While reading the column, “South Dakota’s ‘Advantage’” (Press & Dakotan, Oct. 15), the question arises is there any relationship between that fact that teachers are the lowest paid in the United States and the abysmal quality of leadership in the State Legislature combined with the fact that out of all 50 states, the Republican Party holds the longest non-interrupted party control of the governorship since 1979?

When news reports swirled around about Gov. Noem’s alleged affair with Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, she tweeted, “These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help.”

Noem has been called a female version of Donald Trump and sought his company at Mt. Rushmore and numerous occasions. In her pursuit to gain the spotlight nationally, Noem traveled extensively with Lewandowski. Her travels with both men have taught her well how to undermine “common sense South Dakota values.” The governor in her current plight might invoke Shakespeare’s Othello on equality and empowerment of women. Emilia declares: “The ills we do, their ills instruct us so”.

Noem believes that in the public schools, “radical education activists are scheming in order to impose CRT & Action Civics.” These radical educator activists must go down as the most inept and ineffective of teachers in our history as they remain ranked last in the nation for teacher pay. Wyoming, the top-paying Great Plains state, paid an average teacher salary of $59,786, almost $11,000 a year more than the South Dakota average of $48,984.

If Noem, who brands herself as an honest and true South Dakota girl, believes she can achieve something without a man’s help, she could demonstrate it by immediate action to dramatically increase pay for public school teachers. That would indeed be a return to “common sense South Dakota values.”

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Larry Skow

Robert: Don't blame all the ills on GOP control. Look at dem controlled Illinois/California/Virginia was just in same mess an list could go on an on. Colo here is in same boat. Lot of that boils down to school districts being forced to put illegal kids into school. Majority can't speak English. True South Dakota has had a brain drain going on for 50 plus years. Reality is an sad fact--we have way to many attorneys trying to be lawmakers--all way up to Congressional level. Not many honest attorneys any where. As far as democrats being better--lets just look to Washington D.C. a little mess mess there. V.P. Harris couldn't spell cat if you spotted her the C and A. But sleeping way to top has its rewards I guess. Joe would have to sniff it first. Then let out loud shart to relieve pressure on his brain. Robert don't just point fingers at GOP.






I don't care if our governor is democrat or republican. I care whether she is pushing our schools to teach "a more patriotic history", in other words, let's not teach our children about the atrocities of the past. Also, do you actually have proof of V>P> Harris sleeping her way thru Washington, I mean really?!! Please try to keep your mind out of the gutter.


It is more accurate to state that she sucked her way through California, specifically the Bay Area.


Keep digging democrats, you have to find something to complain about, sure aren't talking about, because you can't, the great job Jill Biden's husband and the non-existing Kamala are doing, are you?


So to recap because the worst thing going on in this country is Kristi Noem according to democrats, inflation, if you haven't heard is a big deal to almost every legal America citizen, and what are the democrats doing to fix it, more spending, more taxes, more mandates, less domestic oil, more attacks on freedom, you all know the routine, basically nothing, except make it worse. And now the democrats are crying that the republicans are a "threat to the health of democracy" and "reckless and dangerous vision for America". It is almost laughable for them to say this, they do nothing but attack democracy and what it means, just like the defund the police movement being ran by the democratic party, they now say it is the republicans wanting this, what a flippin' joke the democratic party has become. But oh yeah, Kristi Noem has done this and that, I can see why you hate her, the budget surplus, protecting peoples freedoms, protecting peoples personal health decisions, gun ownership, etc. is a slap in the face of how the democrats want things ran. As the democrats poll numbers continue to slide, I know your only option is to attack, you have nothing to run on so you go back to your playbook and attack. I have asked repeatedly, can anyone give the people on this forum a list of things the presidenthas done in the last 10 months that has been good for America, what has he done to make things better for anyone in this country? Should be pretty simple since to all of you he is doing a great job. I will wait and see what you come up with, shouldn't take long, right democrats?


In addition the largest infrastructure plan in American history:

▪️The American Rescue plan, which put checks in pockets

▪️222 million vaccinations in arms and counting

▪️5 million new jobs

▪️The stock market up 5000 points


Was this good enough, Voice?

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