South Dakota is one of 12 states that have not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), unduly risking our neighbors’ lives.

Health insurance is associated with improved access to and utilization of health care, better outcomes from treatment of chronic illness, improved self-reported health and lower mortality rates. In other words, it saves lives. It is profoundly pro-life.

Long before the ACA and Medicaid expansion under ACA, researchers showed that uninsured people “have poorer health and die prematurely.” One pre-ACA study said, “Arguing that health insurance coverage doesn’t improve health is simply inconsistent with the evidence.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has examined over 600 professional studies directly comparing states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA with non-expansion states. Well over half the studies found positive results in expansion states when compared to non-expansion states. The rest found “no difference or mixed findings.” None found higher mortality.

The latest KFF review, published this year, reports that “A growing body of research finds that Medicaid expansion has improved overall mortality rates as well as mortality rates associated with some specific health conditions [e.g., cancer, heart disease, liver disease]. These findings are consistent with earlier research …”

South Dakotans want Medicaid expansion: A scientific survey commissioned by American Cancer Society and American Heart Association found that 74% of South Dakotans support expanding Medicaid, including strong majorities (2 to 1 or higher) in all regions of South Dakota; people of all ages and educational levels; and members of both political parties (over 2 to 1 among Republicans)

This year, USD conducted a survey for South Dakota Public Broadcasting and the Chiesman Center: over 70% of respondents favored expansion of Medicaid and Medicare (answered “definitely yes” or “probably yes”). Nearly half of respondents who self-identified as conservative favored expansion.

Clearly Medicaid expansion makes sense for South Dakota. Our poorest citizens will benefit, especially low-income mothers and their children and low-income people with no children. It will save lives, provide a healthier workforce, stimulate the economy, and lower costs of other programs, all at little or no cost to the state. This is a strong pro-life policy that will save lives at all stages.

Please sign the petition to put expansion on the ballot.


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Just another push for universal healthcare, more government run programs that fail, cost way too much, take more taxpayers dollars, push social agenda's over peoples real health issues all being sold as better for women and children. Democrats want and need this because they want to tax the everyday citizen more and more so that the illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border can get free health care and they can use this to show the American people that they care for them and then they can say, look what we did, vote for us for more free things. Yet another unsustainable government run program, democrats want everyone in this country to rely on the government for everything, selling all this as better for every man, woman and child in the U.S. but no way to pay for it, nothing is free folks. So after social security runs out of money and the elderly don't get their social security checks, government run healthcare will be next, and once everyone is on government run healthcare and it runs out of money, then what are you going to do? Maybe we should use the now $1.9 trillion dollar social spending bill to help pay for people's healthcare instead of using it to push a social agenda? The government is going to run out of money people and so are you, because you are the ones giving the government money to run these programs and once you are taxed so much and you have nothing left to give, the government has no more money either, unless they print it like they are doing now, and the results are inflation, higher costs of products and higher taxes. This needs to stop. Don't sign the petition. Now I will be attacked for wanting women and children to die, because like all good democrats, that is what they do, either put everyone on the government roles and provide all their food, healthcare, education, etc., which is also called a welfare state, or you are a murderer. Ready, set, attack.

E pluribus

It’s remarkable the passion with which folks like Voice defend a broken healthcare system which presently costs us much more and delivers much less than any other healthcare system of any other developed country on the planet.

In this regard America is truly “exceptional.”

Jolly Roger

Mr. Voice, as E pluribus has pointed out, South Dakota already IS a welfare state.

But like the Clown says: “It’s only socialism when money goes to people you don’t like.”

South Dakota always gets more Federal dollars than we pay in Federal taxes. We’re among the top five “welfare states.”

You’re just repeating your favorite FoxNews talking points. And the true numbers make your outrage look ignorantly silly.

But you’ve long mastered the art of being simultaneously righteous and wrong.


Voice, thank you for speaking up. It is useless with these two but I am truly grateful for your persistence in attempting to speak for many of us who have given up on them. E will gently but clearly ridicule your beliefs while Jolly consistently and constantly repeats himself about "Fox News". So, again, thank you.


Sure, a broken health care system, please, go anywhere else then, go to Cuba, go to China, go to Mexico, I heard they have great health care there. Everything in the U.S. is the worst to all the democrats and it's everyone else's fault, if we would just do what the democrats want, it would all be fixed. And of course Jolly attacks and makes a point that South Dakotan's should pay more taxes, Jolly, you should really move to California so you can pay more taxes and get less, after all, that is what you want, everyone to get taxed more so you can give away more free stuff, The U.S. has, or probably should say had, the best health care in the world until Joe and Fauci started forcing doctors and nurses to quit their jobs because of their mandates. And now they are forcing other first responders, firefighters, police and their supporting staffs to quit because of these ridiculous mandates, no wonder you all think our health care is bad, the people that want to take care of us are being forced out and being called murderers by the democrats. Righteous I am not, right, yes, but not righteous, and it is good knowing it bothers you Jolly. Just like all the democrats in Washington now, they are all lashing out at each other and everyone else because they can't get anything done and the American people are pushing back at their tyranny and socialist agenda's, and it is making you all mad that no one is rolling over for it, neither am I.


If people like you were allowed to make all the health care decisions, we would not have Medicare. Medicare was also a Democratic program and Republicans pretty much had all the same talking points at the time. Can you imagine where we would be without the current Medicare system? And just for the record, I am a hard-core Democrat but am not for all the "free stuff" you keep talking about. So quit lumping us all in one pile.

Gimmy A. Breake

Mr. Voice and his friends believe alternative facts

of discredited charlatans and disproven quacks.

They ignore those facts which prove inconvenient.

When fact-checking themselves they’re oh so lenient.

Truthful numbers were there before Biden arrived.

Yet somehow their falsehoods stubbornly survived.

Such outraged insistence would be much more compelling

if our anti-vax death toll weren’t continually swelling.

So belly up to the bar; hear their laments one more time.

It won’t be their last, but it will finish this rhyme

E pluribus

Hi, Kate, it seems you prize “belief” over all else.

I agree that Voice is entitled to his “beliefs.” It’s his “facts” I dispute.

If that’s what you call “ridicule” so be it.

Dear Leader

People, we must come together as a nation and go to the polls knowing that all our problems will be resolved if everyone can agree that the election was stolen!

Jolly Roger

Kate, “belief” is a religious term, and faith can’t be argued. However, facts exist in a different realm.

You seem more concerned with not challenging folks’ beliefs than examining facts.

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