In a recent column, Gov. Kristi Noem recently bemoaned, “Churches were forced to close, forsaking freedom of religion.” No, Gov. Noem, the pandemic caused churches to take precautionary measures on their own.

Our United Methodist heritage includes John Wesley’s Three Simple Rules, the first of which is Do No Harm. When our bishops issued guidelines for the pandemic, it was so that we would do no harm to vulnerable folks. We turned to online and distance-worship as a means of caring for the well-being of others. I only wish our governor appreciated that position! Furthermore, in many communities there were other churches that did stay open.

The governor’s comment is at best an attempt to get a knee-jerk reaction from those who don’t know the reasons behind such actions. I would think the governor should be pleased that some of her constituents chose “to do no harm.” Instead, she began her column on an unrelated topic (Second Amendment) by throwing a piece of “red meat” to the lions to get them in a frenzy as they read her opinion on another topic! This comment calls into question for me anything else she may have tried to say.

Truth and facts, please, governor! They matter!

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My friends from 🔵blue states🔵 joke that they hope all the 🔴red🔴 states like South Dakota will follow the example of the Texas Republicans and succeed from the Union.

Since most of the red states (including South Dakota) are sucking more taxpayer dollars💸💸💸 from the blue states than we contribute to the Nation's coffers, they contend that America’s balance sheet would benefit enormously. 💰💰💰 And there will be less chance of another insurrection. 🧯🩸📸

I think they’re kidding. I hope.

Anyway… Noem fortunately won’t let that happen. She wants to be Trump's running mate in 2024.


What? Here we go again, the democrats short memories on the illegal things they forced people to do during their pandemic. Next will be that no one was forced to get the jab, no one was forced to wear a mask, no one was silenced because of their opinions about the lies of covid. Don't any of you remember that states across this country put a limit on the number of people that could "gather"? Anyone? Democrats even tried to limit the number of family members you could have in your own house, remember? Of course you don't. There were churches going to court across this country to fight this so they could worship, but Noem stood up for our state and it's people and said this would not happen here, and it didn't. Do any of you remember how the democrats shut down nursing homes so that family members couldn't be with their loved ones as they were dying all alone? Anyone at all remember any of this? You people never cease to amaze me, all you are trying to do is refocus peoples anger in this country, because there is a lot of it being caused by your party, from the tyranny and socialism that is the democratic party, to once again, pointing a finger at a republican, just like the defund the police movement, it was democrats, not republicans, that did and are doing this. Democrats need to wake up and realize all the horrible things you did and are doing to the people of this country, but it is much easier to blame the party that did nothing but try to protect the rights of the people, you must find it hard looking in the mirror everyday and seeing the person staring back at you knowing the lies that you are telling.


Hey SoDakD, guess what, Trump isn't president anymore, hasn't been for about 18 months now, why does he scare you so much? I know Biden is doing such a great job of destroying, oops, running this country, you know Trump isn't running it any longer, and look at the shape it is in. I enjoy watching all you democrats shake in your boots when Trump is talked about, he sure has you all pegged. Look at all the predictions he made during the campaign that are coming true, and you can go watch the video's of him saying it, he said if Biden won, gas prices would be $5, $6 or $7 dollars a gallon, he said our country would go into a recession, he said people would lose rights, and more, Trump made all these predictions two years ago, and look where we are at. But he was mean, he sent mean tweets, but gas was $2 gallon, we had no supply chain issues, no food shortages, no recession, interest rates were at record lows, how awful of him to run a country so well, how awful of him. Just be sure to thank a democrat every time you see one for all these record high prices and the recession, they are proud of it, so be sure to thank them.


⏸ “Trump isn't president anymore, …why does he scare you so much?” ⏸

It’s your frequent refrain, Voice🎤. I’m surprised you have to ask.

🤔 I consider that:

◼️Trump tried to pull off a coup when he lost the election.

◼️Blew that, too. Though it came close to toppling our Democracy. Maybe it still will.

◼️And now he wants to run again.

😏 🙄 What could possibly go wrong…⁉️😳


I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that this President Trump guy also managed to destroy the economy and throw a lot of people out of work at the end of his term.

All because he chose to “downplay” the threat of the Covid pandemic.

If he hadn’t, he’d probably still be president.

And as I watch the Jan 6th Commission, and you ask, ⏸ “Trump isn't president anymore, …why does he scare you so much?” ⏸

Two words come to mind, “Treason and Incompetence.”

Larry Skow

SoDakD Better look at blue states well fare rolls and violent crime in blue states/big blue cities before you go flapping your gums and creating a breeze


It’s still true that most of the red states (including South Dakota) are sucking more taxpayer dollars💸💸💸 from the blue states than we contribute to the Nation's coffers.


Larry, consider this:

Generally Red states (including South Dakota) get more $$$ from the federal government than they pay in Federal taxes.

Isn’t the quintessential definition of “welfare”?

And from the Wall Street Journal:

“Homicide rates in rural America rose 25% in 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was the largest rural increase since the agency began tracking such data in 1999. The CDC considers counties rural if they are located outside metropolitan areas defined by the federal government.

The rise came close to the 30% spike in homicide rates in metropolitan areas in 2020.”

