Where to begin?

On a major thoroughfare here flies an upside-down American Flag. Now, according to the U.S Flag Code, the flag should never be flown upside-down “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” While I have no way of knowing if whomever is displaying Old Glory in such a manner faces such circumstances, I have seen Trump banners flown from the self-same pole. Therefore, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to discern that the “dire distress” this individual faces is that his candidate for president lost. Bigly.

 Is this where we are? Is this what we’ve become? If the guy we voted for, the team we rooted for, the outcome we longed for doesn’t prevail, it must be some kind of evil plot? An omen of “extreme danger?” What have we become?

I remember watching conservatives such as William Buckley, Robert Novak and George Will make lucid points of view based on facts, precedent, and logic. Where are such pundits now? Well, those like them exist, but either they are cowering in the shadows or drowned out by the voices of hate.

And Republican politicians? Frankly, I respected many of our local folks. I have made friends with many of them. Good people all. I never expected such a dereliction to duty from these people. Fear of not being re-elected apparently Trumps (caps intended) the courage to speak out.

While I would never fly our flag upside-down, I do have serious concerns regarding the direction in which we are heading.

• When emotion has overcome logic (see local school board meetings);

• When 48 states have or will pass laws that prevent the “wrong people” from voting;

• When partisan commissions distort legislative district boundaries;

• When a Jan. 6 assault on our nation’s Capitol is described as a “tourist excursion”;

• When our Constitution is under unprecedented assault;

• When lies online are accepted as truths;

• When science is questioned;

• When hate is the platform of a major political party …

That is what flies my inner flag upside-down.

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Where to begin is right Terry, this is remarkable that in today's society, driven by a democratic party and liberal news media that for four years did nothing but bash, villainize, berate, criticize, whatever they could do to a president, and now, with Jill Biden's husband and the democrats in charge, you take exception to people from the republican party showing their dislike for the current administration and everything they are doing to ruin this country? Really? So let's look at your list, item #1-Yep, parents have been removed from having any say in what their children are being taught and when they fight back, the government sends the DOJ and FBI after them and are told to sit down and shut up or go to jail, darn right emotions are high, people are fed up, item #2 - democrats are so afraid of voter ID, it is going to be tougher to vote twice or three times, tougher for dead people to vote, tougher for people that are not American citizens to vote, everyone can get a free ID card, why is that so hard to do? - item #3 - it is only partisan when a republican does this, if the democrats did the same thing it would be fair and honest, right Terry? - item #4 - You people have hammered Jan. 6th to no end, no one cares about it anymore except those trying to distract from what this current administration is doing to this country, if you haven't noticed, things are getting worse and worse in America - item #5 - this is so true, the democrats are the ones wanting to get rid of the constitution, you have had people in your own party say so, they are the ones taking peoples freedoms, choices, guns, their voices when they stand up to say something they don't like, this one amazes me that you can't see this, but again, that is how your party operates - item #6 - that's right, the democrats own the truth, only what a democrat says or let's you know what is true actually is, when did the democrat party become the owners of the truth, they lie and lie yet go around telling everyone that everything else they hear is a lie and then censor social media of anything they don't like, sure sounds like freedom, doesn't it Terry - item #7 - again, only the democrats can tell you what science is fact and what isn't, your scientists words mean more than any other scientists words, again, the democrats claim to own the truth and now the science - item #8 - you got the hate part right, and it is the democrat party, and it all started with the hate and anger that you spent four years attacking Trump, day after day, every news show, every comedy show, every Hollywood elite did nothing but vilify Trump, you did this, you started this split and now under Jill Biden's husband, who ran as the great unifier, this country is more split than ever because of all his mandates, all of his policies causing inflation, his foreign policies, his southern border policies, his not taking ownership of anything he and his party are doing and still blaming everything on Trump, the democrats are the party of hate, not the republicans. The republicans are fighting back and the democrats don't like it and don't want it, so you create lists like this that have zero meaning because they are all wrong. This country is in distress if you haven't noticed and people are sick and tired of it being ruined by this administration, get used to people fighting back, because that is what we are doing. And you should be thankful, at least someone is flying the American flag, people in your party want to change the design of it because it represents racism and people in your party have also been ok with rioters throughout this country stomping on it and burning it and the news and democrats all said it was their right to do so, but this guy fly's it upside down and he is the worst American to ever live, get real.





