What’s happened to us?

My wife and I took a leisurely ride down West City Limits Road Sunday evening, July 4. To our great dismay, there were several flags denigrating our American flag with vulgar words. What a stain on the day we celebrate being an American.

It’s such a disappointment to know that people and children in our community have to witness this type of behavior. The freedoms of an American come with responsibility and respect for all. This especially includes the use of our words.

What a black eye on our community. We are better than this. Let’s take a stand against this rude, disrespectful behavior and be a better example of what it means to live in Yankton and to be a better American!

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Seasoned Patriot

THANKFULLY, the Supreme Court has ruled that signs/flags with vulgarity, or salty language as some refer to it, is protected speech under the 1st Amendment. We are fortunate that a few Karens with their knickers in a knot don't get to dictate to the rest of us what is and what isn't acceptable speech.

For the record, I don't use that type of language, however, unless the language is used by a guest in my home, it simply isn't my business.


Walter? Walter Sobchak?

You have zero class, Walter. The only people with their... "knickers in a knot" are the losers that can't accept the results of the last election. It's past time for you to take down your silly flags and move on. You're an embarrassment to what's left of your party.

Yankton resident

Another such vulgar and profane flag flies with the American flag on the gateway into Yankton along highway 50 just east of Eastside Drive on the south side of the highway. I believe in free speech, but to display such vulgar language with the American Flag is poor flag etiquette, disrespectful, and hateful to all citizens of this country, and the USA in general. People who do this are not really Americans or citizens of the USA.


My reaction was the same. Very disappointing, to say the least.


I guess those that are disappointed will just have to deal with it! I for one, cannot wait for the next Presidential election. Hopefully that election will not be as questioned or trivial as the 2020 election.

Yankton resident

tillie: Do you not agree that the use of such vulgar language flying in concert with the flag of the USA is disrespectful, and poor flag etiquette regardless of whom you supported for president? Yes or No. If you truly believe it is not disrespectful and not poor flag etiquette then you are truly un-Amerian and are a disgrace to any party you belong to.

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