Joe Biden has capitulated to the radical socialist agenda of some in the Democratic Party. He’s aligned himself with their anti-American, anti-Semitic ideology while portraying himself as a traditional Democrat. He’s become the means by which the extreme left plans to accomplish their transformation of America into a socialist/Marxist country.

For over three years, we’ve watched the resistance of the progressives/Democrats/liberals and the Never Trumpers to Trump’s leadership. They’ve harassed our president and those who support him daily, with the collusion of the mainstream media. They will lie, cheat, intimidate and destroy those who stand in their way. They spew “peace and justice” but deny it to others. They pretend to uphold and revere our Constitution but use it against those who do not comport with their thinking. They have no tolerance for others of differing opinions.

Many representatives have abandoned our founding principles. They’ve become wealthy during or after leaving government because of the positions they held while serving the public.

It’s time we rid our government of career politicians. We need term limits for elected officials. Great leaders from the private sector would make better choices for governing our country.

This is why the hatred of President Trump. He’s a fearless leader. He gets things done. He loves the country and its people. He listens to all ideas and evaluates them on their merit. He’s a visionary and builder of people. He enjoys improving the lives of others. He’s not in it for the money. He’s not perfect; he makes mistakes. But his record of accomplishments is amazing.  

We must return to an orderly America! We must have law and order. We need a just system where those who abide by the rule of the law flourish and build and those who don’t suffer the consequences of their behavior. Punishment for lawbreaking is part of that consequence. It should be designed to rehabilitate people. There can’t be two systems of justice — “one for thee, but not for me.” I suspect that injustice in the country was a big factor in Trump’s decision to run for president, judging from comments he’s made through the years.

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Right on. Thank you


People were crazy over Fidel Castro, too...until he won, took over...took guns away, wouldn't let people leave the country. Established Communism! Yeah, that's TRUMP alright!




Very good, thank you.


You call Karen`s letter " very good" ?? It`s filled with hateful rhetoric against Democrats and liberals. My comment below doers not speak of Republicans in general or conservatives. It`s about Trump. Accepting other`s opinions that don`t agree with your own is a sign of virtue. I did not go on the attack mode about conservatives or Republicans. I guess you and Karen think ALL liberals and Democrats are bad people. Sad. Really sad.


Nor did I go on attack mode agains all Liberals. I challenged YOU PERSONALLY on your ability to read minds and hearts and challenged YOU on your statements about the President never eating dinner with anyone, going to walmart, or cleaning a toilet. I asked you if any other Presidents that I mentioned (both Dem and Rep.... more Republicans than Dems actually , I think). I said it right at the beginning. I am curious. I didn't get an answer . Instead, I got from you exactly what you were accusing me of. No one spoke of bad people but you. Please accept my apology for not being virtuous. I am not sure what I did to earn that presumption but your perception of me not being so must be correct. (By the way, I am not a Republican nor a Democrat and have no animosity to either party. I am an Independent. That is just information. Doesn't make me better or worse than anyone else. But I do like to ask quesitons.)


Clarification : Much of my last comment , esp that about challenging you, was meant for mtapp. There were so many responses I put my response in wrong area. Again, my apologies. I am not perfect.


i think you feel on your head somewhere along the line of life. exactly what good has trump done for anyone but the rich? what peace has he brought to this nation. what people does he care about? maybe while he is giving a speech , he cares about the people in the cheering section but that is probably short lived


I don`t know who this Karen person thinks she is, but she is severely deficient regarding politics and current events. What exactly has Joe Biden done that is so radical ? I would love to hear her answer. Trump a total FAILURE, he failed this country regarding the Coronavirus, he didn`t do ANYTHING to try to stop the spread. No, he wanted business and restaurants and schools to reopen so the economy could get back on track, because that is all he can brag about. And during a pandemic, he insults and verbally attacks scientists and doctors!