USA Strong

By the way Voice for All, President Joe Biden is Jill Biden’s husband. Election is over for Former President Trump

Mr. T

Really, Voice - “no one cares about Jan. 6th anymore”?

If anyone cares, it’s your man Trump. And he cares mightily about how much our American system of Justice cares.

That’s why he’s fighting so hard to foil the investigation of his activities and the machinations of his people leading up to and including the inexplicable three hours of his watchful inactivity as his own people pleaded for him to help.

And we’re learning more every day about how this insurrection was organized and put into action.

This “care” you say is missing is actually ratcheting up on both sides of our political divide.


Mr T., that is what the democrats want you to believe, again, this is how you take focus off the real problems in America. How does Jan. 6th affect the average American that is seeing anything and everything they buy go up in costs, how does it affect inflation, how does it affect the southern border crisis, Afghanistan, higher taxes, higher heating bills, supply chain issues, more mandates, CRT, the DOJ threatening parents, etc., all the things this administration is doing to destroy America? Regardless of what your leaders tell you, the average American cares how much gas costs, how much food costs, what their taxes are going to be, how many more freedoms are going to be taken away, they are concerned about losing their jobs because they don't take a shot or wear a mask, why school boards are shutting parents out of meetings and not letting them speak, that is what the average American is worried about. You keep focusing on Jan 6th, Trump can keep focusing on Jan. 6th, I don't care, keep trying to keep the focus off of the real issues in this country, it isn't working, you can't hide all these things going on, so yes, no one cares about Jan. 6th, except you democrats.

Yankton resident

Two things Terry: 1.) Great letter, 2.) We all knew Voiceforfew would attempt to turn the table on you.

One must understand that Voiceforfew is: 1.) Uneducated, that is why he attacks what is taught in our schools; 2.) Scientific fact for Voice is FOX news, FACEBOOK, and conspiracy theory blogs (of course he says he does not blog, which is another of his lies, as this is a blog platform and he is always responding to it); 3.) He would know neither the truth or facts, nor would he admit to that even if it slapped him in the face; 4.) Voiceforfew is part of the problem you have addressed in your letter, but he will never admit it.


Ouch Yankton, really got me there, how ever will I recover? You are just lashing out as all the democrats are now as your world crumbles around you, out of control. You have a party and a leader that are asleep at the wheel, literally, seen Jill Biden's husband video from the climate conference, FYI, he falls asleep during a speech? Funny how you call me uneducated, you have no idea what my education is, none, you are just mad that people like me have seen thru your lies and tyranny and you don't like it, too bad. People are not allowed by the democrats to know the truth, you claim to own it as well as the science, you censor social media, you try to censor news outlets, you try to censor parents, just so you can control the "truth". You bring up Fox News, but have you seen the ratings for MSNBC and CNN, your coveted news outlets, shows like Alaskan Bush People and Girl Meets Farm are getting higher ratings than these two organizations, Fox News "trumps" them all, and the reason is people are tired of being told what to think and what to do, except you democrats that enjoy being controlled. Tough isn't it when people see what is going on, I am quite enjoying pointing out all your lies and how dishonest your party is, it is really very easy as your party is so bad at lying that it makes them an easy target. Now just sit back, let the adults take back control of the country, let us fix all the messes you and your party have created, and watch how making a country strong and it's people free again is done, because it is coming.

Yankton resident

Voiceforfew: I know what your problem is. You are incoherent and therefor cannot focus on anything. You are however, able to focus repeatedly on the same lies.

Something else I have noticed is your inability to paragraph. You run everything together with no cognitive thought. Another sign that you are unable to focus or thoroughly assess and think things through.

You asked when you said you did not do blogs. That was prior to Aug. 15, 2021. Do you own research as I do and find it for yourself. Forgetfulness is another attribute of someone that is incoherent and unable to focus.

