I sent the following letter to Sen. Thune and others should follow suit.

I thought by now the Republicans (my party, by the way) would have wised up and given the poor people of this country the $2,000 stimulus check they need to get by and that you all would stop being greedy and get rid of that pork spending to foreign countries. Then you would have plenty of money.

I saw President Trump wants Gov. Noem to run against you in 2022. I am beginning to think people should run against all of you RINOs (“Republican in name only”), and to put term limits in the Constitution to get rid of this spending in order to line your own pockets. It’s tiring.

I doubt it will happen for as long as you RINOs are still in Congress. It’s pretty sad when we can’t depend on our Republicans to do the right things, to back our president from all the cheating that was done in this past election and then to deny that it was done at all. I guess we all didn’t realize just how big the swamp really is.  

This letter is going to be in the Yankton Press & Dakotan again, reminding people of just what you all are doing out there. A friend of mine in CT got her whopping $600 today but then they took away her food stamps. What is up with that? How is that helping anyone? And then a 15-cent raise for South Dakotans? What’s up with that? $1.20 a day? I can’t even believe it.

Could you live on a 15-cent-an-hour raise? I didn’t think so.

How about YOU PEOPLE give up your paychecks and give yourself $600 stimulus to help you buy groceries or pay rent or mortgages or to buy gifts for kids who didn’t get anything for Christmas this year, including food? Why don’t you see how it feels to be broke? You don’t do anything in congress so you might as well get the $600, too.

Get rid of that foreign spending, give the Americans the help they need and we’ll support you in 2022. But not if this doesn’t happen. Never will I support any RINO again.

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Jolly Roger

Give it to ‘em, Kimmy. I look forward to watching you Trumpsters go at the rest of the GOP in the coming years.

Please donate some money from your next welfare check to Donald’s “Stop the Steal!” fundraising scam to help in this internecine fight.

Unless chumps like you step up to the (collection) plate, who will fight for the soullessness of the Republican Party?

Best wishes in the new year, sweetheart!

Der Vogel

Dear Kim, you are right about a lot of Americans in dire need of that elusive $2000 stimulus check, struggling over these past months. And who was it that wanted to send more than $600 to us this time around? Not Thune and a chamber bursting with greedy Republicans lining their own pockets. It’s shameful.

I don’t agree with you that Trump was cheated in the election. It’s always a sore loser who claims to be cheated and wants to change the rules after the game is over. He lost fair and square. Pray that he will get over it like most of us try to do. Anger just takes a toll on our mind, body and spirit.

I’ve never heard of anyone being called a “DINO” before. It seems Republicans who don’t agree with or go along with others are branded “RINOs.” That reflects Donald Trump’s MO: go against him and he will attack you, call you a RINO or some other unimaginative name. He revels in name-calling like he is a brat in a schoolyard. It is what it is.

If you want to make a case for RINOs, Trump truly is one. He isn’t a true Republican and he never was. He’s a Parasite. Oh, dear...look at me. Now I’m the brat in the schoolyard. Mea culpa.

Jolly Roger

Dearest Kim, “ist echt voll der Vogel.” Thus with most Trumpsters. (It’s a little Krout idiom. I’m not quite as polite as the Teutonically proper Der Vogel.)

Kim, here’s a question for you:

McConnell is pleased about impeachment. He says this will make it easier to purge Trump from the G.O.P.

So Kim, if Trump is purged from the GOP, will you follow Trump or the GOP? Looks like you get to choose pretty soon.

Let’s see, 1)- an armed insurrection, 2)- a runaway pandemic and 3)- an economic collapse

How about it, Schnucki, you tired of winning yet?

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