Our South Dakota National Guard has served the nation in military conflicts in support of the United States since the Civil War. It has also served the state in numerous flood, tornado and other natural disaster recoveries over the last 150 years. National Guard personnel understand that they have to leave their jobs and families to serve when called by the nation for military action, or by the state to serve in time of natural disaster. Never before has it been rented out to individuals.

This year for the first time, the South Dakota National Guard has been privatized. Rather than serving the nation or state, our National Guard service personnel are hired by individuals and required to leave their families and employment to further the personal and political agenda of out-of-state moneyed interests. This is not technically illegal but HIGHLY unethical.

This administration is no slave to ethics and good government, but this renting out of our National Guard represents a new low in state government.

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Larry Skow

Mr. Cunningham. Only reason it has came to this is simple. The Biden/Harris socialistic communist Democratic regime in D.C won't secure the border. The traitors to their Oath of office have forced this. Regardless of how many lies you pump out. One can't deny the border was secure upon their entering office. Why Pelosi an her capitol Police couldn't even secure the capitol on Jan 6. Against unarmed civilians. Why don't you head to Cuba an ask the civilians down there why they are protesting? Take Mr. Wilson/Devil Dan Preacher man/Yankton Resident with you. Protests are not about Covid in Cuba. They are sick of communism which is just organized crime ring for leaders an family. When-if USA falls there will be nothing but evil in the world. Communism/socialism/Marxism has no growth/no hope/no economy just complete control over your life. Elite will rule with Iron fist. Becareful what you wish for Mr. Cunningham an others. They will purge all that assisted taking USA down. They won't want you nor need you an won't trust you to organize their one car parade. Be glad you have someone who cares watching the border.

Gimmy A. Breake

So many words does Larry spend

To while away his hours.

But all he tells us in the end…

He lives in HIS world not ours.


Larry, Evil is Running Rampant in the Republican Party today. Those people care NOTHING about America or Democracy! They are "heaven" Bent for Racist Power...like the Days of the "Old South" Slavery Days! Liars, Huge Liars! Today's Republicans are just like the Rev James Jones and his followers in the 1970s. You know...they're the ones who crazily followed Jim Jones to their own Suicide, drinking the Poison! Also, by Sending South Dakotan's--in the National Guard--down to Texas, they are taking those Guardsmen/Women...from their FAMILIES and JOBS! That also results in some of their spouses to have to hire sitters for their kids. Some live without spouses....and, when they're gone, there is NO PARENT HOME! Also, causes hardships for their Employers! But, Trump and his idiot followers, they don't care. Asking for other Governor to send their state's Guard units...to Texas IS NOT NEEDED. It is all and only POLITICS on behalf of the Insane Texas Governor. He carries on like a Dictator--just like Trump! Trump has forever destroyed any last remnant of any cordiality with anyone...except fellow Insane Republicans! Also, to let you know....ALL OF THE MASS SHOOTERS/KILLERS this 21st Century...HAVE BEEN REPUBLICANS, including the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBER...who MURDERED OVER 160 people. But, YOU don't care.


I wonder how much I’d have to donate to Kristi’s Campaign fund to rent five National Guardsmen to play hide-and-go-seek with the guests at my grand daughter’s birthday party?

Larry Skow

jimmy a break. Put it to bed if that all you contribute. but maybe it in line with your IQ. We have been renting out our military for long time. At least it going for worth while cause on the border this time. democrats always pointing the finger from their misdeeds. Are GOP perfect? No. But at least put forth some effort. Time for complete realignment of ideas an parties. It is WE the People. Not WE the Party. We control the votes we can start with term limits. Don't be afraid of a millionair that runs for office. BEWARE OF POLITICIAN THAT BECOMES MILLIONAIR in Office. An that is happening. Stop an ask your self what will happen when all the money/Power sit in one office or one country. Who do they turn against next? We are allowed to speak/write our opinions now. Others can't--usually in socialist/communism controlled countries. No one shows up in middle of nite an takes you away--yet anyway. John Cunningham/Yankton Resident an all the Democrats made their fortunes under capitalism. But then turn around an don't want any one else to have anything like they have. What fools exsist in the land of the free--they say what they wish. Simply because others fought for the right to do so. But in the end contribute ZILCH.

Gimmy A. Breake

I repeat like Larry. Time after time.

But my words are fewer. And they rhyme.


Thank God we have people in this county like Kristi Noem that still wants to protect the people of this country. Everyone thinks it is just immigrants coming across the border, well it isn't, it's illegal drugs, it's criminals, it's terrorists, etc., we aren't just trying to stop illegal immigration, we are trying to protect the citizens of this country from those things as well. But they don't meet the talking points of the democratic socialist's party of america agenda, does it? Job well done Joe and Kamala, you wonder why crime is soaring in this country? Well done.

Gimmy A. Breake

At most “VoiceforAll” speaks for 30 percent.

For everyone else, it’s without their consent

From dubious sources his wisdom is drawn

One thing is certain, he’ll go on and on…

Old Hugh

I’ve been known to shamelessly borrow and repeat the words of other contributors on this feed who express my sentiments better than I can. So here (with apologies) I go again:

Mr. Voice, you don’t speak for all of us. Gimme A. Breake gives you the benefit of the doubt and says you may represent 30% of us.

Even so, I say you need to change your dishonest name.

How about starting a new account? Simply “Voice” would tell us it’s you without presuming we share your Trumpster opinions.

How do you expect us to believe anything you say when your name itself is a bald-faced lie?


