I am insulted by President Trump’s assertion that he could not tell the American people the severity of the coronavirus because we would panic in more significant ways than just a run on toilet paper. I obviously have a much higher opinion of U.S. citizens than he does. I do not think we are lemmings who would rush over a cliff into the sea.

However, in light of the reality that he has ongoing support from a sizable portion of our population, perhaps he is right in his assessment that we as a whole are just not that bright or capable. His supporters must take comfort in having him lead and protect us poor, stupid, fear driven common folk!

I also question if military recruiting posters promising potential recruits they may be considered suckers and losers by their commander and chief will be successful. I guess we can go back to relying on a draft.

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Larry Skow

fred you have a right to be insulted. But trueth is average joe citizen couldn't handle the true facts. Would you have went for a 6 month lockdown like New Zealand/Austraiia did? Absolut lockdown. I doubt it. However lets be made an change things. term limits on all politicians all levels. Then 20 year ban on Lobbying fallowing term limits. That be a start. Lets get mad over manufactoring jobs left the country an our soul sold to china. !996 was when that started. Read up on Chinagate. Lets be mad about Biden being in office since 1973! An really done zero. These BLM issues flared up in Ferguson Mo. Under Obama/Biden watch. Fred the whole list her could go on long time. Lets get mad lets demand changes to get back on right track. Also Trump never said the vetrens were losers/suckers that made up story. i served time in service. An boy am i grateful for loss of hearing/exposure to agent orange/High levels of white lead compound we put drinking water systems together with/asbestos exposure in the ships engine room/PCB exposure in the hi temp lube oil's. Yep can't express my gratitude for that. But Trump is a D.C outsider an upsetting their apple cart. Lets give him a chance to clean this mess up. Look at what he has done. Been lot of accomplishments here. Lets continue to break D.C's egg basket. Scramble those eggs. In short Fred why are you not insulted over the last 5 admin's lies? Why just now? Just wake up out of coma?

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