Here’s a story that could happen to any of us. Suppose you were in a car accident and someone was injured. Soon after people started saying you were driving drunk and later added that you have always been a drunk driver. Some stated that you killed the other driver. It intensified to: you should be put in jail for killing the other driver.

People put these versions of the story and their opinions on Facebook, saying it over and over until finally even your neighbors and some friends started calling you a drunk and accusing you of killing someone. They spread it to more and more of their Facebook followers. It even made the local news that a drunk driver killed someone and that drunk driver was you.

Remember, none of this was true, except you were in an accident. Would you think the gossip-mongering was fair? Would you think this demonizing of your character was right?

You took to Facebook and told the truth. What if no matter what you said nobody believed you? Remember, none of this was true, except you were in an accident and someone was injured.

That’s what I think happened with election fraud stories circulating. I am a Democrat and I simply voted during the election like most Republicans, I’m assuming, so why am I being accused of being a cheater? Why is my party being accused of it? What can I do to defend myself and my party? It seems many people — at least if they voted the opposite of me — will not believe the truth. And what’s worse, I’m truly your neighbor, also from South Dakota, and a lot like you. It isn’t more true or fair than what I pretended could happen to you if you were in an automobile accident.

And, in my mind, you should believe your neighbors across the country, who are just people like you, and generally don’t cheat any more or less than you. Isn’t that what South Dakotans do? Believe in the goodness of their neighbor? Whether they are Republican or Democrat?

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Well, what did Ruby do in Georgia? Why did the votes for Biden spike at the same exact minute across many states? Have you looked into the many, many stories of voter fraud? Or do you choose to go with whatever the media tells you. I'm of the opinion that you need to do your homework.


Abe tell us you’re an idiot without telling us you’re an idiot. Trump tells you Obama wasn’t really president for 2 term’s surely you remember that brainiacs conspiracy theory. Biden isn’t president now,only the guy who lost by record amounts in both elections and was never at 50%approval is president. Tell me you’ve never paid any attention to election night without telling me you’ve never paid any attention to election night until you’re favorite reality show star. Have you ever even voted?? Eeew Abe


I'm sorry that you are a brainless dolt.

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