The first duty of government is the protection of its citizens from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Inconceivably, some in our government have become the enemy of the people.

In their arrogance and lust for power, their disdain and contempt for the American people and this country’s founding principles, they have perpetrated a political coup and takedown of a duly elected president. But for President Trump’s declassification and release of documents from an ongoing investigation, we would never have known the extent of the corruption that exists within some of our government agencies and political parties that seek to undermine our institutions.

Who are the perpetrators of this evil? Democrat leaders of the previous administration, some in the FBI, CIA, the Justice Department and many in the bureaucracy. These people were aided and abetted by the different media propagandists who pushed the lies. What a disgrace the media has become. They are complicit in this deceit of the American people.

Our president did not deserve this treachery! We, the American citizen, did not deserve this treachery! The majority of us just want to live our lives in the freedom that our forefathers fought for. How many of us really understand what they suffered for the establishment of our freedoms? Many of them never even lived to experience the freedom they fought for. Justice demands an accounting. Shame on us if we lose our freedoms.

George Washington, in the year 1788 said, “By folly and improper conduct, proceeding from a variety of causes, we may now and then get bewildered; but I hope and trust that there is good sense and virtue enough left to recover the right path before we shall be entirely lost.”

Please stand up for righteousness! Do it for freedom!

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The is the most well-written exposition of unfounded conspiracy theories I’ve seen. Congratulations on your single-minded pursuit of Trumpster silliness, Ms. Hochstein. This letter belongs at the top of your growing collection of Press & Dakotan ramblings.

And you‘re certainly correct about one thing. It’s right there in your first sentence. “The first duty of government is the protection of its citizens...”

What do you think about almost a quarter of a million dead Americans? Do you approve of the way this plague is being confronted by your incompetent president? Do you notice that although the US has 4% of the world's population, we have 20% of its coronavirus cases? Is this what your man means by “America First”?



You watch too much Fox "News". Change the channel and think for yourself.


How appropriately you are named, Madam.

“Karen” is described in Wikipedia as “someone perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others...”


Way to tow the liberal line you democrats, that is one thing for sure about liberals, they keep their playbook open to the best insults they can find to fit any situation. Don't add anything to the conversation or come up with solutions, just attack and be negative, because after years and years of doing it, this is all you have to offer. Don't let anything good get out, and if something good happens, make sure it gets suppressed by the media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, big tech, etc. America is better off, and look out for the attacks on that simple statement, I know I am, Trump hasn't been perfect on the Covid response, but even Mr. Biden when the pandemic started, criticized Trump for cutting off international travel, but you won't find that in any national media outlets. Republicans get criticized for listening to Fox, "get your information from other sources", but where, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, really, all in the back pockets of liberals? Keep throwing punches liberals, keep complaining, keep saying how bad America is, keep everything negative, do what you do best, the real American's are out there working and doing good, and they aren't people like the ones that are always on websites criticizing people that have a different opinion than theirs, God forbid that happen, because if you do, be prepared to be called a racist, a hater, a bigot and on and on, whatever the updated version of the liberal handbook tells them to say. I will say it while I still can, because if the liberals get in charge someone might not like that I say it and it will get banned, but God Bless America, pray for our country, and pray for the liberals that there hearts be opened to more than just hate and negativity. Now look out, because here come the attacks.


Thank you Mr. T for being one of the few that is willing to discuss the matter as an adult and not just throw out insults. I do agree with you on the virus, it's awful, I have known several that have had it, my own daughter contracted it and thankfully had few effects, she was with us for two weeks on quarantine along with me and the rest of my family and none of us ever had symptoms nor did any of us test positive, it is a strange virus indeed. Do I wish Trump would have done a better job of handling this, absolutely yes, but since no President, governor, national official or local official has ever been through something like this in modern times, where is the playbook that tells a person exactly how this should be handled? And as a side note, I do not watch Fox and Friends, we cut our cable about 10 years ago. It always amazes me how so many people believe that if you have a right leaning attitude you can only get your information from Fox. I use several different websites to gather information, right and left leaning, and make my own decisions, it is enlightening to think on your own and not wait for someone on the news to tell you what to think, I think it would do many people to do the same, move away from in front of the television, get out and talk to people (or call them in today's age of social distancing), look at various news sources, and don't just trust Facebook and Twitter to supply you with your information.