Kristi Nome...is evil. She is out of her mind...no remnant of honesty or decency. She has messed up the South Dakota National Guard people she sent to Texas. Some are single parents with kids...thus, no Parent at home. Some of the kids have to leave their homes and live with others.


Larry before you blow a gasket please READ the article and stop spewing Dem-hate rhetoric every chance you get.

The article states how it is wrong for a private citizen to pay for our military use. I also find it wrong that ALL the other states that send NG help was paid for by their state. Ours was the only one that received private funding, Why is that???

Yes we GET IT you hate Biden/Harris, hurray for you, no one cares

Yankton resident

Larry: I did do some research on cold showers for individuals like yourself and there is definitely many cognitive benefits for individuals like you. If that doesn't work the problem goes much deeper and I am not at liberty, at this time to discuss or recommend other t!


Amen! (And, while I am at....Nearly all REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS....are NOT AT ALL, CHRISTIANS! They have NOTHING IN COMMON with Jesus Christ! Starting...with them all being RACIST to the core!


The donation was made to the State of South Dakota. The deployment of SDNG members to Texas was requested by the Governor of Texas. How does that come out to be privatizing the National Guard? It appears that the people b**ching the most about this are apparent tax payers, and the actually benefactors of the donation by not having to pony up more tax dollars. Those that made disparaging remarks about the SDNG can craw back under your rocks now.


I would like to know where that money that was donated is going to go? Does Governor No One Else Matters have that under her thumb?

Red Cloud

Many White people feel as you, Mr. VoiceforAll.

Consequently the arc of the moral universe may take a bit longer to bend toward justice than the time you and I have on this earth.

Regrettably, Mr. T is likely right.

But the future is much bigger than either of us.

Larry Skow

i get what a fine line it is on paying national guard for hire. But look at the facts. Biden created this issue. I get the republican party is not correct all the time. I have stated many times BOTH PARTIES need to be cleaned up. But look at facts. Democrats have turned very Authority driven. Look at the inflation starting an will hit double digit this year. I didn't know South Dakota jobs payed that well you all could absorb that. But in end when federal won't control our borders. Use the National Guard. All this pointing the finger at each other does no good. An Gimme a Break. I understand everyone in Yankton cuts you slack on your issues an overlook them--laugh at you but overlook them. Medical Pot won't help your issues by the way. Look at the crime in Democrat controlled cities. South Dakota won't dodge it. You already have higher then normal crime rate based on population an you are republican controlled. It is not good for any party to control one area to long--regardless if red or blue. Here a stat for you. Oil/gas an all fossil fuel related industries are largest single tax paying entity are the largest tax paying group USA has. Why are Democrats out to ruin it? No industry, no taxes. How are you going to support all these programs? No taxes no money. Why waste any money on Transgender group? It is less the .001% of population that is "confused". What good are they? Why waste the time/effort. Maybe gimme a break can answer that question with bad poem. Odd how that group is mainly democrat. White people can't say negative word about anyone of color--we deemed raciest. Yet i will buy a one way ticket to Chicago for any of you democrats an you walk thru south side Chicago an lets see if you survive. But a black person shooting you is not raciest. They whine about slavery. Yet get locked up due to committing crimes--an yes whites commit crime as well. There just is no common sense left any more. Can't load up the clown car an leave for better place. There nothing left anymore.

Larry Skow

Mr. Cunningham an all that whine/complain about the Gov. Noem's actions. Throw your hat in ring an run against her. You are very free to do so. She is beatable. Be prepared to take the same heat you give her. Democrats have very sad cast of players to throw at her. Go for it. Run on Whine an you will be slam dunk.


I've concluded that the few repetitive commentors on Yankton P&D's Opinion page are the staff of the same. I can imagine them all playing around with their funny words and emojis; high-fiving when another of their boring replies is published. "Take that, you miserable conservative!" they shriek while searching for pseudo-truths online.

Sad that they spend so much energy hoping some will find entertainment in the banter they spew, but at last, it's just for themselves.

Gimmy A. Breake

Abe just discovered another “Deep State”

It’s the Press & Dakotan who lies in wait‼️

Abe is serious. This is not for a laugh.

He’s outed our treachery - the P&D staff.


Congress enacted the Emergency Management Assistance Compact covering all 50 states, as well as DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

See https://www.emacweb.org/

Under this law, states can request assistance from other states, including both sworn law enforcement and national guard, among other state services.

The law is clear. The "requesting state" is responsible to reimburse the "donor state". However, "donor states" can donate the resources and cover the costs without reimbursement from a "requesting state" if they want to. Also, the federal government, by law, can also reimburse the "donor state".

The question here is if South Dakota would have made the "donation" without an outside billionaire fronting the money. In the particular case of the Texas border, not all "donor states" are requesting reimbursement.

However, given that South Dakota has a current surplus of $80 Million, an outside donor to South Dakota was clearly not needed. I think Texas has a lot of money too.

How was this was handled, in my opinion, stinks, and deserves the criticism it is getting. It probably is not illegal, but I think fairly classified as a "political sin".

If this billionaire wanted to contribute, that's fine. Any citizen can give money to any governmental body over and above their taxes if they want to. Few seldom do. It would have been better to give the money to Texas and then let Texas reimburse South Dakota. Same result. Less stink.

Gimmy A. Breake

The moniker “Voice” decided to choose

He uses to spread his lies from FoxNews

What else would we see from such a guy

Masquerading behind a name that’s a lie

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