I am writing this to thank President Trump for all he has done to make America great again, for bringing companies back in to the U.S. and strong leadership to help foreign countries from taking us over.

Now that the election is over and President-elect Biden is elected, I worry about what it is going to be like to live under socialism. It has already begun. The politicians have to realize the taxpayers pay their extreme wages.

As for there being no fraud, how were there people that have passed away that were able to come back and vote? It was on the news. I find it a privilege to vote. I have not figured out how to come back after I pass over. So if someone knows how they did it, please write.

As for Pelosi, she needs to be taken out of office. She used her office to get even with President Trump.

Again, I am not a Republican or Democrat. This will probably be the last letter I write. Speak out as our freedom of speech is being taken away from us.

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Too much here to dispute., but to offer a couple facts from the Department of Agriculture 46.5 Billion in subsidies to farmers last year under Trump. 40 percent of individual farm income from the government last year under Trump. This is socialism.

E pluribus

By now those of us who have Trumpster friends (like Ms. Harris) and Trumpster family (like mine) are likely dismayed by their continued support for a President who’s betrayed the United States of America.

You might think that by inciting a deadly insurrection that killed 5 Americans and was intent on executing Vice President Pence and many of our legislators, some might reconsider their slavish devotion to this “Insurrectionist in Chief.”

But you would be wrong. They still believe that the election was stolen and Antifa is probably to blame for the attack on the Nation's Capitol. As someone said, “these folks are like Jim Jones’ cult followers - but without the Kool-Aid.” Instead they wear Swastikas and carry Confederate flags.

Reasoning with those who defend these people with their lame excuses or their cowardly silence is clearly pointless. They will only believe Trump’s lies. Now and likely forever.

The only remedy is at the ballot box. It’s time to start preparing for the midterms and the future of our Republic.

“We have met the enemy and it is us...”


Ahh.. such touching ignorance. “It was on the news“ she tells us. But it’s all right wing fabrication.

Please, Lois, don’t let this be your last letter. We need a constant reminder of how many people like you are so easily duped by a skillful Demagogue like Mr. Trump.

This time it led to a failed insurrection. And the Trump traitors will be brought to Justice . Next time we may not be so lucky


so well said! People who are uninformed are as dangerous as their appointed leader!


No, dead people did not vote. No, there was no election fraud. Please get your information from reliable news sources, not OPINION outlets. If you think tens of thousands of dead people voted and machines were rigged then why is it only in the states that you want it to be rigged in? Look at the facts not the lies and the "this could have happened" without proof. As far as companies coming back to America...please name some that had major impact and were from his doings. He could have been a good president but his lack of action on the COVID crisis has cost this country dearly and I am glad that we have a new president who cares about us more than himself and his bank account!

USA Strong

The best part of your letter was the statement that said it would be your last one written to this site. You are one of the reasons for a divided country with all the misinformation you post


@ Lois Harris.............I certainly hope this is your last letter lady. You have already proven to us you cannot decipher between fact and fiction. You are part of the problem because it`s people like you who spread false information, lies, and nonsense. I bet you are the gossip queen of your neighborhood. Thank God I don`t live by you.


Thank you, Mr. Trump for

1)- The worst Pandemic since the Spanish flu.

2)- The worst economy since the Great Depression.

3)- The first Insurrection by domestic terrorists.

How about it Lois. Are we tired of winning yet?


Yes, Lois, I too, am grateful to Mr. Trump. Even as I rejoice to see him impeached a second time and driven from office to await his trial in the Senate.

Your man is dividing the Republic Party so bitterly they’ll never send anyone to the White House again.

And for that - along with you - I can sincerely say, “Thank you, Mr. Trump.”


Thank you President Trump. And Mr's Thune, Rounds, and Johnson, I wish you well in finding new employment after your next time at election. God bless us all.

Jolly Roger

Go get ‘em Kate. How I love to see you Republicans go after your own.

Are you giving as much money as you can to Mr. Trump to support his war on RINOS? Let me encourage you to give ‘til it hurts. Do it now - the midterms are only two years off.


Kate, how uplifting to see Trumpsters begin to destroy the GOP from within using the same bitter, obstructive politics you used to plunge our Nation into its triple crises of a pandemic, an economic collapse and racial unrest.

Go to it, girl, double down on your cult leader. He’ll never hold national office again, and thanks to cult followers like you, neither will any Republican.

This is your most inspiring posting yet, Kate!

Please let me join you in thanking EXpresident, Trump!


Lois, Cobra pointed out to you that South Dakota’s farmers are on the dole. They’re the biggest “welfare queens” on the planet. But we all benefit because their government money flows through our economy. But somehow that isn’t socialism.

And while this wasn’t “on the news,” did you know South Dakota is a BEGGAR state, draining more from the Federal coffers year after year than it pays in Federal taxes? Why isn't this socialism, Lois?


So Lois, here is your apparent definition of Socialism:

If government money 💰 is going to someone else, it’s Socialism. If government money 💰 is coming to you and your friends, it’s not. 🤑

South Dakota with its low taxes couldn’t survive without “socialism.” Be careful what you wish for, sweetheart.


I can't wait until gas is $5.00 a gallon again and Biden's minions are feeling the strain. Biden is NOT my President


How typical of Trumpster concerns. What a deep thinker you are, MAGA. Just like your dear leader. Thanks to your cult we have:

1)- The worst Pandemic since the Spanish flu.

2)- The worst economy since the Great Depression.

3)- The first Insurrection by domestic terrorists.

And all you can think about is the price of gas.

Jolly Roger

Before you crawl back under your rock, MAGA, don’t forget to join Kate and send money to your loser ex president to fund his fight against Thune, Rounds, Johnson and all those other RINOS.

Let’s tear the GOP apart! Couldn’t happen to more deserving folks


@ MAGA.....Hmm, seems to me the last time gas was $5.00 a gallon, it was Bush who was in office. Are you confused ? More than likely, I`m surprised you Trump nitwits can tie your shoes in the morning. Being willfully ignorant is no way to go through life. You have my sympathy. I`m just so happy to wake up in the morning and not hear of another total disaster Trump has caused.


Dumpy- May 7th 2012 when Obama and Biden were in office, gas was as high as $5.79 per gallon. Look it up GENIOUS. You, sir, are the one that is confused



The highest national average price of gas was $4.11 on July 17, 2008, according to AAA. Why has the average cost of gas been below $3 for so long?Jan 1, 2020

Lynnae Koster

At least Ms Harris isn’t hiding behind some fake name, if you feel a need to discount her thoughts, why don’t you tell us who you are?


Hi Lynnae, I see you’re new to this feed. Sometimes these exchanges get a little heated. You should know that by putting your name out there you are making yourself vulnerable to “doxing.”

You will see what I mean if you type your name into one of the free online services like “WHITE PAGES.”

When you see all the information that’s available about you at no charge, imagine what can be found for a few bucks on one of the paying services.

Friedrich Farmer

Oh yes, Lois, among all the things Trump has done for us South Dakotans, we must not forget how he’s tanked the farm economy with his stupid trade war and handed our soybean market to the South Americans.

Oh thank Heaven he's replaced it with socialist farm subsidies using money borrowed from our grandchildren.

Lois if this is “winning” I’m tired of it.

Make Agriculture Great Again (MAGA).


MAGA---just like your liar in chief you need to check your sources of information and not only information that makes you feel better about your argument then what the REAL story is.


Gas prices fluctuate often, regardless of who is president at the time. Several experts maintain that unless the president is directly controlling gasoline prices, he cannot take credit for the cost.

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