Are you listening? We all want a new pool but not for $17 million.

Yankton cannot afford a third grocery store.

Yankton cannot afford a JC Penney store, a Kmart store or a mall, and other stores that have closed.

Yankton cannot afford to take care of their roads and bridges.

Yankton cannot afford new elementary schools that really need lots of TLC.

So we spend $17 million on a pool that we use for three months. We could spend $7 or $8 million for one just as nice as Vermillion’s and keep the other $7 million for a new elementary school that’s used for nine months.

So you are not listening!

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You really should have a better understanding about who pays for what. They city has nothing to do with “affording” a new grocery store or any retail Business for that matter. Lao, the price isn’t 17 million or so like you posted. Please fat your facts correct.


Retail establishments choosing to no longer do business locally has nothing to do with can it be afforded. Online shopping with free or discounted shipping right to your front door. Grocery stores that will deliver to you in the parking lot or too your home as well have changed the shopping landscape.

17.9 for the pool which will paid for from numerous funds, bonds and maybe a tax somewhere down the road will eventually lead to building another grade school when more people who came to visit decide to relocate.
Building half a pool to save short term costs triple the out-lay long term. Think back to when the first let's build a new pool discussion began the price tag was much lower. If the opposition in Yankton is like other cities, 5 years after completion most will be patting themselves on the back telling all who will listen they thought it was a great idea. Growth is never free.


The City had plans a few years ago to attract a grocery store near downtown to serve people who in that side of town. The South side of town is older and less well off than the North side which has the grocery stores. Grocery delivery means addition cost and requires Internet access.

A new aquatic center would be a nice amenity but Mr. Adler's point is that may not be the best way to spend public funds.

Thirteen years ago the price tag for an aquatic park was around $6 million. Now they're talking about $14 million but if we build a pool alone without water slides and a lazy river etc..., it would be significantly cheaper.


Dmilroy I like that in every one of the post i have read form you about this topic you always bring up the "13 years ago it was $6 million" for a pool. That is a true statement but have you paid attention to how much construction costs and supplies have gone up in those past 13 years? $6 million 13 years ago doesn't even come close to going as far in today's dollar. That is true in all faucets of life, gas, groceries etc....

The feeling i get is that this town is afraid to move into the future and take necessary steps to try and attract new families to move to this town. Which is scary in my opinion. I have a young family and have seen that any momentum there is towards those steps time and time again be squashed by a portion of the population that in my opinion just want this town to be stagnate and never change and even before it knows all the facts just says "NO" to change. It has made me and my family contemplate moving to a more proactive community that wants to grow and not just sit idle and fade away. I don't like having to drive to Vermilion to have my kids enjoy a great pool and aquatic facility oh and we eat over there so we spend more money that then help out Vermillion. Yankton loses out on that money.

I agree with Tresa68134 you have to spend money to make money these days. So if you want this town to sit idle and slowly fade away then keep doing the status que, that is what a portion of this town seems to be all about.


Several thoughts:
1. Penney's closed because of the conditions of the mall - Kmart closed because the company went bankrupt (grocery store coming-see below).
2. Can't afford bridges and roads because the county taxpayers refused to pay for it (raising a wheel tax that is one of the fairest taxes around that has been defeated in the past) Plus, this is a county issue and not a city issue.
3. Prices go up for things and if you don't get it done, yes 13 years later it will cost a lot more - wait again - the price goes more.
4. Companies/businesses/people come to communities that grow and do things for the people in the community. This includes grocery stores and pools with bells and whistles.

Yankton has one of the lowest tax bases in the state.
It is time to step up and do something or do nothing and become stagnant and die.
Choices people, choices...


No one disagrees with you point that "Companies/businesses/people come to communities that grow and do things for the people in the community." The debate is about how best to do that.

The city had a plan to attract a new grocery store located near downtown but dropped it. There is no rational reason to believe "pools with bells and whistles" will lead to a grocery store in south part of Yankton.

An aquatic-park is a nice amenity but the success or failure of our City is not dependent on this particular proposal.

Local Resident

People responding to the Alder letter should get their facts straight!!! Misinformation, half truths, and unfounded information that is neither factual or scientific help your cause.
Nokoolaidforme read the resolution, it clearly states that the city will opt out of the tax freeze for $884,043 per year until 2039 (that is 20 Years), take that amount times 20 and the amount comes to $17,680,60. Now if you really want misinformation and half-truths you can at the City's previous $2 million pledge and the DIY pledge of $1 million then we have a center in excess of $20 million. the fact is the price tag as taxes go is nearly $17.7 million.

Teresa 68134 you need to get your facts straight as well as the resolution nowhere mentions using sales tax, BID, BBB and entertainment, bonds or anything other than PROPERTY TAX to pay the indebtedness off. It clearly states Property Tax over the next 20 years.

Cagad 41 The property tax on my home has went up (as has the value) every year for the past 7 years, and what has the city shown me for this?. In addition the special assessment per lineal foot of frontage property went up on every taxpayer in this community this past year as well as garbage, water, sewer, etc., and it is all posed to go up again this year. I will agree with you that cost for an aquatic center have increased somewhat, but not to the extent you would have people believe. Everyone's cost of living has increased significantly over the years and those, such as you, who have a 6 figure income or perceive yourself to be a pseudomillionaire believe that the vast majority of taxpayers in this community can live as you do. Those on a fixed income cannot afford the dream you endeavor, although many of them would likely support something of more modest means in relationship to an aquatic center. I know people on a fixed income are probably of no concern to you and are probably considered by some as second class citizens. I do not believe that and have compassion for them as they attempt to live out their final years without being a burden on society, but society is always attempting to pilfer what little they have left in the form of taxes and in the name of economic development

In addition to the $305 added to my tax bill annually by this opt out I will have to attempt to pay the increase of the CPI or the rate of inflation (which ever is less) on my already inflated property tax.

It seems that all levels of government have a huge appetite of money, driven by those who have money or think they have money.

I would assume Cagad 41 that if you are unhappy in Yankton and believe that your income can supplement of your wants maybe you should leave town.

One last thought. I have seen other communities do this only to have attendance out the aquatic facilities drop to unsustainable levels after the glitter has worn off after a few years. I don't think for one minute that aquatic centers are inexpensive to operate. the annual cost of operation at many of these facilities is extraordinarily high. Stick to common sense, and scientific facts and you will draw more people to your side. the lies, half truths, and misrepresentations have already caused irreparable harm at this point. Try putting your train back on the right track, listen to the majority who can least afford it and just maybe you will be able to form some alliances that can be beneficial to all and the community at large.


Inflation does not account for the cost difference between the aquatic-center proposed in 2005 and the one proposed this year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, prices in 2018 are 29.26% higher than prices in 2005. The dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 2.28% per year during this period. In other words, $6,000,000 in 2005 is equivalent in purchasing power to $7,755,422.43 in 2018, a difference of $1,755,422.43 over 13 years. I think the main reason for the increase cost is the 2018 plan has more amenities than the 2005 plan.

If you want to persuade others, then insulting them is not a good start. Your assumption that the people who disagree with you about an aquatic-center "want this town to sit idle and slowly fade" is insulting.

I'm not opposed to the new plan. If it comes to a vote, I'll vote for it just as I did in 2005 but I think pretending those who oppose the plan don't have valid concerns will result in the plan falling.

If you want the plan to succeed, then Dive-In Yankton needs to acknowledge and treat seriously the concerns of people like Mr. Alder who wrote this letter. Offer compelling arguments to support your cause. (Threating to leave town is not an effective argument.)

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