We need to be hot for democracy and our God/religion. Over against “neither hot nor cold.”

Today we are faced with White Christian Nationalism — a fraud both Constitutionally and Biblically.

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God works His will even through crooks and liars, “Reverend” Dan.

That’s why we know Trump is the CHOSEN ONE who will overturn our rigged election.

There are millions of us who hold to this Holy Truth. And hundreds of us Will be elected in the midterms.

Beware! Your Judgement is coming!

“He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.”

Larry Skow

And look at how the churches lead the way on genocide of the Native Americans--don't forget that Preacher Dan.

Red Cloud

Churches didn’t lead the way, Larry.

They just followed along after the US Army and you EuroAmerican immigrants broke all the treaties.

Churches just tried to give a religious veneer to this conquest. And, truthfully, they killed far fewer than those who came before them.

Is this guilt grasping for a scapegoat?

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