This is in response to Frederick Pinkelman’s letter to the editor (“Un-Christian Democrats,” Press & Dakotan, Feb. 25) and the remarks from the online comments.

Some ask the question, how can a Christian support a president who has been married three times? How can a Christian support a party whose leader says such things such as suggesting grabbing woman by the genitals, etc.?

It’s easy to understand, if you’ve read the Bible. Many times, Jesus warns us of judging others. It is not our duty or our concern what sins President Trump has committed in his personal life. It is, however, of importance and interest to us the policies he upholds.

President Trump through his policies, has shown America the values he upholds. Those of protecting our nation from criminals such as those that are illegally coming here. Those of protecting the unborn humans. Among many other policies that have helped our fellow man.

If we chose to judge a man by the “sins” he’s committed there wouldn’t be a single person eligible for President of the United States. We can only look at the policies they stand by.

Please look at the policies the Democratic Party supports. All of the candidates, running for POTUS this year with a “D” behind their name, are pro murdering babies in the womb, pro-socialism (which means you personally own nothing) and promise to disarm you in any way they can. That should scare you.

Ask yourself how other nations in our world’s history fared when their leaders thought it OK to kill a certain population of people by deeming them not yet human? When their governments decided they owned everything they had? And wanted people unable to defend themselves?

Once you start seeing things the way they really are, then ask yourself, Christian or not, how can you NOT be a Republican?

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Not WWJD? but what would Donald J. Trump do?


Thank you, thank, you, Ms. Fillaus! The first question for true Christians must always be, ”In His Infinite Wisdom, who would Christ reject?”

Republicans will take this country back from the atheists, non-Christians and fake Christians, who shouldn’t even be allowed to vote for their evil beliefs.

This is a Christian Country and when the Chosen One is re-elected he’ll continue to Make America Christian again.

Onward Christian Soldiers!


Heather, as an older Christian Republican, do you ever wonder why:

(1)Surveys consistently show that American young people are walking away from the Church in large numbers, and (2) polling shows that young people are also avoiding the Republican Party in large numbers.

I’d say your letter helps explain this undeniable trend.

Here’s to the future👍‼️


OffTheFence: (1) Surveys are skewed to emphasis a negative response for the "dramatic" effect. (2) When you are polling around Democrat or Independent Rallies, what would you expect?

Hasn't the recent history of polling shown you that more often than not their results are proven wrong? There are two professions that get a pass on being wrong....pollster and weatherman. That is because they both are trying to predict the future.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is quite comical Hahahaha

Larry Skow

Heather: Very good letter. But one needs to remember when one starts this Christian democrat vs christen republican thing. One starts to border on Religious socialism an that becomes very dangerous. Again can any one show proof from the bible there was Republican/Democrats ever mentioned? These parties never exsisted when America was founded. America was founded so they could get away from the church run goverments. CHURCH OF ENGLAND or SPANISH INQUESTION ring a bell? They killed more then a few people !

Show proof Jesus was into politics! Now its been corrupted back to that time period or going back. Who cares if some one has been divorced? Doesn't make anyone unfit to lead. Neither party is correct. Christanity in its current form is not correct. This voting along party lines is wrong. Dragging Christanity into the government at all levels is wrong. Again can anyone answer the simple question? If money is root of all evil. Why do churchs have so much? Catholic church has estimated $50 billion in cash on hand. Morman church a estimated $100 billion cash on hand! Lets clean up our own mess here in USA before we tell other counties what to do. Clean up our own backyard before we throw shade. We the People control the govt. Not the govt controls us. Start donating charity an kind acts local rather then give it to churchs an other organization. An remember the words of wise old solider who is unkown but first said FIGHTING FOR PEACE IS LIKE F@$KING FOR VIRGINITY. IT NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Enjoy your day

La Voz

1 st. The Catholic church feeds and clothes more people world wide than any other organization ever dreamed of.

2nd. Everyone's opinions stem from their personal moral code and you choose who you vote for depending on that. I would say I believe like Heather and see the issues Democrats support as being against God's teachings. So it's not so much bringing Christianity into politics but many humanity? How can someone who claims to be a Democrat vote for someone that will keep abortion legal?

