktail. We are being cautious, curious and safely preserving our health by not getting this new, injectable operating system. Go forth with your choice to get it. We will wait and see, with our -1% chance of not surviving covid, some horse paste and dog wormer at the ready. Just like much of the world already has opted to do.

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