I recently had the privilege of traveling on an immersion trip into the culture and people of Cuba (About the size of the state of Tennessee). Our group stayed at the Martin Luther King Center in Havana. The Center is made up of Cubans dedicated to Martin Luther King’s vision of non-violent social justice, working toward unity and solidarity, and the common good of all.

We learned about Cuban society and its long history from the 400-year colonization by Spain, including the Spanish slave trade. We discussed the economic situation, the impact of the economic blockade and other present conditions, including the devastating consequences of Covid.  We spoke to doctors, health care professionals and scientists in the Bio-tech sector about the struggle to make their own Covid vaccine. Today, 93% of the people are vaccinated and everyone wears a mask. Health care in Cuba is free for everyone.

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But it is a threat, it is a communist country. Agreed, the people are not to blame, it is the government, but when we spend our time praising a communist country and say how good the people have it and we need to open our doors to them, communism and socialism spread, opening our doors to them only emboldens their governments, it let's their governments take what we give them and use it for their benefit, the peoples lives never improve. Do you know that people wait hours upon hours for the chance to buy groceries and gas, do you know these people are entirely and completely controlled by their government, government surveillance is used to round up any dissenting people (sound familiar), if Cuba and communism is so great, why are the people suffering under it's control? Again, it is not the people's fault, but this constant praising of communism and socialism (just listen to your own Bernie Sanders and members of the "squad" from the democratic party) and the continuing bashing of America needs to stop and stop now. Communism and socialism are not what American's want, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, is this what we want America to turn into, it sure looks like it since the democrats spend half their time praising them and the other half telling you how bad America is.


Actually, Voice, this would be an excellent time to express your full-throated support FOR giving Ukraine the benefits of our continued aid both financially and in all the war material they need to fight Trump's “genius” pal, Putin.

Can you do that, old buddy?

Or does your politics only work AGAINST things?


👍👍👍Yes, it’s long past time to end the Blockade.

Sorry you’ve run into Voice”forAll’s” signature straw man response. He’s accusing you of a “constant praising of communism” so he can easily dismiss what you say and pivot to regurgitating his favorite grievances.

Those of us who dwell in these spaces indulgently expect this from him.

Please don’t take it personally. I’ve come to enjoy him as an entertaining “Court Jester.”

Larry Skow

But- But- But I thought the communist/socialist system was so PERFECT! Why are the people suffering??? They have fine Cuban Cigars and Rum we can't get here in USA. Why we better form a Congressional committee to look into this! Heavan forbids it must be Mr. Trumps fault!! Get the Witch's Hillary/Pelosi/Maxine Waters/AOC & squad/ For good measure throw Chaney in the witch's pot as well--get to the bottom of it. How much money does Cuba need? Send SoDakD and few others from the secret club house along. Surly the Witch's will need their feet kissed (and other body parts as well) the ground they will walk on while in Cuba will have to be dusted. Cigar's will need to be lite--Rum drinks mixed. Find out why the perfect way of communism/socialism has failed! QUICK QUIK save Cuba! The sky is falling!


🙄😄🤷 🕳 🐇

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