Soon, Yankton County residents will get to see how the county commissioners act as far as accepting changes to your zoning ordinance. These changes were brought about by over a year of work by your zoning board.

I was at their meeting on July 14, along with many others, and was surprised at how well it went. There was communication and cooperation between the board and those in attendance. Discussion was held on major issues and there were changes made to the zoning board’s recommendations. They were positive changes.

This is an agricultural state. Nobody wants to see an end to animal production. I, along with my family, am an animal producer — small, but still a producer. I am also a county commissioner. I feel part of the many aspects of my job is to be concerned with the well-being of ALL of Bon Homme County’s residents, city and rural.

Speaking only as a concerned resident, what I’m seeing as far as hog confinement is what appears to be actions based on revenge and spite. Everyone has the right to clean air and water; to enjoy the outdoors, be it farming or recreation. Nobody should have their life negatively affected by dust, odor, trucks and practically non-stop traffic. We have small children in our rural areas whose lives will never be the same. Put yourself in these families’ position. Who gives someone the right to take that away?

We have many large cattle producers in our county with minimal surrounding issues. Many of the public’s issues involve the hog producers, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop the building of hog confinements. There are many ways to help these producers; among them, bio-filters and trees, along with the use of products to reduce the smell of the manure. Most importantly, we need communication, cooperation and RESPECT.

The zoning ordinance, and its possible changes, is not to hinder or stop producers. It’s to help them build so that everyone has a right to live here and enjoy life here.

So please, support your zoning board’s proposals and the actions of your county commissioners in the near future. It’s a positive thing for everyone.

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