Give it a rest Voiceforfew, and you need a rest as well.


Voice, you write, “How does Jan. 6th affect the average American?”

Golly gee willikers, Mr. Voice, do you suppose there may be a few Americans who are concerned about a violent mob breaking into the Capitol to hang Mike Pence and end our tradition of a democratic peaceful transfer of power?

Some of us care more about this than the price of gas.

Obviously your priorities are different. ⛽️ 🚙 💵


Oh yeah Yankton, when did I ever say I didn't blog, show me the comment where I said that, wouldn't be that you are making things up now, would it? No way, not a democrat? And by the way, I am not the problem, the problem is that people like you want to censor people that have a different opinion, you don't want people to have choices of where they get their information, you want to control that and you do that by saying Fox News, Facebook, whatever you want, is providing misinformation. You want to control what people can see and read, your party is the party of censorship, you have successfully convinced Facebook that when a democrat calls something misinformation, they take it down, your party has lobbied to get Fox News off the air, your party has tried to get Fox News reporters fired, your party is telling parents to sit down and shut up at school board meetings, your party is the party that try's to control who can talk about what at city council meetings, your party is the party that mandates things and people lose their jobs, but I am part of the problem?

Dear Leader

Thanks, Mr. VoiceforME.

Yes, please let me back in the Whitehouse.

Sorry about that pandemic I tried to downplay and the economic collapse that followed. But hey, everybody makes mistakes.

And I DID get a big tax cut for us rich folks. And I almost got rid of Obamacare. Except for that cowardly traitor, John McCain.

And I know a lot of people think the Russians aren’t our friends, but my buddy Putin helped me see how corrupt our intelligence agencies are!

Anyway, people, we must come together as a nation and go to the polls knowing that all our problems will be resolved if everyone can just agree that the election was stolen from me!


Like I said before Truth, it is the democrats that only care about Jan. 6th. Your statement shows exactly why people are against what the democrats are doing, the average American is struggling just to get by, they are all concerned about how high their heating bill is going to be this winter, how much food costs, how does something that happened 10 months ago that is only being kept alive by a party that cannot find anything good going on in this country so you have to focus on it to no end, become a concern for these people when everyone is focused on just surviving in this economy being destroyed by the democrats and their policies. You and your party are out of touch, keep focusing on Jan. 6th, when people are filling up their gas tanks and buying groceries, I can assure you, the thing on their mind is not Jan. 6th.


Actually, Mr. Voice, I think far more important than inflation is whether by 2024 the pandemic has been brought under control and the economy has rebounded. They go hand in hand. They tanked Trump’s political fortunes when he lost control of the pandemic.

And they’ll tank the Democrats, too, if they can’t get on top of these two challenges.

If they can’t - Republicans’ focus on white grievance and other cultural war issues will probably win the day.


For more than two thousand years, Christianity has shaped Western civilization. Suddenly, that seems to have flipped upside down and the Church has become the "problem".

There will soon come a persecution against the faithful that will be applauded. The blood of the martyrs will flow in our streets as the pagan rituals build to a frenzy. This has all been foretold in a book that has demonstrated its truth, wisdom and prophecy with perfect accuracy.

Do you know which side you are on?


I have noticed something at the school board meetings and did not want to say anything, but now is the perfect time, since Terry has brought the upside down flag to my attention.

"Terry, I didn't want to be the one to ask you but now I have to. I have noticed you wear your mask upside down and not only that, it is often inside out as well. I have read in the US Mask Code that masks should never be worn upside down or inside out except as a signal of dire distress or in instances of extreme danger to life, lungs or property.

I am concerned that the "dire distress" is occurring from a carbon dioxide build up in your lungs from prolonged wearing of the same mask in public places (see local school board meetings). Of course another possible cause of dire distress could be maintaining that 6 foot distance between other school board members wearing masks (see school board meetings) but when leaving the public view the 6 foot is a non issue.

I am not your personal physician, so I am not telling you how to wear a mask (considered a medical device by the FDA) but you might consider wearing your mask right side up and with the tag inside (that pesky tag that says "made in China and does not provide any protection against Covid19 or other viruses").

