What did the Daschle/Thune election really mean? Still unfolding. They’ve not taken us to the bottom yet. Outside money bought him and his seat so the Money Masters call the vote. He’s a slave. In the Trump Cult, Boy Scout badges don’t take you to #2 behind Moscow Mitch McConnell.

He was the first plank in the infrastructure and as others were added, it created a vacuum for Mr. Trump. We have Trumps, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Moscow Mitch, Pompeo, Nunes, McCarthy, Johnson, a whole host of folks making up the most corrupt government in our history. No surprise that Mr. Rounds of EB-5 and Gear Up fame fits in.

Trump — country division, trashed economy, total incompetence fighting COVID-19, tens of thousands needlessly dying, children in cages, death camps at the border, ripped up justice system, no empathy, racism. Endless Trump Cult horror stories.

Ms. Noem prescribes Trump’s drug for South Dakotans. Even Fox News weed patch says, “it can kill you.” The horse/gun campaign signaled rounding up the covis germies with the horse into the germ corral and then shooting them with her gun. She’s gunning for VP in case Pence gets dropped, leaving us with Trump’s snake oil for viruses. Sarah Palin?

Rounds and Thune could have prevented much with character and an impeachment vote. Complaining about China, they take Chinese (Smithfield) money.

Trump reintroduced slave ships in the packing houses with the Tyson, et. al. leaders as captains of “those people.” Come sick and when they die, throw them overboard.

I’m a disciple of Jesus; He’s a leader. Mr. Obama on the class of 2020 — a leader. Mr. Romney — character and principle. I have no qualms voting Republican (e.g. Erin Tobin over Qualm). In elections coming up we ought to vote out everyone in this malaise.

Make every person for whom you vote be truthful and of character — lift this nation! Jesus is truth and Trump does lies. Trump cult hasn’t hit bottom yet.

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Incoherent babble!


Your a preacher!!!!! Calling people names like that!! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

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