Regarding the story by Marcus Traxler, Forum News Service, in the May 11 Press & Dakotan regarding Mike Lindell’s event in Mitchell:

The headline has nothing to do with the content. Mention of several speakers and summary of what they spoke of was given, but nothing of the main speaker.

Webster’s Dictionary defines journalism as “... writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation...” (Yes, I have a dictionary and yes, I use it.)

Perhaps Mr. Traxler could realize that the words thrown together in this story in no way represent journalism. Had I wanted to read his opinion, I would have searched the editorial page. It really does not matter what line of thought one prefers, it seems only to matter what the “writer” wants to present.

There is no integrity in this article and very little information. How very disappointing.


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Thank you, Becky, for decrying Mr. Traxler’s suppression of the absolute truth of our stolen election!

I pray our Governor will bring in the Cyber Ninjas to uncover the rampant fraud in OUR state. South Dakota taxpayer’s money could hardly be better spent!!

Sadly, True Patriots were unable to Stop the Steal on January sixth - the day that our real President wants us to “Remember forever.”

But experts like the Cyber Ninjas can uncover the Truth that South Dakota’s dishonest election officials are suppressing!

Where We Go One We Go All!


You are exactly right Becky. And unfortunately that is what "news" has become, every report is an editorial by not only the reporter but if there is a news anchor after the report they have their comments as well and all pushing their own agenda or at least the democrats agenda, can't really call it their own. Thank you for using the definition out of the dictionary, good to see there are some that still have one and are able to use it, although you will be told by many (progressives and socialists) that it is as outdated as the Constitution.


I’m certainly no Progressive, VoiceforAll, but the Constitution IS outdated. Only God’s Will matters and Progressives are trying to use the constitution to thwart His Will.

You clearly don’t understand this, but we thank you anyway for throwing your lot in with the Faithfull.

You give a whole new POSITIVE meaning to the words, “Forgive them Father for they Know Not what they do.”

Thank you!


"Arizona Legislature has hired a Florida-based cybersecurity company called Cyber Ninjas to lead the recount for $150,000. The company has no experience in elections, and its CEO helped to spread “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theories in the run-up to the Capitol riot; it is now in possession of Maricopa’s ballots and voting equipment. "

" Election experts noted that the company has already made rookie mistakes. For instance, Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield spotted auditors using blue pens, which is not best practice since there is a risk of altering the vote on a ballot. The state’s own election process manual prohibits anything but red pens from being used. When Fifield brought the issue up with Logan, she says he was unaware that the blue ink could be a problem and seemed unsure overall about the correct procedure. A judge later ordered the removal of all black and blue pens from the facility where the recount is taking place. The Brennan Center for Justice, a legal think tank associated with New York University, also sent a letter to the Department of Justice last week alleging that Cyber Ninjas has not been following basic security practices like locking doors to the facility holding the ballots and preventing unauthorized individuals from entering."

Yep they will find out the "truth" for sure, theses are statements from the article about your ninja buddies.

It never crossed your mind to be suspicion that EVERY TIME Trump lost at something he yelled Fraud?

Noem is so far up Trump's Rump I can't tell where she ends and he begins.


Thank you, Becky, Satan has stolen our democracy.

Liberal heretics are howling, “But the election results have been certified repeatedly by REPUBLICAN election officials!”

But the Faithful know the powers of the Prince of Darkness. Many call these evil Republicans “The Deep State.” But they are just another chapter in the chronicles of Satan’s power over the sinful.

“Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

God has chosen the Cyber Ninjas to spread the Truth. First in Arizona and soon throughput the many states whose deep state Republicans have defied Him.

This joyous Word was spread to the masses at our own Corn Palace. We’ve shown the world the path to righteousness.


How pathetic you Americans are. You brag about your “exceptional City on the Hill'' in the words of Reagan the RINO.

Your “democracy” can’t even manage a peaceful transfer of power. Half of you don’t even care.

Tell me what’s so great about democracy, тупые гадит. The whole world is laughing at your “Cyber Ninjas.”

And most of you don't even get the joke.


The Silver Lining

The “Cyber Ninja strategy” Republicans are putting into action in Red States across America will not have the force of law. Their purpose is only to cast doubt on Biden’s victory, justifying making voting more difficult and creating anger to drive the gullibleTrump base to the midterm polls.

This is obvious to all but the many suckers who’ve fallen for every Trump con job since he rode down his heavily-mortgaged elevator.

These clownish “recounts” will have no legal standing. They won’t change the 2020 vote. Fools can’t overturn an election just because their party controls the legislature. Not yet.

But there is one silver lining to this farce.

These unsanctioned “recounts” will mean that all the voting machines turned over for examination will have to be replaced. They cannot be reused in the next election because their security has now been compromised by bumbling partisan amateurs.

So the lucky red state taxpayers will get brand new machines to use in the midterms!

Can’t wait until the “Cyber Ninjas” come to South Dakota!

Dear Leader

With my platform, I, the Republican Party, reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose.


The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️The coronavirus outbreak◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Health care◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️


The Election was Stolen‼️


The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Supreme Court appointments◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Violent crime◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Foreign policy◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Gun policy◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Race and ethnic inequality◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Economic inequality◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

◾️Climate change◾️

The Election was Stolen‼️

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