Once again we have heard from Bon Homme County’s hypocrite-in-chief, the Rev. Dan Brandt. “Oh, I love everyone,” to quote the good reverend. (Press & Dakotan, Nov. 1) As long as your name isn’t Thune or Noem or Trump or Rounds or you don’t have a big ‘R’ behind your name on the voting records, then you are loved.

Even the Pharisee standing on the street corner was honest enough to admit that he was glad he wasn’t like all of those poor Republican sinners out there.

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So Kenneth is saying that if you disagree with someone then you can't love them? If that is the case then there would be absolutely no love in the world ever. Feelings are totally different than opinions and should be kept that way.

La Voz

So refreshing to see someone who has the same take as I on the great Rev Dan Brandt


You’re funny, La Voz. Yes, how “refreshing” to read Ken’s name-calling. A bystander has no idea what Ken’s beef is with the good Reverend, but you and he are happy to display your unexplained righteous displeasure before the public. Rev. Brandt spoke of the “Slaughter of the Kurds, kids and cages, splitting up families…” I’d find it “refreshing” to hear your Christian take on that. Or at least you might get more creative in the name-calling than the unimaginative Mr. Peters. I need a laugh...

La Voz

I talked to several that agree. Rev Dan's comments are very judgmental and as a pastor inappropriate. He makes sure everyone knows just how righteous he is . He should spend more time reading what Jesus said about judging another man's heart or what the Pharisees were after than condemning all Republicans. Please do some research on the issues Rev Dan speaks of as well. I'm pretty sure I saw children in cages when Obama was president too.

Jolly Roger

★ Impressive, La Voz. You’ve talked to “several who agree” with you! What a noble Christian effort! How charitable of you to seek allies for your own judgmental prejudice! The Administration policy of separating thousands of children from their families is in a class by itself. And, anyway, when do Christians justify kidnapping because someone else did it too? And while your at it, maybe you might weigh in on the Christian wisdom of abandoning our allies, the Kurds to the genocide of the Turks. Looks like Reverend Brandt isn’t the only Christian hypocrite on these pages.


Kenneth Peters does not address Rev. Dan Brandt's arguments in his letter-to-the-editor celebrating diversity. https://www.yankton.net/opinion/letters/article_0822ca34-fc58-11e9-8ced-57a8a4288fc5.html Instead, Mr. Peters calls Rev. Brandt a hypocrite because he criticizes President Trump's statements and actions.

Oh Jesus

So much trouble in our world - why can’t it be discussed without name-calling? How weak! How sad!


Yes, polite, cogent arguments are far more persuasive that name-calling.

Jolly Roger

I love it when Christians start calling each other names! True, “hypocrite-in-chief” wasn’t particularly creative, but it was better than “doo doo head.” Keep trying, Ken! At least Christians stopped burning each other at the stake when they disagree.

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