@ VoiceforAll.........Yes, you get your information from websites. CONSERVATIVE ones!!! They are no better than Fox fake "news". So what is your point?????? I bet your peddling through those conservative websites lightening. You are a conspiracy theory freak. You don`t understand that that is a ploy by Trump and the GOP to distract from the truth. They don`t mean anything, it`s just a bunch of hyped up garbage. And I bet you believe every one of them.o you really need unproven conspiracy theories? You Trump supporters LOVE those dumb theories. And that is all it is, a theory. Oh yes, you get your info from those websites all right, the twisted, sick unproven conspiracy theories, and the daily LIES Trump says. Can you believe this: Trump actually said that he`s the second smartest person on Earth, the only one smarter is Jesus Christ. Newsflash, Jesus Christ is not on Earth. Isn`t that one comment enough to turn your stomach? I have literally never met a person, ever, who says these stupid things like he is some kind of "God". He`s losing his mind, he has dozens of lawsuits going, he is in trouble with the IRS because he accepted a payment from them of $72 MILLION dollars! He hoped they wouldn`t catch the mistake, but they did. What kind of president hosts a lavish party that cost taxpayers nearly a MILLION dollars? Google it. He is also guilty of using donated inaugural money for his own personal use..Google it. I bet you didn`t even know these things. Yes, it`s disgraceful ethics violations, I`m not sure of the legal perspective. A sitting president CANNOT be indicted on anything. No wonder he is lying like a fool to trash Biden, it gives him 4 more years to try to rectify these things. He`is desperately trying to hold on to the presidency because he cannot be indicted, not even from the IRS. Smarten up, because all I`m reading from you is GARBAGE.


@ Mr VoiceforAll.........Like you conservatives don`t complain. Give me a break. Nothing Obama did was ever right with you people, and I`ll take Obama over Trump anyday. Just because people with brains see what is really going on, you wear rose colored glasses and ignore the facts. I would really love to know what is wrong with you people. Anything you don`t like is "liberal". Well Liberal means progressive. We`re not stuck in the 12th Century. And if you want to hear complaining, just read comments from conservatives, it`s lib this and lib that. I don`t go around babbling about Conservatives. You need a reality check sir.

Mr. T

Let’s set aside the rhetoric for a bit, VoiceforAll.

At the beginning of this year, ordinary people like you and me had no idea what was about to hit us. Even Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden didn’t.

But Trump did.

President Trump knew in early February that coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and "deadly," on an audio recording with Bob Woodward. But Trump decided to “play it down” and keep this information to himself.

Even now Trump wants to “play it down.” He’s telling us we’re “rounding the corner” while the Virus is spiking here in South Dakota and all around the Nation.

Please. Just for a moment stop channeling Fox and Friends and tell us if a quarter million dead Americans just might suggest that it’s time to finally start listening to the scientists.


Good to see you can add to a conversation Old Hugh, people like you is why people like me think the way I do, keep up the good work.

Old Hugh

Lighten up on VoiceforAll, Mr. T.

He really is a voice for “All” who get their reality from FoxNews. And he DOES concede that “Trump hasn't been perfect on the Covid response.”

Check back in with him after the body count surpasses our WWII deaths. See how he feels then.

If he’s still alive.


With the liberals wanting to rewrite history all the time or not teach it in our schools or tearing down statues thinking this will fix all our problems, history won't reflect anything right. When they do write it, Trump will be responsible for not only all covid deaths in the U.S. but also for every death in the world, your historians are already rewriting the history books. Move away from your Morning Joe show and MSNBC, learn some facts on your own and try making your own decisions. It is quite enlightening to be an adult, you should try it.


Mr. VoiceforAll, nice satire there. Trump SHOULD BE BLAMED because the man is incompetent!! Get it ???? Incompetent!! He didn`t do anything to stop this virus when he knew how serious it was. He downplayed it , because HE DOESN`T CARE about anyone but himself. How can you support a man who claims he is a genius but threatened the college he went to with a lawsuit if they released his transcripts? That is one proven LIE right there. The Trump Administration is a sick joke. I don`t think anyone but Pence is at their original positions when Trump assigned them. They all either quit or got fired! People are frightened if they say a wrong word that they`ll be fired. He attacks FOX "news" on a regular basis because they maybe didn`t portray him in positive way or said something he didn`t like. He is a CHILD! He acts and thinks like a ten year old.


You’re a great mouthpiece for Fox News, Mr. “VoiceforAll.” But history will not be written by Fox News.

And when the story is told, the record will show that your man knew how exactly deadly this virus was before anyone else did and “downplayed it” (to use his recorded words.) All so he could get reelected.

While more competent and more compassionate leaders across the globe work to save the lives of their citizens, he is letting us die to save himself.

The only question to be answered by historians will be why so many people like you continue to support him.

Old Hugh

Ah yes. The “FREEDOM” not to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others in the midst of a pandemic.

But what would you expect from folks taking their cue from a president who won’t wear a mask, gets sick and then goes around holding maskless rallies?

And it BEARS observing that the “White House coronavirus response coordinator” Vice prez Pence won’t even self-quarantine after his chief of staff and others in his inner circle come down with the 🦠 VIRUS🦠

These people won’t protect themselves. Why would we believe they will protect us?