“…before you go flapping your gums and creating a breeze”

Just sayin’…


Well if that is the case then SoDakD, you should be happy, after all, that's exactly what democrats do, they take from money from all the hardworking people and give it out to everyone that don't want to work, because it isn't "fair" that someone has more money than others, your party has run on this for decades. So now that, per your claim, South Dakota is doing this, it's a bad thing? Oh that's right, the argument can only be used when it is convenient and supports your opinion of taking money from others to give to others, this must be different somehow, and I am guessing you have a way of justifying it, just like democrats justify everything they do wrong.


I am happy, Voice 🎤.

It’s so delicious 😋 seeing Trumpsters’ righteous talking points revealed as oblivious hypocrisy.

Are you watching the January 6th Commision? (You know, the one “nobody cares about“?)

As you’re so fond of saying, “…the hits just keep on coming.”


You’re right, Voice 🎤, that's exactly what democrats do, they “take money from all the hardworking people and give it out to everyone that don't (sic) want to work.”

And it turns out that the red “welfare states” do it even better.

It’s a bipartisan endeavor that the Red States do along with the Blue states.

Even better - it’s mostly Blue State money!

You should be the one that’s happy, Voice 🎤

Larry Skow

SoDakD; Virtually every state in United States gets more money from Uncle sam then they pay in. It is just not South Dakota. Look at amount of money Feds handed out last 2 years. How many billions on PPP? Yet all almost all states are running a minus in budget. South Dakota has been likely worse off then most--simply due to relying on ag/tourism as 2 main "industries" for source of revenue. Goes back to leaders not out hustling/promoting the state to get industries to move in. true GOP has been in control in the state --one party rule too long. But where are democrats are sitting on their hands not wanting to "help" the GOP look good by bringing something in. That was told to me by the wise CAH of Dakota Free Press over year ago. So if that the attitude of SoDak democrats you may as well hang up the hat and turn off lights--it over. But this attitude of So Dakota in General of not bringing in industry thus jobs--good paying jobs--you have enough minimum wage jobs has led to position you are in. Yankton hasn't grown since I left it in my rearview mirror in 1973. Tyndall/Avon/Springfeild/ you name the towns in that area--all dying on the vine. We long past due to take care of our own needs here in USA. Look at money squandered in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria virtually all over the world. Pi#@ed away while our roads/electrical grid/water-sewer system decays. $44 plus billion wasted in Ukraine--$82 billion in weapons lost in Afghanistan. Millions paid out to help wounded veterans. Many wounded/disabled due to military ineptness of leaders that really didn't want to win the war. You call your self a capitalists yet you can't see this? No wonder we in trouble we in.


Fact check, Larry. Fact check.

Do you have internet access? If you did, you’d know:

◼️Eight of the 10 states most dependent on the federal government are Republican-voting, with the average red state receiving $1.35 for every dollar paid in Federal taxes.

◼️Nine states send more to the federal government than they receive — seven of these are Democrat-voting.

◼️The eight states receiving the highest child tax credit per capita are ALL Republican-voting.

Most South Dakotans seem proudly unaware we're among these mendicant states counting on handouts year after year🫲🫱 as we brag about balancing the budget (with other people's money).

I know it goes against all the self-righteous talking points extolling “self-sufficiency,” as Trumpsters compare themselves to those lazy minorities who depend on Democrats’ largess.

But guess what? It's REPUBLICANS who depend on Democrats’ largess.

Republicans are actually bigger “welfare queens” than Democrats. 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻


Hey, great argument SoDakD, Trump Trump Trump, Jan. 6th Jan. 6th Jan 6th Trump Trump Trump. You still haven't figured out that he is not president any longer, remember, your party is in charge and is destroying our country, not Trump, time for you to figure that out, isn't it? Maybe, just maybe, if your party could take 1% of their 100% focus on Trump and spend that time trying to help the people of this country instead of destroying it, maybe we wouldn't be as bad off as we are, but you won't, you don't care about American's, you only care about your political agenda, and it's all Jan. 6th. How is any of this helping American's pay for gas, pay for food, become safer in our homes and businesses? How is any of this helping any of us, except your party (which polls show it isn't anyways)? I will wait for your so called answer SoDakD, please tell me how the time your party is spending on Jan. 6th is helping all the poor and middle class people get through all the new struggles your party has created?


Voice, you still don’t understand, do you. Or is this willful ignorance?

Trump and his crew attempted a coup when they WERE in power. And it seems likely they’ll try it again.

It’s a risk most Americans don’t want to take again.

To nearly 60% of all Americans this attempted coup is worth pursuing even to the extent of charging Trump for his role in the Insurrection.

It’s only you and a minority of Trumpster Americans who “don’t care.”

That’s why your constant refrain, “Trump isn’t in charge anymore” means little to those of us who believe he masterminded a coup to keep himself in power and will do so again if he gets a chance.


And, Voice, how lucky we are that “Trump isn’t in charge anymore.”

And the fact that our Democracy held against his attempted coup, Americans owe in large part to the courage of Republicans like Vice President Pence and the parade of Republicans appearing before the January 6th Commision.

These folks' faith in our Constitution trumped their loyalty to their Party’s leader.

And I’ll always be grateful.

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