“We feel pretty good about where we’re at.”

With South Dakota leading the nation in new COVID-19 cases per capita, that was the assessment from a top adviser to Gov. Kristi Noem.

“The governor is not going to change any of her approach — why should she?”

My answer: because I will never spend another tourist dollar in your state.

Since the Fourth of July fiasco, and especially after the nationwide virus super-spreading event in Sturgis, the world has wondered what has gone so wrong with leadership in South Dakota.

I see South Dakota has no way to recall the governor. But you good folks do have the initiative process. Why not use that to create a reasonable path to an emergency special election?

I will have to go out of my way to get to my favorite Rocky Mountain camping sites, and will miss stays in the Black Hills and the Badlands. But I will get to further explore Wyoming and spend a lot of money South Dakota will lose until better leadership is seen.

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Red Cloud

Maybe you immigrants could come up with a new motto that better reflects what more rationally run states think of South Dakota.

How about a rewrite of that lame tourism ad your Trumpster arm-candy Governor made using $5 million of your coronavirus relief funds - “More COVID, Less hunting”?


[thumbdown] actually it’s NORTH Dakota that is #1 right now. Google it. Not that I like our state being #2, there is a lot we are doing wrong and we can do a lot better. The only way to avoid lockdowns is to wear those effing masks till this is over.


[thumbup] Agreed.


Today's news release, giving yesterday's COVID numbers (for Wednesday), is 1731confirmed and 288 probably. That's over 2000 cases in a single day. This may well put SD back into the dubious position of First Place. This sucks. I see Sioux Falls, by a tie break vote by the mayor, turned down mandatory masks. Where is the Yankton City Commission? If we read the statistics, and I do, we're going to see state totals to come that will be well above 2,000 in a single day. This isn't about politics, it's about our health and our lives. Its time for the State and our City to step up and grow a pair.

Oh Jesus

“Pro-Life” Science denial has brought such death and destruction upon us.

Forgive them, Lord. They know what they do and don’t care.


“Pro-Life” Science denial" ? You need to do a bit more research... try Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, or any science based research center or Hospital.... You are a bit behind the times on science. Science declared several years ago that "life begins at conception". Since your moniker indicates you have no reverence for anything, I will look up and post the links to the sites . Stay tuned.... if you care.

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