Why do you need someone to tell you to protect yourself, stay home, wear a mask, wear a shield, don't fly, don't go to restaurants, keep your kids home from school, don't go to the grocery store, we all have options. I have chosen to wear a mask, I made that decision, no one said you have to do this, I have chosen to send my kids to school, our school gave us that option. You have options to all these, Hy Vee will bring your groceries to your car, you don't have to go in the store, most restaurants will do the same, Wal Mart will do the same, you have options, we have choices, no one is telling you to get out there and find the nearest covid patient and try to contract the virus. I have all the confidence in the world that you can make your own decisions, give it a try.

Grateful Dead


MAGA - Make America Grateful Again!

Forget those FAKE mourners, we're turning the corners‼️


Even more insight from someone that has put a lot of thought into this.


That’s a very fine list of everything we can do to protect ourselves, Mr. Voice. But do you know why we have 20% of the world's Virus fatalities when we’re only 5% of the world's population?

It’s because your man didn’t do what the more competent and compassionate leaders of other developed countries did. Instead he hid what he knew about this deadly virus while other governments swung into action with early, massive testing and follow up contact tracing while providing enough PPE for everyone.

And these are things only a coordinated government on a wartime basis can accomplish.

Your man is missing in action. And many of our friends and family are dying because of it.

Grateful Dead

I knew I could count on you, Mr. VoiceforAll.


MAGA - Make America Grateful Again!

Who needs a leader when we’ve got the best tweeter❓❗️

Mr. T

So if FoxNews isn't your sole source of information, Mr. VoiceforAll, you likely know that the USA has FAR more deaths per capita than other first world countries. Right?

And you probably know that Trump was recorded in February saying he knew exactly how deadly this airborne virus is. True?

So what do you think about this? Can it be anything other than grossly negligent incompetence that may result in more deaths than we suffered in WII?


Our deaths in the US are far too high, but when you say our deaths are FAR higher than any other first world country, your wrong. The UK is nearly identical to US deaths per 100K of population. Regarding Trump's January statement, why do you choose to believe him? I don't. I think it was just another Trump lie, fib, what ever you want to call it. What was Trump's source of information in January? In January, the WHO was saying it was no big deal. Dr. Fauci was also saying was no big deal. So where did Trump get the information on which he based his statement? We both know, he didn't have any such information.


Mr. Voice, you wrote “...where is the playbook that tells a person exactly how this should be handled?”

Google “Obama Team Left A Pandemic ‘Game Plan.” See what you find.

Your man isn’t up to the task. The pandemic is spiking, and already 230,000 Americans are dead.

Have you noticed? What else could be more important to any American?



Mr. T

You may be correct, MyThoughts. We’re battling with the UK for first place. Even so, I don’t feel a whole lot better. 🦠😷 The Bigger Statistic is that we are 4% of the world's population and 20% - 25% of the Covid fatalities.

However, I am inclined to believe Trump when he declared in a taped interview with journalist Bob Woodward on February 7, that he knew that COVID-19 was airborne and 'deadly stuff,' but he wanted to 'play it down.'

Speculation is that he learned this from a conversation with Chinese Leader Xi Jinping, who was in a position to know if anyone was. Whatever the source, Trump knew before Dr. Fauci and everybody else, but decided - as he put it - to “play it down.”


I`ll stand up for righteousness, but not for Trump. There is NOTHING "righteous" about this man. He is a liar, a cheat, and a narcissist. I know because I took extensive Psychology classes in college. I can`t believe the ignorance out there. The things Trump says and does is a sign of mental instability and he is unpredictable. We don`t need him. 4 more years of the clown, and nothing is gonna be left standing. If you want more of the problems, more of the tweets garbage, more of the insecurity of our nation, then by all means vote for Trump. It`s pretty clear that Karen Hochstein just hates Democrats.Period. Sad, isn`t it ? Nothing more unAmerican than that. We are all AMERICANS. Stop the predjudice you nutjob. No wonder you like Trump, he is as unAmerican as you.


@ Karen are a total disgrace to your family, to the community and to America. If you want a Gov`t with just ONE party, then go live in N. korea or Russia. Our founding fathers created TWO parties for balance of power. It sounds like you have a deep personal problem with Democrats. If Trump had his way, he would have abolished the Democrat party. A DICTATOR in waiting. Our founding fathers also made sure that the president does not have full power over the people, it`s why we have three institutions because they knew someday someone like Trump would become president, so they took the necessary steps. Trump trashes the US Constitution all the time. Read it! He is guilty of not even considering the Constitution, and he has never read it!!! He is the only president in history who doesn`t even know or care what is in the Constitution.And you want this man as president??????????? Unbelievable. You are in a Trump induced coma. Time to wake up and think for yourself.

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