As I write this, there are 31 anti-transgender bills being debated in 20 states. Rather than write “we’re just dummies” legislation — which, let’s face it, has more to do with fear than anything else — wouldn’t it make more sense to educate yourselves on the subject and try to understand what these kids are going through? Much of this legislation is nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator. As a resident of Nebraska, I see our governor doing it all the time.

If these kids are taken care of, they will grow up to be productive citizens who contribute to a diverse society. You can holler at the moon until it turns fuchsia, you can write 10,000 anti- this or that legislative bills, but it’s not going to change these kids from being who they are.

On the brighter side, kudos to country music star T.J. Osborn for coming out of the closet. That ought to shake up the good old boys down yonder in Nashville.

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Wake up, Mr. Kruse. Unless you come to the loving arms of Jesus, you and your perverts will burn in Hades for all of eternity.

The State has no right to give those who God finds unworthy all the same rights as True Christians.


GiftoftheMAGA, what you wrote right here says everything that is wrong with religion. Its the biggest hypocrites that sit in the front row of their churches. and wave their dirty little fingers at everyone else. this makes me sick. People have always been different, its just now in the last 20 to 30 years that they have had enough of the judgements of ignorant people and have decided they are going to be themselves, the way they are made, please crawl back into the hole in which you came, if you dont like the way people are.

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