Fellow citizens, the news media and the Democrats continue to bash past-President Trump. They bashed Trump when he became a candidate for president until now and will continue as long as they can.

How many billions of taxpayers’ dollars did the Democrats spend on the Russian probe that proved nothing? How much will they spend to impeach him and continuing on?

Yes, Trump did a lot of things wrong; the biggest was not keeping his mouth shut. President Truman said that the buck stops here. That is what Trump should have done and not blamed a lot of other people.

We will now hear all the good that Biden does and not the bad. That is what the news media has already started and will continue to do.

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Jolly Roger

Mr. McFarland, I would humbly submit that there might have been a few items you overlooked when you declared that “Yes, Trump did a lot of things wrong; the biggest was not keeping his mouth shut.”

Let’s see, 1)- an armed insurrection, 2)- a runaway pandemic and 3)- an economic collapse.

How about it, Schnucki, you tired of winning yet?


I feel for you, Leland. Now that Trump is a big loser, you can’t even count on FoxNews to tell you what you want to hear.

Have you tried NEWSMAX or oann.com? They’ll help you deny your man is the deadliest, most corrupt and incompetent President in all of American history.


Mr. McFarland only said two words that are relevant: past-President

Everything else said is der Schnickschnack


@ Leland..........And much money did the Republicans waste on 12 investigations into Hillary`s emails ???? And they found NOTHING. How much money did the Republicans waste on Benghazi ???? And yet still could not prove anything. My God you people are nothing but hypocrites. It`s pathetic.

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