Recently I was in Yankton and took the opportunity to drive by the Huether Family Aquatics Center to see the latest progress on the project. It’s hard to believe it was just two short years ago on Dec. 11, 2018, that the community of Yankton spoke overwhelmingly at the ballot box to approve the new aquatics center.

The countless community leaders who supported the project, and the leadership of Dive In Yankton (Josh Svatos, Kasi Haberman, Paige Elwood, Mike Villanueva and so many fabulous volunteers) should be so very proud of this beautiful new facility and what it will mean to the community and region.

I for one am so excited for the new aquatics center to open and to create and share wonderful memories with family and friends. Something positive to look forward to in 2021!

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Yankton resident

Wow! Is this the same individual the Chamber and YAPG are/were going to use as a paid consultant to oppose the city's Covid mask mandate and use taxpayer dollars to fund an education program on covid rather than, use science backed information? If this is the same person isn't it interesting how taxpayer dollars can be used by paid consultants to influence city policy and referendum elections? Isn't this a bit suspicious regardless of whether the tax dollars are local, state, or federal pass through? Is there something happening under the table again that we as citizens should know?


There appears to be a very cozy relationship between this political consultant - who was paid to mobilize voters in favor of the aquatic center - and the Yankton powers that be.


Glad you can come from Hurley often and are able to afford the passes. We are going to need a LOT of people who will do that to not impact our taxes at ridiculously high cost. PS: I was not among the hoards who voted for this. A pool with a few slides and boards would have been plenty. Even then there was weather to consider and cost, and some people who work daily and just can't have the lifeguards be their babysitters.

Yankton resident

Do you think the Chamber and YAPG will provide a free pass to the paid consultant? Do you think the city will provide free passes to the chamber and YAPG for overpriced out of town consultants who are not residents or taxpayers here, while at the same time allowing those consultants to influence policy, ordinances, and the outcome of ballot measures with taxpayer dollars? Isn't it a shame?


Says a person from Hurley....will you be paying city property taxes anytime soon?

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