The recently passed and signed COVID Relief Bill includes billions of dollars in bailouts to cities such as New York and San Francisco and states such as New York and Illinois.  

These states and cities, mismanaged by Democrat leadership have rung up billions of dollars in debt and their friends in Congress have rewarded them with a bail out. This bail out comes on the backs of taxpayers from other states like South Dakota which require their legislatures to present a balanced budget each year.  No large debt and no need to go to the federal government with hat in hand asking for money provided by taxpayers in other states.

I hope the citizens of those states and cities are grateful to the citizens of well managed states who are contributing their federal tax dollars or dollars borrowed in their name to help bail out the incompetent leadership of the receiving states and cities.

But it is not unexpected that Democrats in Congress would support this bailout — Democrats are fond of bailing out their friends with other people’s money.

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E pluribus

South Dakota has always received more in federal dollars than it pays into Federal coffers in taxes. In fact we’re among the top five “mendicant states.”

And according to Forbes, Red State residents received the largest stimulus checks last time around and will again this time.

Yours is a heartfelt plea, Mr. Meyer, but it’s incorrect.

Yankton resident

Roger: How can one make such naive and misinformed comments? How can one blame democrats only?

The first bailout (economic stimulus), was initiated by former President Trump, and the republicans, and I saw no outcry by you then, even as we saw the state of South Dakota struggle to use up that money by showing favoritism to certain businesses and family contacts, and initiating numerous one time spending measures that may cause chaos in the future.

Furthermore I have not seen one republican governor or local government officials that have said they would refuse the money in the new stimulus package, particularly local governing officials who will receive that funding directly from the feds in the future rather than passing through the state first. In other words, it is OK for Trump and republicans to initiate economic stability, but not democrats.

In order for this blatant act of mismanagement to be corrected I am certain that you and all other like minded recipients of this stimulus package will return any and all stimulus money you have received to the United States Treasury. If that does not happen then your words and condemnation are indeed hollow and without any true meaning.


I think if you check, you will find that SD takes in way more federal dollars than they pay in taxes.


And what’s wrong with that? South Dakota is a low income state. If you believe in a federal progressive tax (income tax) then it is quite fair for South Dakota to pay in less than it gets back, and rich states to pay in more than they get back.


Maybe so. South Dakota balances its budget with Blue State money. It’s an embarrassing fact.

But don’t you think it’s rather silly for Mr. Meyer, to be so uninformed that he righteously decries government welfare when he lives in a state that’s one of the biggest “Welfare Queens” in the Union?

But of course he parrots these false ideas from the talking points he gets from the Party of Trump.


BigSky - South Dakota is not a Welfare Queen. See population Ranking states by who gets more back then they send in, South Dakota ranks 32nd. Meaning 31 States got more back than they paid in per capita than South Dakota. That hardly makes South Dakota a Welfare Queen.

Jolly Roger

Mr. Meyer, by some calculations your personal share of the largesse from Blue States is about $300.

Next time - before you fire off another letter venting your Trumpian outrage - just a little research might help you avoid looking like such a righteous fool.


Mr. Thoughts, you must have sent the wrong website. South Dakota doesn’t appear anywhere in its verbiage.

The Forbes article I reference can be found at

It says the Top Five states are Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Even if you’re correct, South Dakota is still a “taker” not a “giver.” And NOT the hardy, self-sufficient sons and daughters of the pioneers that went before us.


cut and paste of an address using a iPhone is something I've not figured out yet.

But from my desktop, here is the link:

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