In regard to Paul Struck’s letter of Dec. 23, 2021 (Press & Dakotan):

Mr. Struck, you are trying to mix up several ideas into one pro-abortion look on life. Typical of Democrats these days.

As far as gun control, we have laws on books now. As far as Sandy Hook and other school shootings, my belief is it all starts at home with parents/family dropping the ball, coupled with mental issues.

Crime in street? Sort of looks like more rampant in blue states/cities. Ask Al Sharpton/Mayor Lightfoot/Stacy Abrams/President Obama why there are so many Black-on-Black shootings and crimes.

Border security? Seems Sleepy Joe has dropped ball there.

George Floyd/Daunte Wright and others that are shot by police — all have one thing in common: IF THEY WOULD HAVE LISTENED TO POLICE, they would still be alive today. But they are rehabbed — will commit no more crimes.

Mr. Struck, don’t confuse try to cover up with pointing fingers and casting blame for one’s ills. But maybe those who abort are mentally ill. Murder is murder, no matter how it is committed.

One question to ask all who believe in abortion: What if your mother had taken the abortion pill with you? No matter how many laws are on the books, not one crime will ever be prevented by a law on the books.

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If Ashli Babbit had just listened to police she would be alive today also. But she is rehabbed - will commit no more crimes. Mr. Skow says no more laws are needed for gun control because we already have laws on books. Mr. Skow later says that laws on books don't stop crimes. It's nice to know he is against future laws restricting/banning abortions.


Logical consistency hasn’t been one of Larry’s stronger capabilities.

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