Mental and spiritual health are worked hard and stretched very thin. Many say the whole world is out of joint.

Consider the daily drip, drip of scandals by/around the president, crooked cabinet members (e.g. Barr), embarrassment and untrustworthiness of the U.S. before nations, voter suppression, winks toward white supremacy, racism, labels of “suckers”/”losers” on soldiers. One truth, when Trump accuses others, it’s how he acts. Socialism while he leads toward fascism.

The overarching scandal, COVID-19, was botched. Trump knew instantly how lethal it was, it was airborne and other warnings. He did nothing to prepare the nation. Other nations prepared with success. We have the highest death toll in the world.

Other backups? Occasionally a good court case comes down limiting him. We look to Thune and Rounds and they do nothing. No oversight, no relief for people four months after the House gave them a bill.

There is grief — including of loved ones, loss of school, loss of contact with loved ones, loss of church, loss of friends to the Trump Cult.

A cult is based on a lie — also the Trump Cult. The Fox News weed patch, “hate for profit,” does serious damage. If Trump says or the weed patch say it, it’s true. No other reality. People can’t tell between truth and a lie. Jesus gets squeezed out. Hate — e.g. Black Lives Matter. Racism.

All creation groans for Jesus. Nourish mental/spiritual health. Find a peaceful place away from the chaos. Pray. Bible Study. Communion. Hope in the Sunday lessons. Avoid people who can’t tell truth from a lie. Think of Jesus — the truth. Don’t vote for do-nothing candidates. Go to a counselor.

A real lift for me. Three S.D. faith gatherings. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, Hindus all gathered in unity toward justice, love and peace.

God is stronger than liars. Jesus defeated sin, death and the power of the devil. Join in that triumph of love! Love — better than hate!

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Larry Skow

Mr. Brandt: Majority of evil you speak about goes ditto for democrat party on national level an CNN news. Plus a whole lot more evil out of Democrat party in general. Don't get me wrong there are good Democrats. But being pushed back. Don't forget your party of Hillary/Obama an cast that tried to alter the 2016 election with the Russia Hoax. Evidence is pointing to cheating an they still LOST! Now then Devil Dan: you still haven't clarified how a so called Reverend an man of god can support not only Biden/Harris. Who support abortion--or legal murder of unborn. Let alone support the democrat party. HOW? How can any of these so called "religious" entity do so. How can you as so called man of god support Harris who NEVER prosecuted molester priests during her days of San Francisco! Not one in fact buried an lost evidence on them? How Devil Dan? How? Explain away the court is yours. Evil Lives all right it is not always hidden


Rev.Brandt, for someone preaching love being better than hate ( I totally agree), I looked for any love in your letter. I don't believe I saw any???

Concerned & Proactive American

thank you Kate and Larry for your comments here . It seems as Reverend Brandt is stirring the cauldron of hate


@ Larry Skow......Your letters and opinions are YOURS and YOURS only. Keep your hate to yourself. Actually, your letters to the editor are, in my opinion, pathetic. If you care so much about the unborn then go adopt an unwanted child or shut your mouth. I don`t like abortion any more than you do, but I`m not on here babbling constantly about abortion. Put your money where your mouth is and adopt an unwanted child, then you can talk. Oh, and by the way, Trump doesn`t have a chance of winning. Four more years of that fool, we would for sure destroy ourselves. So enjoy your cake while you still have it because it`s gonna be gone come Nov. 4th.


@ Concerned & Proactive American......You should be concerned, the current president nearly destroyed our Democracy and causing tens of thousands more deaths from COVID because he didn`t act and the reason he didn`t act is because little Donnie is always right ( in his mind ) and he actually didn`t think it was a big issue. Proof being he didn`t wear a mask until he got it and he still doesn`t think it`s a big issue. His attitude about it says alot. Some families lost several members, but Donnie doesn`t care. And Rev. Brandt is simply telling the truth. I guess the truth hurts to you people. Fox "news" is allergic to the truth. And it`s why you people think the way you do. You believed Donnie`s lies for way too long. Little Donnie did a good job of dividing this country. It`s palpable. So if you want to blame someone, blame little Donnie. I think he has brought out the worst in all of us.


How has it come to this? Supposedly “common sense“ and “practical“ midwesterners are arguing on these pages over “love and hate“ and “good or evil.“

Meanwhile around us unimaginable numbers of our fellow Americans are sick and dying because of the incompetent leadership that diverts us with bumper sticker slogans and malicious tweets.

These diversions have us turning on each other so we won’t notice that death is coming for our friends and families.

How can these immoral distractions be working so effectively on so many gullible South Dakotans?

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