Dear Governor Noem,

I’m looking at the hordes of maskless people attending the Sturgis biker rally and am furious that you would allow this to go on in the state that you represent. We are in the throes of a pandemic in which over 5 million people have been infected and close to 160,000 have lost their lives. I know three people who have died from this virus, and both my husband and I are in high risk groups. So many people have lost their jobs and businesses. This is about the most unforgivable thing that you would not ban this event this year, and I hope it costs you reelection and ends your political career.

Your irresponsible decision is going to be the reason for countless people contracting this virus and spreading it even further around the country. Why on earth would you allow this? How did you benefit by this? Are you going to be attending this event without a mask and risking your own health? Will you allow your children to attend? How can you not give a damn about the consequences of this event? Many people are going to die because of this, either attendees or those that they will share this virus with. I am so sickened by your lack of responsible leadership and thankful I don’t live in your state. Think about this when you go to bed at night. You are going to be directly responsible for the deaths of others. The question begs to be asked: why? Is it because of some political loyalty? Shame on you.

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For all the great mess that Illinois is, you want to shame South Dakota?! You're funny. How many of your governors are in prison? I think you have bigger problems at home to concern yourself with.


And our Governor believes we should have the choice in what we do regarding this illness. Even if she said wear masks always, there would be tons of people who wouldn't. There isn't enough law enf. to enforce these laws anyway. Is everyone in Ill. doing as they are told??? At least our Governor trusts us. If you need someone to tell you what to do to be safe from an illness, then you deserve your Gov.

Van Maanen



It comes down to money and the income that Sturgis would be without if they didn't hold the rally and that bikers all over the USA know when that rally is held and you couldn't have stopped them coming even if you put an ad in every paper in the country. They would have still come. So, with that being said, every person who was at the rally this year knew of the risks and chose whether or not to wear a mask, to drink or dine inside an establishment, and how far they wanted to distance from the person next to them. We're all adults here-our governor is treating us as such. We can make intelligent decisions on our own. If you are high risk it's a good thing you chose to stay home then.



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