Agricultural states that produce corn, beans and livestock feed the world. Our agricultural productivity is the engine of all rural communities and businesses.

Wind energy is not an agricultural commodity as hogs, cattle and grain are. It is not a product that supports rural economic development. It does not revitalize communities, it damages them.

Around the world, industrial wind turbines have driven people away from homes due to their noise, flicker and adverse health effects. Businesses flee or avoid communities that host wind, taking with it any chance of future growth. Homes and community businesses become devalued.

Raising livestock is a complete lifecycle tied to many local businesses. Livestock is fed corn and soybeans, and manure is applied to fields to fertilize crops. Livestock feeds the crops and the crops feed the livestock. Each piece of that lifecycle has local businesses tied to it. The wind industry does not create a lifecycle of economic development.

The daily operations of grain and livestock production involve a large network of people. Agricultural dollars turn over in rural communities many times. The wind energy companies cannot say the same.

Rural communities should not suffer from noise, shadow flicker, adverse health effects and devalued homes because of wind turbines.

The wind is promoted as free, but the true costs of the wind industry are not.

Is our goal the elimination of rural communities and to create a vast industrial scale, corporate ag-industrial mini-state?

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Jolly Roger

Welcome to these pages, Kim Brennem. I see South Dakota isn’t the only state with naysayers like our own home-grown Gregg Hubner and Ed Van Gerpen.

Did you know Iowa is generating the highest percentage of energy from wind power in the US? Wind power generation in Iowa already makes up more than 37% of the state's generated electricity.

Fortunately, Iowa and South Dakota are well on the way to a non-polluting and economically rewarding future of wind energy production despite folks like you.

How nice it is for the rest of us to know you’re fighting a battle that’s already been lost.

Are you still driving to town in your horse-drawn buggy? At least that’s non-polluting.

Friedrich Farmer

It’s not just Iowa that’s on its way to the future, Kim.

Despite the best efforts of our own naysayers, we South Dakotans already produce over 30% of our electricity with wind.

Someday we’ll be earning revenue by exporting our excess electricity. And as the Argus Leader wrote in September, “The rapid expansion of wind energy will reach across the state...”

Kim, maybe instead of tilting at wind turbines you should join the Flat Earth Society. You can’t pick a better lost cause than that. And you won’t be holding back progress for the rest of us.

Meanwhile farmers have another source of revenue now that the trade war has handed our markets to the South Americans.


Yes, Kim, I agree that raising livestock is a complete lifecycle. Though it’s kind of a short one for the livestock. My, how many lifecycles there are in this big world!

And you were too savvy to pitch that tired old gripe about government subsidies for wind energy. Not in an agricultural state like Iowa.

You’ve probably heard heartland agriculture couldn’t survive without those socialists in Washington. Thank heavens they’re sending Iowa and South Dakota farmers those big welfare checks. I think it’s to make up for killing their markets with a trade war or something...

Anyway, Conservatives always say the governments shouldn’t pick winners and losers. It’s really Conservatives who should pick them. And aren’t we glad they’ve picked farmers!!

In the grand sweep of human endeavor, hypocrisy is often underappreciated.

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