La Voz

Claims to be a Christian *


There is nothing more "Un-Christian" than a Republican. Heather is severely uninformed and has no use for actual logic.

Here's what is going to happen when we Democrats get power...

1. Forced abortion upon all Republicans, in rainbow painted rooms, performed by a transgender person and overseen by the Obama and Clinton crime cartel.

2. Confiscation on all firearms. The guns will then be melted down into statues of Hillary.

3. Raising taxes to 100% on all Republicans and democrats will pay 0% in taxes and will get free iPhones, TVs, 2-3 lake-houses with yachts (2-3 depending on how democrat you are), free healthcare and college for Democrats (republicans will have to pay – double), free police and fire departments for Democrats (again, republicans will have to pay double).

This is just the beginning of our agenda. You should be scared, Heather. We are coming for you “Un-Christians” and your values.


Antiteaparty: Your response is a great example of why recreational drugs are illegal and why the agenda of the Democrats mimics the inner turmoil of an addict. You've probably got a bad case of the munchies at this point. It is funny how you jump from one side of an issue to the other side. Or is it just a result of your abuse from your Democrat puppet masters?


DL, how nice it is to hear from you. You win a spot on the list too. The first batch of guns we melt down into a Hillary statue is going to you! Congrats! Another part of our agenda is to open the border back up! But, we have a different approach than you might expect. We are only letting in the hardest of criminals. They will then spend the next six months in camp being taught how to distinguish the difference between Rethuglicans and Democrats. When they accomplish this they will be released from the camp to drive the Rethuglicans from our country. It will be glorious!


Heather, your letter is complete nonsense. What policy that Trump stands for has been Christian, or for that matter the republican party? Was it giving millions of dollars to the rich? has he helped make the common families lives any easier. (have you been to a grocery store lately) even with 2 incomes most families are not making it. Have to ask also why the increase in farm bankruptcies since your great Trump has taken office? Also what laws has he but into effect that were brought through the normal channels of government. He spews hate and division every chance he gets. So dear Christian what is so Christian about him


Concerned: Sounds like you are pretty angry with God. I don't think that Donald Trump caused the flooding that has plagued the farmers and ranchers. I don't think that Donald Trump developed the concept of retail prices set based on supply and demand. Farmers have always had to gamble on the weather and crop infestations that may arise. I think that the spewing of hate comes from the democrat side. Did you see how Sen Schummer (D) threatened Supreme Court Justices? You like pointing fingers. If you are a Democrat you need to direct that finger pointing back to you.


[thumbup][thumbup] great words Heather! The thought of how the democrats can believe and carry out theirpolitical policies frighten me! Keep speaking out!!


You should be frightened Jenlee. Your name has gone on the list. Your taxes will go up 2 fold as soon as we Democrats get power. We will then use the money we took from you to fund an abortion clinic in your name. It will be called the Abortions R Us by Jenlee.


“President Trump through his policies, has shown America the values he upholds.” I totally agree. I recall: the sorrow I felt when he enacted the

Zero Tolerance policy at our border—the fear I felt and still feel for my children and grandchildren’s future over the dismantling of the EPA as well as the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement—and again, my sorrow over the large reduction in protected public lands such as the Artic National Widlife Refuge. This is just a small list. I haven't mentioned the constant tweeting, name calling and gaslighting because those are sins that we shouldn't judge.


Mr. YTgr3, The Chosen One and the Righteous Republicans who support him say climate change is a hoax. It’s an evil, hateful, liberal plot.

But even if it’s not, True Christians know this world doesn’t matter. When the rapture is upon us, we’ll leave this sorry planet behind for folks like you to do the best you can. Come to Jesus now. God’s love awaits you.


Antiteaparty: Maybe it's not drugs affecting you. It is probably just plain mental illness. Is the ATF aware of your condition to insure that your don't lawfully possess a firearm? I will be more than happy to provide them with the information. Just supply your lawful name, age, address and diagnosed condition. I will do whatever I can to help you insure that you are lawful. If it is drugs...also add your dealer. Unfortunate for you, being a Democrat is not an excuse to criminal conduct.


