It’s South Dakota’s profitable, civic duty to assure our ethanol market share is 30% by 2023 and 50% by 2028.

History reminds us that, since E85 pumps were introduced, thousands of pioneering S.D. standard auto owners/others have traveled millions of trouble-free miles splash-blending half E85 (E30-50) and consistently reporting “more power” and “can’t tell a mileage difference.”  

Critics’ irrational, hair-on-fire “you can’t do that” arguments act like how a Nazi horrific purity test would: “Only factory-designated flex-fuel auto owners are privileged to use much safer half-E85 (E30-50).” Standard auto owners are condemned to use the most fatally poisonous and illegal fuels on the market or blends less than E30. Yet there’s no credible scientific evidence that factory-UNdesignated flex-fuel vehicles using half-E85 (E30-50) do not also satisfy the Clean Air Act’s requirement to maximize reduction of fatally toxic emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. Ethanol does not contain or produce them.

That said, South Dakota lawmakers can this session — as in 1984 — again legislate South Dakota’s best business plan ever.  Or they should tax imported petroleum one cent per gallon at the pipeline dedicated to grow a successful S,.D. ethanol industry:  The new 2020 funds will be directed as the original  pipeline tax law intended.  Except, most importantly, substantial pipeline tax dollars must also be used to inform all auto owners that half-E85 (E30-50) is safest, most cost efficient, more power, cleaner engines, lower maintenance costs, legal purchase.

South Dakota demonstrating it can legally increase ethanol market share to 50 percent will lead to triple corn grind nationally, slash especially children’s medical tragedies costing billions and add billions to South Dakota and other rural economies.

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