This letter is in response to the one printed from the Reverend Dan Brandt in the October 8 issue of the Press & Dakotan. In it, he lists all of the grievances he can think of and lays them at the feet of President Trump and Senators Thune and Rounds.

So now the former Vice President Biden gets a free pass from Brandt on all of the things he has said and done over the last 47 years. For instance, when speaking to a room full of Marines, Biden is on tape saying that “There are sure a lot of dumb bastards in this room.” He is on tape saying that “None of the 200,000 people who have perished from COVID-19 would have died if I had been in charge. You can look up the data. They would all be alive today!” Speaking to an African-American man, he says “If you don’t vote for Biden, then you ain’t Black.”

In his letter, Brandt seems to be suggesting that if you are Republican, or even disagree with anything he says, you need to get counseling. I may need counseling, but not for any of the reasons listed above. I will close by posing what I admit is a hypothetical question. Do you think that the Supreme Court Justices who made Roe v. Wade law of the land would still vote the same way if they knew that more than 62 million babies would be aborted by the year 2020?

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[thumbup] Thank you. Posting here takes courage. I hope the responses this time will not be name calling or insinuations that you are crazy or only watch Fox news (the usual answers/non answers). I just hope that whoever disagrees just agrees to disagree. ☮✝

Mr. T

I don’t get this. You’re quibbling over details when 225,000 Americans are dead from the Coronavirus - more than any other civilized country. And our economy can’t recover until we get a handle on this.

But our government still doesn’t take this seriously. The President goes to Virus hot spots and draws his maskless crowds. Isn't this homicidal, anti-science madness?

This question is NOT hypothetical: Why do we have to flounder about like a third world country as our body count mushrooms and more and more of our children go to bed hungry? And they won’t even have a bed to go to once the evictions start.

And have you noticed that more people per capita are dying in South Dakota than in almost any other state?

Your petty “what aboutism” concerns are weirdly misplaced, Mr. Peters.

La Voz

Very well said Sir. Right on!


Kate, you always position yourself as the person in the middle. Common sense. Even keeled. Understanding all sides.

But you seldom give an actual opinion.

What do you think about almost a quarter of a million dead Americans? Do you approve of the way this pestilence is being confronted?

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