Yankton had people from all over the world here to compete in the Hyundai World Cup competition this recently. This was the first time this has ever been held in the United States.

I am wondering where our governor was. She rode her motorcycle in Sturgis to welcome the riders, rode her horse at the Buffalo Roundup and has traveled extensively all over the United States to speak at different conventions but didn’t seem to be able to make it to Yankton for a very big event. What was the problem?

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Wow, this is what we have to worry about in South Dakota, why our governor didn't come to a big event? Did you look at her schedule from that week, did you contact the governor's office to ask, did the city invite her to this and she turned down the invite? Keep digging Cathryn, I understand the governor not coming to a big event is on the top of your priorities for things to worry about. Don't worry about Afghanistan, inflation, the border crisis, the $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill that is going to cost $0 according to the democrats, the increase in crime, the loss of personal freedoms, a DOJ that is going to send federal armed people to school board meetings to make sure you don't say anything against the government, etc., etc. Keep looking for everything else. I think we have a few more things in our state and country to worry about than Governor Noem not coming to Yankton.


Dear sweet, ignorant Voice....she didn't give 2 farts about any of that stuff either. she was busy explaining herself for overstepping her authority about a job for her adult daughter.

and back peddling her support for another Trumpian that has fallen off the popularity wagon.

Tin Foil Fred

I share your concerns, Brother Voice. But the truth is Kristy was abducted by aliens shortly before the archery contest.

And now among us the Klingons have inserted an android in her place. Truth is, with “her” Positronic brain, she’s more likely to up “her” game and win the GOP nomination…

I don’t think it’s prohibited in the Constitution. And if corporations can be “people,” why can't robots be President? Especially if they’re conservative robots.

And it sure hasn’t handicapped Mike Pence.


Tin Foil Fred, and the democrats have proven that they can mimic the movie Weekend at Bernie's and keep a president looking like he is still involved in day to day life, even when there is no life being shown by him, except when it comes to destroying America, that he has proven he can do quite well.

Gimmy A. Breake

Trumpsters like Voice spout two contradictions,

Both CAN'T be true (but both might be fictions).

Brain-dead Biden’s beyond any endeavor.

At the same time somehow he’s tyrannically clever.


The Klingons got in this game rather late. Pence has been our “man” since the inauguration.

Wouldn’t those life forms you call “Trumpsters” have been surprised if they actually had tried to hang him on January 6th.


Boy JM, you are really looking for something here, I don't see how you have an issue with this as you and all the other democrats have somehow found a way to look past what your amazing president's son has done, he's a drug using, alcohol binging, prostitute loving, secret laptop losing son who somehow has the amazing ability for painting art that is worth millions to governments around the world but no one else will touch it. Per Hunter's own memoir, he says he is "smoking crack every 15 minutes" and he recently lost a laptop full of top secret information to a Russian spy as he was passed out in bed with a prostitute, his own words, not mine or Trump's. So let's see, Noem's daughter or Joe's son, you are all ok with Joe's son but not with Kristi's daughter? Of course you are, it's Joe's son, none of that can be true, Joe does no wrong, except Afghanistan, the southern border, the economy, inflation, taxes, the pandemic, leadership, being able to form a sentence that doesn't need translated or clarified by Jen Psaki, raise a good son, take questions from the American media without turning his back and shuffling off into his hideaway, etc. etc. But boy, look out for what Noem did, she should be removed from office for that, right JM?


WOW the conspiracy is strong with this one!!!!!!

Hunter literally wrote the book admitting his addictions and struggles. The statement "smokes crack every 15 minutes" was an analogy of his time as a drug addict, not a boast of his current state of mind. Of any other of your little adjective fueled rant...do you personally have any proof of these "allegations" that weren't reported by either FOX new and friends. ( love how you HAD to throw Trumps name into the mix, since he wasn't even mentioned).

and for the rest of you sad attempt at poisoning the well rhetoric...Afghanistan, Southern Border Crisis, Inflation, The pandemic.....what is your precious Governor doing about any of them?????

She didn't show up to Yankton cause she would look like a dang fool riding a horse around at an archery event and that is all she has going for her is the poor little ranchers daughter, and if she can't show that off then what is the point.


She had one thing right about South Dakota.....METH, we're on it


Gimmy, Biden's not the clever tyrannical leader, he isn't cognitive enough to do so, he is the face of those behind him that are running the show, the socialist, the progressive, and a few democrats that might have something to say, which is getting to be less and less as they get ran over by the socialist and progressives. And now he can't even be pictured or filmed in the White House, they have built him a set across the street from the White House for him to be filmed in so he can use studio lighting and a special monitor to speak from. Everyday this administration gets more and more phony and you all just ignore it. Go look at the pictures, this president can't even make a speech, take questions, or do anything without someone making excuses, special sets, or whatever, and you people think things are in good shape, give me a break.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: There you go again talking with your mouth full. The more you express your ill-founded opinions the deeper you dig your own hole. It won't be long and you won't be able to crawl out of that hole even it you have a rope and a long extension ladder. It shouldn't be much longer before you won't even listen to your own propaganda. Back on topic Noem. She has her very own studio now for her broadcasts as well. Paid for by the citizens of South Dakota. Should we talk about that? Does Ian Fury answer questions for Noem quite frequently? Should we talk about that also? Who is calling the kettle black? Answer is you are. Why don't you want your house swept clean here in South

Dakota before you go mouthing off about Biden.

I am sure the readers anxiously await your twisted answers and excuses, but by now we would expect no less from you. As a matter of fact do yourself a favor and don't respond.


Ok Yankton resident, I have to answer your questions but no one on this forum has ever said a word about backing up your wonderful president, you can't defend him and no else can either without lying. You can call me names and whoever else has a different opinion from you, but what Joe is doing is causing huge problems for your party and for America. Defend him, tell me what he has done that has made anything better in this country, you can't, you are like the talking heads in the liberal media, you bring up anything other than what Joe is doing to try and deflect what is going on. Defend him, please, put me in my place, tell me how great things are going, At least Kristi is out in public and talking to people and the media, Joe does not do that, his handlers have shouted over the media that were trying to ask Joe questions. Did you see his speech in Michigan and any before that, he stumbles and fumbles around, and that is with a prepared speech, and this is the man in charge of the free world, not a governor of a midwestern state. Have at it Yankton resident, I will wait to see your list of things Joe has accomplished that have made things better in America since he took office. I will even open the door for you and say better in the world, gives you a better chance. And raising the national debt doesn't count, I know democrats think that is a good thing, but it really isn't.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: There you go again, you twisted everything around and did not answer my questions about Noem and Ian Fury. But that doesn't surprise anyone, it just shows your arrogance and ignorance. If you address the issues fairly and honestly that I previously requested of you, on this post, I will give you a list of Biden's accomplishments without any twists and spins as you are so capable of. I know though that you will not give me an answer, but rather another twisted spin job.

I do have a bit of sorrow for individual like yourself who have to follow cult leaders and drink Koolaid out of the communal cooler. I wish the best of luck in the challenge I set forth for you, but you need more than luck as you seem to have difficulty focusing on any task assigned to you.

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice rants, “Biden’s hopelessly senile!”

Donald Trump doggedly meanwhile

prepares to steal our next election.

See Eastman‘s memo - it planned insurrection.

This same plan (but better) awaits us all.

When Trumpsters get to make the call.

What’s the greater peril? How will you choose?

(You choose wrong, and there’s much to lose.)

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