Thank God for the Constitution that supports your "right" and "choice" to wear a mask upside down or inside out. But if the "science" says to wear masks upside down and inside out, I would not question that hypothesis, especially when there have been so many peer reviews.

It feels so good getting that off my face, I think my inner mask is right side up again.


Well then BigSky, it looks like your president is tanked as well, a quote from your no where to be found vice president regarding the Virginia governors election "What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on." So in case you have not heard, the democrat lost, even after bringing out Jill Biden's husband, your vice president, Obama, and more and more big name democrats, all the while saying this was a fight against Trump, look who won, the republican. The pandemic isn't getting better and you all just run around blaming everyone else for this administrations failures, your Trump slamming isn't working, the fight has just begun, you can accept the tyranny, you can accept being told day to day how to live and what to think, you can pay more taxes to support your social agenda's, right now the people of Virginia are celebrating and they have shown everyone how to take back this country.


I hope you spent a little time watching your coveted MSNBC and CNN last night, it was truly entertaining as the results from the Virginia governor's race came in. The shows host were in deep depression, they were in shock, it was quite a site to see, hopefully you didn't miss it. Yet all they talked about was how those that voted republican were racists, hate filled people, and your party still doesn't get it as was evidence by last nights coverage, and it is good to know that the great unifier party, the party that ran the last presidential race vowing to bring the country together, just can't get out of their own way and keep calling people racists and hate filled if those people stand up for what they believe in, good luck running on that platform the next few years democrats.


I just have to share this, made me laugh, I just opened up MSNBC's news webpage, the main headline, "Glenn Youngkin's victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon". Really? Wow, white ignorance, every white person, republican, democrat or independent, that voted republican is ignorant? What a great way to attract undecided voters to your party, calling anyone that votes republican ignorant, what a great party you all belong to, but that's right, you are the party that is going to bring America together again, I keep forgetting that somehow.


Minneapolis residents vote down to replace police department with social workers, yet another loss for the liberals attempt to take over and ruin America. The democrats are running on defunding the police, even though they are denying it now, and it shows people don't want this, you are defunding the people that protect us from crimes, crimes go up, and you all cry foul. It's great to see such a liberal city realize that democratic policies don't work, defunding the police department and crime gets worse, who would ever have thought?


Headline - "Slate of conservative candidates declare victory in hotly contested Denver suburb school board race". The previous school boards were keeping kids and teachers out of schools because of the mandates and they were pushing CRT. Parents are winning, our children are winning, liberal policies are not. Just go look at the MSNBC website sometime, it is full of hate and race baiting comments towards anyone that has a different opinion or believes in freedom, people are tired of the democrats telling them how racists and ignorant they are, and it is starting to show, thank goodness. Heck, did you see who won the lieutenant governor of Virginia, a woman, a black woman, an immigrant and she is a Marine, this is who ran as a republican and won, in a democratic state. How can that be democrats, she is black, she is an immigrant (a legal one by the way), and on top of all that she is a woman, and a republican, how dare she do this to the democratic party that claims every black person in America should be a democratic, remember Jill Biden's husband said those exact words, your party only uses black people as pawns in your schemes and people are figuring it out.


I have to be honest, having a hard time working today, so many liberal, democrat, elite Hollywood and self righteous politicians are just lashing out at anyone and everyone, there is a lot to read. You are even eating your own today. If it so funny to watch all of you keep yelling Trump Trump Trump, he is to blame, this is what happens when you let the socialists dictate how you run your party democrats. They have taken you so far left that no matter what, if you don't obey their rules, keep in step, march to their tune, you are an outcast, even someone as deep as a democrat as McAuliffe is, worked for years for the Clintons, he has been thrown out with the trash now by those that used to support his policies.


So many words, Mr. Voice.

At least when they spike the ball after a touchdown it doesn’t take all day.

I’ve often wondered why your certainty takes so many paragraphs to defend.

Anyway, after I wade through all your verbiage I’m sure I’ll have a response.

Jolly Roger

Abe (or Stu if BigSky is right):

I much prefer your short lines of religious nonsense over your long paragraphs of medical nonsense.