My only drug is being a militant libtard who is not going to rest until all the unbelievers are "re-educated" in Operation Jade Helm camps, just like Faux News warned you all about. Turns out it wasn't fear-mongering. What would you like inscribed on your Hillary statue?


Antiteaparty: You say that your only drug is being a militant libtard. Is this you confessing to being mentally ill? You say that you're not going to rest until all the non-believers are "re-educated" in Operation Jade Helm camps. How can an obviously stupid person re-educate anyone? Are you sure that you are just not a Communist following in the foot steps of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge of the 1970's? Are you getting ready to kill off 1.5 million people like they did to make your point? Or are you just a tiny little man squawking because you feel un-important and insignificant? I believe it is because you actually are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


DL, your Dear Leader has said that the coronavirus is contained and he is going to continue to host Cult of Dump rallies. I would encourage you to jump on the next flight to the next rally and show your undivided support to your Dear Leader. While at the rally I encourage you and all the other MAGAhead cultists to express your love to one another through as much physical contact as possible (kisses, hugs, handshakes, face licks, etc.).


DL Johnson, I not angry with god (have to believe to be angry) I am not a democrat or republican. I don't think you have to be religious to be Moral. I don't blame Trump for the floods but the farm bankruptcies increased before the floods. Also if Trump was real concerned with his "people" don't you think he would look into policies that help the common family instead of hurt. Also maybe Trump should actually try doing the job he won instead of always campaigning


Concerned: Your response confuses me. Don't believe in God and not a democrat or a republican. To be moral you must believe in something otherwise your moral compass spins in circles with no direction. What do you base your morals on? Does your position indicate that you are an atheist, a Socialist or just a lost soul with no course to follow?

In your mind (?) what caused the bankruptcies? What policies hurt? Are you hanging your hat on the trade tariff issues? We have record unemployment and more and more people in middle income have seen improvements with their taxes. From your words the image in mind is of a person standing with his hand out hoping that it gets filled up.


Dl Johnson, my moral compass is not spinning, My parents taught me right from wrong just like most north western parents, they also taught me to work (2 jobs) no hand out here! i am an independent thinker.I dont worship a book that has been manipulated by men. i dont vote party lines. i dont worship a president that is morally corrupt. And yes every article i have read states the bankruptcies are due to increase in tariffs and of course the natural disasters (no climate change here) I believe eventually humanity will come back into style.


concerned: How do we gauge your sense of right and wrong? Many people who commit murder believe their actions to be right based on their sense of morals. What is you bench mark for what is morally corrupt? You don't support a religion with defined determinations of right and wrong. You don't believe in the Bible because you believe it to have been manipulated by men? Is your sense of right and wrong limited to a small group or sect? What is your idea of what humanity is?

You state that every article you've read states that the bankruptcies are due to the increase in tariffs and natural disasters. Weren't those articles manipulated by men? How can you believe them then? How much involvement did the farmers' business decisions have on the events that lead to bankruptcies? Not all farmers went bankrupt. You claim to be an independent thinker....I am not so sure that you know what that is?

You consider presidents to be Gods to be worshiped? Perhaps you are more lost than you can perceive. You want to make politicians "gods'? Believing in a person's ability affect positive change in our country and our lot in life is not worship.


Dear Concerned: You’re faring rather well with Mr. Johnson. As usual he doesn’t make a lot of sense as he argues passionately against things you never said, but at least he hasn’t unleashed his worst insults on you. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Keep up the good work!


Dear Concerned: You’re faring rather well with Mr. Johnson. As usual he doesn’t make a lot of sense as he argues passionately against things you never said, but at least he hasn’t unleashed his worst insults on you. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Keep up the good work!


It’s funny. I posted the first version of this comment yesterday, but it hadn’t shown up by the time I posted the second version today. Did someone fail to show up for work at the Press & Dakotan today. What gives?


Clown: Maybe they thought you were imitating a skipping record. You tend to repeat yourself for no reason. It sounds like this: Nonsense........., Nonsense........, Nonsense....etc.

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