Once again, another school massacre, this one in Uvalde, Texas.

We here in the U.S. view such things as being relatively normal. This is the same country that worships feckless individuals such as Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz. You can add Tucker Carlson to that list as well. Lastly, there’s the Southern Gubernatorial Terror Tripartite: Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott and Kevin Stitt.

These monsters are slowly but surely dismantling democracy under your noses while you cheer them on in your misguided, conspiracy-ridden glory. Within a few more years, even your overblown and beloved Second Amendment will be nothing but hollow words as opposed to hollow point. You get what you pay for people. The radical right doesn’t care about you: They care about winning at any cost and by any means, be it via redistricting, abortion restrictions, or other forms of political malice that they excel at.

The age of grievance voting pays big dividends to those who are engaging in the never-ending cesspool swimming known as radical American politics. The goal? An autocratic oligarchy with just the right amount of theocratic subtlety thrown in for good measure. After all, if you can come across as remotely religious, people will be convinced that you’ve got God on your side. What a twisted surreal show! We’ll see you later America. It was good while it lasted. Until the next school massacre, have a good one.

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Couldn`t have said it better myself. [thumbup]


Where oh where do these democrats keep getting their information? Who is that has said the 2nd amendment needs to be abolished? IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. Who is that has driven this country to record high inflation, record high crime, record high gas prices? IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. Who is that uses mandates, threatens to arbitrarily ignore house and senate rules just to get their way? IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. Who is that threatens to pack the supreme court by changing the rules because they can't get their way? IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. Who is it that used censorship to silence people, who is that attacked parents at school board meetings because they were standing up for their children? IT'S THE DEMOCRATS. What has your party distributed to all of you that has made you ignore all the things going on in this country, UNDER DEMOCRATIC CONTROL. Even your liberally controlled press is starting to ask some questions, starting to realize things are so messed up and there are zero answers coming from the democrats. The majority of American's are now seeing it, just drive by a gas station or go buy groceries, IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF DEMOCRATIC POLICY. This is just like the defund the police movement, democrats pushed it for months, and now they are saying the republicans are the ones doing it, your party makes bad policies, ruin our nation in less than 17 months of being in office, then blame everyone else for it. Holy cow, unbelievable. Daniel, tell me what policies are the republicans, keep in mind they are the minority party, passing to ruin this country? Please list them so we can all see how the republicans have driven this country into record high inflation, record high gas prices, record high illegal immigration, show us the list of policies please. Since the polls are showing a huge, huge swing towards republicans come November, I am guessing you are in the minority on how you feel, just a guess there. I am sure you wish gas was $10 a gallon and that food was three times higher and not just two times higher, and that crime was even worse than it is now, all caused by democratic policies.


Young folks like Voice didn’t experience the deadly body count of the Vietnam era and its bitter unrest - or the Treasonous Nixon Presidency - or 13.5% inflation during the Reagan era.

So I understand why what’s happening now freaks many youngsters into paroxysms of apocalyptic predictions of impending doom as they see for the first time what appears to them as unprecedented catastrophes.

Try to relax, Voice. Your repeated freak outs can’t be good for your heart.

And you have so many political disappointments ahead of you if you live an average lifespan


Thank you Mr. Kruse. I totally agree.


Yet more democratic downplaying of the current state of America, parroting what Biden and his minions are doing all over the news media now, things are good, strong economy, everyone has more savings, nothing to worry about. So let's see from today's headlines - "Inflation hits fresh 40-year high in May with consumer prices surging 8.6%. The Labor Department said Friday that the consumer price index, a broad measure of the price for everyday goods including gasoline, groceries and rents, rose 8.6% in May from a year ago. Prices jumped 1% in the one-month period from April. Those figures were both higher than the 8.3% headline figure and 0.7% monthly gain forecast by Refinitiv economists." - But hey everyone, it's not as bad as 40 years ago, it's not as bad as during the great depression, so everything is fine. I find it completely and utterly remarkable how none of the record high inflation, record high gas prices, record high crime, record high illegal immigration, is not a problem to the democrats. When does it become a problem? This whole administration has been downplaying this for months, telling everyone that everything is fine, and you good old democrats fall right in line. You really enjoy paying $5 for gas, double for food, double for clothing? None of this is concerning? Hey, it's not 13% like under Reagan, even if you aren't old enough to remember, because apparently you have to be alive to be able to make a comment about something during those times according to SoDakD, but if you recall, it was democrat Jimmy Carter that had fuel shortages (sound familiar), food shortages (sound familiar) record high interest rates (which creep up higher and higher each week now), Carter did all that and handed it to Reagan and the republicans to fix it, and they did fix it, unlike Biden that is ruining this country and just keeps on driving it into the ground. If you saw the made for television mini-series last night put on by the "honest" and "trustworthy" democrats, I hope you enjoyed the clown show of them "piecing" all this together. Too bad they don't take half their time that they spend on Jan. 6th and put those efforts towards saving our country from inflation. Almost makes you think the democrats don't want to fix our economy, now why would that be? Please tell me democrats, why won't your party work on fixing our economy? Anyone?