Please continue with your newfound forbearance.

Thank you. I’m appreciating it.


Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.


The Republican win in Virginia’s governor‘s race issues a stark warning to Democrats. But it also should caution Republicans of the challenges ahead when their impulsive leader gets involved in the coming GOP primaries.

But Tuesday it was the Democrats who lost. Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe mostly campaigned against Trump. But Trump was not on the ballot. Instead, he was held at arm's length by Youngkin, who didn’t seem at all scary like the Republicans who’ve doubled down on Trump fealty.

So demonizing Trump didn’t work so well. And he was kept out of Virginia. And with the pandemic still raging as folks refuse vaccination, and with their legislation stalled by internal dissension and Republican unanimity, the Democrats have few accomplishments - so far - to show to the electorate.

Polls show the Democratic agenda is largely popular, but what matters is whether they can deliver, and that’s not clear at all.

And despite all the great aspirations - the ones that got them elected - Democrats have yet to enact them.

Furthermore, Democrats committed two BIG unforced errors. The Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville says it pretty clearly: “Democrats need to go to ‘Wokeness’ rehab.”

Although only a minority of the Democrats truly want to “defund the police,“ that slogan was a deadly mistake. This was NEVER a popular (or smart) idea - even among Democrats. A majority of sane Minneapolis voters proved that. Still it does it’s damage.

Also when McAuliffe said “we don’t want parents involved in education“ he committed a huge blunder that allowed Republicans to double down on their campaign against CRT, even though it’s not even taught in Virginia.

(The “race card” is still the ace in the deck for both parties, and it has been and will be for the foreseeable history of the Republic. No surprise there, how could it be otherwise for a nation born with slavery protected by the first writing of its Constitution - however much we might like to ignore this.)

But there are also lessons Republicans should look at closely. Trump is still the best driver of votes among DEMOCRATS.

And Youngkin DID NOT have to go through a bruising primary where Trump would have certainly been front and center behind his chosen primary candidates. Instead Youngkin won the Republican nomination at the party's May 8 convention.

Republicans won’t be so lucky in the primaries ahead of the midterms. The presence of Trump pushing his favorite Trumpster clones and calling for revenge for a stolen election will be a great boon for Democratic candidates.

Where does this all leave us? VoiceforAll is quite certain.

But I’ll take a “wait and see” attitude. Anyone aware of the vicissitudes of political fortune for the entire history of the United States knows that nothing is certain this far ahead of an election.

And the wild card yet to be played in the midterms is how successfully the Republican’s recent gerrymandering and extensive new voting laws will alter the electoral playing field.


Dont discount the Dem's penchant for cheating. They still do so, despite extra scrutiny. Pathetic losers, they are.

Jon Wick

Mr. Crandall, you asked “where to begin”?

How about beginning here; All of Biden's edicts flow from this abhorrence of American ideas and values. Let’s be honest, Biden is a left-wing Democrat who is surrounded by left-wing radicals, and they are governing like the socialists that they are. Socialist regimes typically don’t excel at good government or economic stewardship, but they do tend to be experts at one thing—propaganda. Therefore, we’ve resembled a rich Third World country for the past 10 months.

So, what is going on today with the Democrat party. Disagree on policy? You’re a racist. Support Trump? You’re a cultist. Assert election fraud? You’re a terrorist. Bad ideology blinds us to reality even if we’re looking right at it. We as a nation are in dire danger of losing who we are due to the poisonous ideology that rules the leftist mind.

The United States has now become two countries occupying the same nation. Leftists no longer believe in, live by, or even like the principles, traditions, and ideals that characterized America as a nation or Americans as a people. If this trend is not reversed, it won’t be long before we can call America a failed state.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, he said, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Mr. Crandall, the heresy of heresies to the leftist mind is common sense. The person flying the flag upside down is on the right track. Question the narrative, think beyond the hype, objectively observe your surroundings and you’ll find the truth.


You put forth the truth, but we cannot expect much consideration from the dems. Sadly, we seem to be hurtling toward an American civil war once again.

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