Let me recite some history for you.

At times in our past, when we have overcome something difficult, or when the economy has been strong for a few years, we have taken to partying with wild abandon.

This happened after the Civil War during the Gilded Age party known as the Gay Nineties (1890s). After our “success” in World War I, we partied it up royally in the Roaring Twenties.

After we saved the world from Hitler and Nippon (Japan), we settled down to get our bearings and then threw the biggest party the planet has ever seen, remembered today as “the 60s.”

Now, on the verge of coming out of the 2020 Pandemic, we are poised to party again like never before. And we believe with all our shrunken hearts, dilapidated minds, and portly bodies, that things will be “back better” than ever before. They won’t.

We have lost all sight of our civic values. America’s messy decay and torrid decline is only just beginning.

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Kimmy, I wasn’t alive for all the festivities you mention, but you do bring back wonderful memories from the 60s. I had forgotten about all that partying.

And who could forget the great TV after the Kennedy assassination? I think that was the best. Though the excitement after the shootings of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy was nearly as riveting.

But wait! I'd almost forgotten about all the race riots! Boy, that was good TV too!

And I especially remember Billy’s funeral. He came home from Khe Sanh in a box. It was a closed casket affair since there wasn’t much left of him after he carelessly stepped on that landline. But the Church served a great lunch after the service, and his widow looked so brave through her tears.

And Timmy was very dashing in that eye patch covering the eye he lost in a hand-to-hand with a Viet Cong during Tet.

Ayup, those sure were the good old days. Thanks for the fond memories, Kim. I wish my history teacher had been as uplifting as you...


Why do we get all these letters of doom from out-of-state wackos like Kimball and Larry Skow?

The Press & Dakotan can’t be the only publication to hold that the first amendment applies to everyone - even uninformed idiots.

Maybe their local readership has grown weary of their “unique” perspective on reality.

Jolly Roger

Those who don’t know their history are doomed to write silly letters to the editor.

G. Reaper

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. America’s decay and decline is just beginning. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

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