I have never written before but feel I must respond to Mr. Crandall’s “Warning Flag.” (Press & Dakotan, Nov. 2) While I’ve never disrespected the American flag, I have also never kneeled for the National Anthem. Neither side can claim exclusivity on some very poor choices of protest. There is no doubt we are living during one of the most partisan of times in history, but there still are conservatives that make their opinions based on logic and facts while not shouting down their opponents. Read or listen to Victor Davis Hanson, Candice Owens, Dave Rubin or Jason Riley to name just a few.

You claim the Constitution is under assault ... and it is if you believe in the Second Amendment versus gun control, personal freedom versus mandates, private property versus rent deferral or innocent life versus late-term abortion. Which party is threatening to pack the SCOTUS if they don’t get their way?

What about hate as a political platform? Didn’t see any MAGA hats at the riots that burned many of our great cities last summer. They were at the Capital on Jan. 6, but left their weapons, Molotov cocktails and spray paint at home. And don’t forget Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran, was shot and killed by the Capital Police. Her life mattered, too.

You suggest that lies are being accepted as truths, then say that 48 states prevent the “wrong people” from voting. Deplorables, maybe? I think we can all agree that secure, honest elections are vital to the health of our republic and well worth the effort.

And finally, you are concerned that science is being questioned. Scientific method states that data be analyzed, a conclusion formed and that all conclusions be questioned and tested, even the ones that fit your narrative. Sorry.

We are all blessed to live in the greatest country ever, and to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, it’s all ours, if we can keep it.

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Great post Mr. Farver. I forgot about all the outrage when President Trump won the 2016 election and several houses around Yankton had F-Trump flags and I also saw upside down flags, wait, there wasn't any outrage. I guess that wasn't as big of deal back then. Of course, reading this comment section is usually pretty close to sitting through a teachers union meeting, very far left, though most of the state is right.


Saying that there were no weapons brought to the Capitol on January 6 is a false narrative. There were some guns, knives and bats. And, while not considered traditional weapons, things like fire extinguishers and flag poles were used as weapons.


Mr. Farver -

You make some fatuous claims in your response that are easily disproven.

The Constitution isn't under assault if people are working to change it. Ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law is the insidious danger, which I believe was Mr. Crandall's point.

You ask "Which party is threatening to pack the SCOTUS if they don't get their way?", to which I reply that Mitch McConnell already accomplished that by ignoring President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland. If that's not a deliberate and subversive act, I don't know what is.

You don't like hate as a political platform? We you awake during the Trump administration? Mexicans? McCain? Doxxing Lindsey Graham? Rosie O'Donnell (and the appearance of many other women)? Megyn Kelly? Birtherism? "The stupid people of Iowa"? Waterboarding? Mocking the disabled? Muslim bans? Putin? Nicknames? David Duke? Punishing women who have abortions? Multiple criticisms of vets and Gold Star families? Where he likes to grab 'em? Should I go on?

Suggesting January 6th protesters didn't have weapons is delusional. None of the protesters were searched. Videos at the Capitol area that day abound of stun guns, pepper spray, bear spray, a pipe bomber, and many weapons of opportunity, such as fire extinguishers and flagpoles and crutches and shields. Aren't 2nd amendment advocates always reminding liberals that there are many types of lethal weapons, not just guns?

Since Ashli Babbitt's life matters, logic dictates that the lives of the dead protesters in Kenosha also matter for the same (unstated) reasons. Lots of Americans see Rittenhouse as just another unrepentant murdering vigilante with a gun, including me.

We are indeed blessed to live in the United States.

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