In the ‘30s, the Jews were made the big lie and blamed for Germany’s woes.

Today, Liz Cheney speaks truth to the Big Lie and is demoted in the party, now 100% lies.

Moscow Mitch McConnell is honest about his lies. He says his party has a great cancer. He refuses to do anything to help people and blocks every Dem. Proposal; Mr. Thune is No. 2. Like the auricle and ventricle of the heart, two parties are to constitutionally work in sync. Heart trouble and cancer.

COVID was called a hoax and would be gone by Easter 2020. 582,000 yell from the grave — “it’s a lie.” Truth is 2 million plus people vaccinated in 100 days and is a modern miracle.

Remember the lies about the election. Crop prices will tumble and the stock market will tank. Truth — beans at $16 and corn at $7 and the market at 34,000 plus. Yes, market will make an adjustment, but the empty lies stand. The lie about Dems is socialism — truth is, I received several socialism farm checks from Mr. Trump.

When people listen to false prophets or make false gods other than God, it is idolatry.

The Bible talks about fables, myths, genealogies (today white nationalism) and today add wild conspiracy theories, all contradict faith. Faith in Jesus, active in love.

I go for truth — to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I respect other religions. Father, for care of the earth and all races as his children. Jesus, who gives me forgiveness, salvation, freedom and power to love as He said, God and neighbor. Holy Spirit, for discernment on false gods/prophets and guidance as a disciple of Jesus.

I go to the Constitution for truth in government. For medical advice, I go to doctors and science. For truth, reputable reporters.

Truth is important. It directs the right turns for today and eternity. Jesus-truth sets us free.

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Larry Skow

Yes Preacher Dan. The truth would be nice. Liz Cheney is a carpetbagger living off fathers name. SCUM. Lets start with why haven't you ever had decent job. Just someone with hand in others pockets. Flip Flop Fauci can come clean why he bankrolled the virus with Obama's Ok. Pelosi Schummer Clinton can come clean why destroy the USA. It enabled them to become infamous. The Pope can come clean on what a criminal ring he runs world wide full of priests with hands in little boys pants. Biden can come clean on who his puppet masters are. For once preacher Dan you are right. The truth can set us free. Everyone says we had fair election but dominion keeps machines secret. Ballots stay sealed. No one with credibility has stepped forward to tell us that. So suspicions remain. But you are right.


I would add that the (worldwide) patriot movement is comprised of many citizen journalists who seek truth, even at the risk of deadly consequences. We should strive to discern fact from fiction as the efforts to confuse and control the "facts" have become the norm for most media sources.

I ask that God's Holy Spirit shine a beacon on the truth for everyone to see.

Old Hugh

Larry! There you are, old Buddy! I notice you’re making a new baseless claim that the Rev “Has his hand in other people’s pockets.”. It’s so hard to keep up with you … 🤦🏻‍♂️

Let’s see…Governor Noem “slept her way to the top.” And our Vice President is an “ex-call girl.” Oh, and Liz Cheney is “SCUM.” And then you go on about how everyone needs to “come clean” and verify your random conspiracy theories.

But I won’t be distracted. I’m still waiting for you to come clean with your response to a previous unsubstantiated claim.

If you remember - after your unsubstantiated charges of serious Democratic corruption - E pluribus challenged you to come up with as many folks who fell afoul of the law in the last THREE Democratic administrations as there were in just ONE term of the Trump administration.

I’ll send another copy of his list shortly, old pal! Give it your best shot!

Old Hugh

Here it is Larry! No conspiracy theories now, old friend. Instead, see if you can come up with real public court records like E pluribus did.


PAUL MANAFORT, Trump campaign chair. On financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. RICK GATES,​ Paul Manafort’s deputy on financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, ​Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. MICHAEL COHEN, the president's former longtime fixer and personal attorney. Pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress as well as a separate campaign finance and tax crime case bought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. DUNCAN HUNTER R-CA, one of the earliest Trump supporters in Congress. Pleaded guilty to conspiring to misuse $250,000 of campaign funds for his personal expenses. Rep. CHRIS COLLINS​ R-N.Y., on charges related to securities fraud conspiracy and making false statements. SAM PATTEN, Washington-based lobbyist pleaded guilty to illegally funneling foreign money into Trump's inaugural committee. GEORGE PAPADOPOULIS, Trump campaign's former foreign policy adviser, convicted of lying to investigators. GEORGE NADER, businessman and lobbyist with ties to the Trump world pleaded guilty to charges related to child sex trafficking and child pornography possession. ROGER STONE,​ Veteran GOP operative and longtime Trump adviser. Found guilty on all seven counts related to false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


RUDY GIULIANI, ​Trump's personal lawyer.​ ​ Under criminal investigation for his business relationship with two men arrested in an alleged campaign finance scheme. LEV PARNAS ​&​ IGOR FRUMAN, Rudy’s associates. Accused of circumventing election laws that prohibit straw donations and foreign contributions to federal political campaigns, including a super PAC supporting President Trump's re-election campaign. BOB KRAFT New England Patriots owner and a close personal friend of Trump's, a Mar-a-Lago member who gave $1 million to the inaugural committee and who faces charges in Florida related to alleged solicitation of prostitution. IMAAZ ZUBERI. Gave $900,000 to the Trump inaugural committee, was indicted last October for allegedly making illegal foreign straw donation, violating foreign lobbying laws and evading taxes

Jon Wick

Rev. Brandt, as a fellow Lutheran, I have read your previous letters and remained silent out of respect for your position within the church. However, I can no longer do so.

You repeatedly step out and openly criticize, mock and vilify all those who do not conform to your personal political ideology and then duck back behind the Cross to profess your superior self righteousness to all. These woke epistles are undeniably ineloquent and unpersuasive.

I am confident that there are members of your own congregation that may not agree with your political views. Do you consider them to be heretics? Or possibly apostates?

In closing, whenever I read one of your missives there is one piece of scripture that repeatedly comes to mind. Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

Larry Skow

Well if it isn't Old Hugh rising from the dung heap pile of democratic leadership to stand for fellow demoncrat. Speaking of conspiracies(which we were not). Have you checked out how Kamal toes Harris the current USA V.P was greeted in Guatemala? Both by the citizens an President? Seems they know the truth. Old Hugh you would better off continue to organize your one car parade then try to get best of me. And please be careful. Summer is prime manure spreading season an you could get swept up an spread out. Your time for pushing up daisies would start early. But at least you would have a purpose.

Old Hugh

Sorry you’re having a bad day, old friend.

I’ll take this non response to my rational query as a forfeit.

Until next time, buddy…


Larry, could you please try to make your name-calling bitterness a bit more entertaining?

I think this is the fourth or fifth time you’ve used that old “one car parade” line. It’s really not getting more witty with repetition.

Please - if you insist on being so randomly hateful, could you at least work a bit harder at being more creative?

Gimmy A. Breake

Who writes this stuff, Larry? You do?

It sounds like playground pee pee poo poo.

Is this a reply? It’s sadly flakey.

Is this a polemic? It’s pathetically shakey.

If this feeble rebuttal is the best you can do,

Then old Hugh DID get the best of you…

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