Sorry Karen, but Trump is TOAST, he will not get re-elected thank God. this man is a total failure at everything. he is not a leader and he is unfit for office. The radical right like FOX fake news brainwashes these people, it`s sickening. Stop the GOP !!!! They are ruining our democracy! Vote these losers OUT! Trump has done a good job of dividing this country. Read Mary Trump`s book, his own niece tells it like it is and it isn`t pretty She knows how dangerous Trump is. We can`t afford another four years of failure.


Exactly What has Joe Biden done that is so radical? Can anyone answer that question ? Joe Biden is a moderate, meaning is isn`t too far left and he isn`t too far right. Trump has not accomplished much of anything. His failed COVID response has made the pandemic worse. To be honest I don`t believe most of what Trump says. , which is non partisan has counted thousands of lies, misleading statements and distorted facts. No I don`t condone violent protests, but a majority of the protesters are peaceful and they are protected by the constitution. Trump has also failed in his response to the protests. Trump is divisive, he is not a unifying man. This country is broken right now, we need a real leader like Joe Biden. I honestly don`t know what Trump does, except tweet insults like a child. He is unfit for office, this is why his poll numbers are falling like a rock, because now many people are seeing he cannot handle crisis. We cannot afford another four years of Trump. This country needs to heal and he is not capable of doing that.




I see you enjoy drinking the Fox News kool-aid Karen. Trump cares about people? Are you kidding me? The only person he cares about is himself. He would not associate with you are anyone from Nebraska unless it was a politician who supports him. No way he would ever sit down on your couch in your house or eat a meal that you prepared with your own hands. He would NEVER associate with anyone in his base because he thinks he is better than you. The man has never cleaned a toilet or shopped at Wal-Mart. No way he can relate to you nor does he want to.


Mtapp: Curious me.... Has Biden been to your house lately for a homemade supper? (cleaned a toilet? Shopped at WalMart?) Obama? Clinton? One of the Bush's? Eisenhower? Reagan? Jimmy Carter, etc? That is your barometer for a person's character? Guess you will be unhappy with major politicians for rest of your life unless there are major media "bombshells" on any of them cleaning toilets, going to WalMart or having a homemade dinner with someone . (Be careful of news broadcasts on the major networks though...ANY of them.) Or maybe you will be hit with reality ? I am also always in awe of those of you who can read minds and hearts..... "the only person he cares about is himself." "He thinks he is better than you." 🙄


Why are you babbling incoherent things like cleaning toilets, shopping at wal-mart? You make absolutely NO SENSE! It`s just babble about nothing important. By the way, what does cleaning toilets have to do with anything. You sound like a few hosts do on FOX News. Nothing but drivel. Insignificant drivel. But that is what the radical right is about, deflect, talk over everyone and bring up the most idiotic things you can think of. I have serious concerns about your mental state. And yes, Trump only cares about HIMSELF. He doesn`t care about COVID, the people dying. No he wants so desperately the schools to re-open, sure, spread the virus around even more. Stop with your fixation on cleaning toilets and wal-mart because you sound ridiculous.


And also, just your TWO WORDS, which were "VERY GOOD" told me everything I had to know about you. You told this Karen person "thank you". really ? A het filled letter about half the country is VERY GOOD to you Kate? Your priorities are messed up. You say you are an independent. I don`t believe that, if so then you would have been more objective, but you were not, you praised that hate filled letter,so sugar coating it , is not going to do any good.You said I responded Like you expected? really? So you have ESP I guess. Must be nice.


I was just making the point that he cannot relate to the common person. But then again, none of them really can. When 70% of your politicians are millionaires and white men, they cannot relate to most of America. The majority of Americans have to clean their own clean toilets and shop at Wal-Mart. I was just making the point that doing that is something most politicians can no longer relate to therefore putting them a little out of touch with what people are facing these days.


Mtapp: Thank you for a coherent and civil reply. I honestly appreciate it. Not being able to relate to the common man that way makes sense in the context you explained. I didn't read it that way and am sorry. Thanks again for clarifying. I have to agree whole- heartedly with you on that point, by the way.

Yankton resident


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