You constantly preach to us about the Constitution, Voice. Yet you're strangely “incurious” about an unconstitutional attempt to overturn a free and fair election.

This is arguably the most destructive unconstitutional act imaginable. Yet you’re more interested in the price of gas, inflation etc. and whatever else your “grievance de jour” may be.

Winning the next election is your overwhelming preoccupation. How fortunate you are to have picked a simple goal. And your picayune aspirations may well provide you momentary satisfaction.

But Liz Cheney is right when she says Republicans must choose between Trump and the truth.

“…there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

Watch what is being revealed, Voice. You may remain stubbornly clueless, but History already knows the truth.

The truth your daughters and their generation will discover. Sooner or later


Voice, I’m not “downplaying” the state of things in America.

Yes, I’ve seen worse in my time.

And yet my squabbling family is still here. Just as our larger squabbling American Family will still likely be here after our current crises passes. Eventually.

But the biggest threat to everything we hold dear THIS TIME is the breakdown of our Democratic Institutions. This is the message of the January 6th Commission.

You reject this. This is the “downplaying” you and the Republican Party are doing.

And ultimately, this threatens the resolution of every single issue that now burdens the American People.


Thank you, SoDakD.

Larry Skow

Excellent idea! Dismantle this D@#N DEMORACY BS. USA IS A REPUBLIC! Hint- Hint folks read the PLEDGE OF ALLIGENCE and U.S. CONSITITION! We are a REPUBLIC! Let your Democracy fall! Let the REPUBLIC ROLL ON!

Larry Skow

Sorry I was offline for week or so. I was busy working oil wells over for client. Getting more of that good old USA CRUDE OIL pumping ready to go to refinery! Get that BLACK GOLD from deep in earth's core ready for AMERICAN consumer! Ya all can thank me later--Oil for cars/tires/make these EV's --can't make them with out OIL--natural gas to heat your house and power natural gas powered electrical generation so your keyboard keeps on working. Crude/natural gas is as organic as it gets folks. After all it is Dinosuar T@rd's/old swamp plant matter/old sea life. Time/heat/pressure/microbes. ORGANIC as it gets.


The fact that gas prices are high around the world is a fairly clear indication that Biden isn’t really responsible for this, and thus he won’t really be able to stop it.

And neither will any Republican. Trumpster or RINO.

This is because the geopolitical energy calculus has changed almost overnight. The need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels is now being driven by a desperate desire of free nations of the world to free themselves from their reliance on our worst enemies.

And eventually the whole world will likely follow to free themselves from reliance on fossil fuels as their alternatives become cheaper than the new cost of petroleum. Petroleum will be expensive for the foreseeable future.

As a lifelong Capitalist I’m amused and delighted to see the Market begin to solve a problem that our politicians and their oil baron donors won’t: And that’s the clear and present threat of global warming.

There is long suffering ahead. Especially for the Ukrainians.

But our Planet has new hope…

Larry Skow

SoDakD: Gas prices have ALWAYS been high in majority of world. TAXES TAXES TAXES. In Canada always double ours. Even WD-40 is high--has road tax on it. Motor oil same way. Taxes. Always been sold by the liter in all counties. Plus, most have to import either refined products or crude its self. Itay and elsewhere has been mothballing refineries for years. REASON--simple unions--cant get anything done. I have worked in refinery's in Italy/South America. So bad in Mexico they finally came and bought refineries in Texas and ship refined products south via pipeline. Russia actually controlled the Diesel market in Europe. SoDakD you are not a life long capitalist! Don't blow that smoke.

Larry Skow

Heck with Ukraine! I don't want my money going over there to Biden's mess. Dig into your D@MN pocket and send your pesos over I don't want to send mine or any USA aide over. Only President that hasn't started a D@MN war in last 30 years is MR. TRUMP! Scr$w Ukraine that is Europe's problem. NATO/U.N problem. Stay home rebuild our country---again you and others are in LaLa land.


Well, Larry, yes, I’m not a lifelong capitalist. I retired after 38 years of running my small business, so I guess you’re technically right, old friend.

So I’ll rephrase: With gas prices astronomically high for the foreseeable future, as a retired Capitalist I’m amused and delighted to see the Market begin to solve a problem that our politicians and their oil baron donors won’t:

The clear and present threat of global warming.

There is long suffering ahead. Especially for the Ukrainians.

But our Planet has new hope…

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