I have a theory, and I hope the social scientists will study it to see if I am right.

I think anti-vaxxers come from broken homes. I think they are our “orphans of divorce” among the past several generations. The ones I know fit this mold.

What more powerful way of instilling mistrust in America could there be than causing a child to suffer for years in mistrust of one or both parents who destroyed so much of their happiness at an early age?

The family is “a little state,” the little government that guided their lives in their formative years. That little government failed them, so why should they trust the big government they now find hounding them to get vaccinated?

Our current problem is not a lack of infectious disease science. We are suffering from a misapplication of social science.

Maybe we need to fix the institution of marriage by incentivizing marital stability and long-term commitment to children, rather than glorifying short-term romance between uncommitted couples.

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Yankton county farmer

Wow....what a narrowed minded person you must be to come up with such a idea, I am not vaccinated and I plan on staying that way, not from a broken home either, I am married to a medical professional that is well informed and highly educated that believes this isn't the best choice for our family, I've known many people that regret getting vaccinated because of all the terrible side effects, but big pharma and the media don't mention that to anyone and they are so uncertain what can happen to those who take the vaccine that all 3 manufacturers claim no responsibility to what could or will happen......money money money


How many people do you know who regret it because of the side effects?

Yankton county farmer

At least 15-20 people regret getting the jab, one of my older neighbors was a healthy 64 man, now he suffers from high blood pressure pressure 205/150, before it was 115/75, another one who regrets it in as was a women that was 52 and never had a mensuration problems had to a hysterectomy 4 months after receiving the vaccine, another person that I work with lost their sight 2 days after receiving the vaccine.....please tell me why this is never talked about on the radio or tv


ALL OF THEM, sooner or later.


I don't disagree with you about fixing the institute of marriage, and maybe in the minority community where a huge percentage of minority children grow up without both parents in the household. But the problem is not that, it is when American's that have been very used to having freedom and all of a sudden are told you don't have them anymore, and then these people push back, which is a problem for those that don't care about other people's freedoms. I am not from a broken home, my parents were married for over 50 years and myself now for over 20, and many that I know that are against this are from very stable homes as well. The problem is distrust in this administration, they give us no reason to want to believe what they say, there is disaster after disaster, lie after lie, failure after failure, a president that won't take questions from the press to give the American people any answers, his mouthpieces only keep pushing vaccines and climate change. No leadership, lack of consistent messages, lack of trust, on and on. I have asked this before, if more than half this country is vaccinated, another large number that have had covid so they should have the antibodies, and with all the mask wearing, why do the numbers keep going up? The more people get vaccinated, the more people are testing positive, even the great Dr Fauci when asked didn't have an answer, he just dodged the question. Things seem amiss with this, at least to me, but I am sure not to those that just roll over and don't want to know the truth.


People who choose to not receive the experimental gene therapy operating systems are not anti vaxxers. I doubt you would find many among us who do not appreciate the tried and tested immunizatons. To infer that we collectively have some personality defect for thoroughly researching the sketchy situations we are living simply proves that you are a gullible fool.


Can anyone from the pro vax side please explain what the FDA meant when they recently said that the jabs aren't worth the risks? Or why heart failure is up 700% in the group of vaxxed people? I'm just a dummy from a broken home and need your help with these complex issues. Thanks in advance.



Yankton resident

Twisted theories do not resonate with you, therefor it would be a waste of any ones time to even attempt to explain it to you. Draw your own inconclusive conclusion to your own questions and inquiries.


Is that called deflection?

Suppose you reconciled with the truth. Would that be so hard to do?

Oh, yeah... I forgot that you and your ilk will suffer through these problems with steadfast belligerence and stubbornness just to not admit you are wrong.

Tin Foil Fred

Very insightful, Mr. Shinkoskey.

Now if only someone would expose how the 5G cellular networks are sapping all of our precious bodily fluids. 📱

In the meantime, I’m not giving up my land line unless you pry it from my cold, dead hands. 📞


Welcome to this feed, Yankton county farmer. I see you just made your first post.

How does your “well informed and highly educated medical professional” explain the current surge of covid among the UNvaccinated (like your family)?

Is this fake news in their opinion?

You’ve got a lot at stake in this gamble. More than a few unpleasant side effects, it seems to me.

Good luck.

USA Strong

I would like to know her response to this also. I would also like to know what kind of “medical professional” he is. Pretty vague classification from being a medical delivery person to a tattoo parlor worker. Hope he is not an MD


Will you ever learn?

99% survival rate

Cheap and effective cures

Lying Fauci, et al

Gullible bufoons


Where are you reading or hearing that it's the UNvaxxed? I'd truly like to know as your info does not align with the facts, as presented by numerous doctors, scientists and researchers around the world. I can provide my sources. Can you?

I'll be waiting.

Yankton county farmer

I think you should also mention the surge in vaccinated people too...... explain this Ms. Dairy, my family rented a cabin 6 weeks ago 8 adults and 11 kids only 3 adults were vaccinated, 1 day after returning to our own homes 2 of the vaccinated adults came down with COVID, 1 of them which was really sick for 8-9 days, none of the kids under 16, unvaccinated and the other adults never had a symptom of being sick, if getting COVID is such a death sentence for the unvaccinated there should be a lot more people passing from it, oh wait what if those that's never got sick have natural immunity or have been exposed numerous times and built up immunity to it


Yep, as soon as anyone points out they know or have experience with anything to do with covid that does not meet the narrative of the left, then it has to come from a quack, there is no way it can be right, because it doesn't fit the rule book of Joe Biden and the socialists. You will do anything to keep pushing Joe's narrative, no matter what, and it is falling on more and more deaf ears everyday, thank goodness. Joe is actively withholding an effective treatment for covid from republican ran states, but that is ok, as long it is the republicans dying who cares, right liberals? Look up Ron Desantis and monoclonal antibodies, you will have to look deep as the left wing media is burying the story, but the governor has gone out and found doses for Floridians because Joe has told him they are going to be withholding deliveries to his state, in short, people will die because Joe has a vendetta, what a great and powerful leader we have, he is the reason people are not getting vaccinated, his failed leadership in all areas, the man is an outright menace to this world.

E pluribus

It’s clear from the anecdotal evidence and the alternative facts put forth on this feed that we are unlikely to reach herd immunity anytime soon.

This despite truly amazing vaccines having been developed as a result of “warp speed“ during the Trump administration.

Why are people who would ordinarily support Trump against the vaccines which he himself has taken?

Meanwhile 12 South Dakota died of Covid Friday.


You believe they are vaccines. That's your first mistake. For the hundredth time, how can you refer to these gene-altering operating systems as vaccines when they do not immunize? Also, why are the VAERS reports indicating that the vaccinated are dying off - not the unvaxxed? Why are the vaxxed creating variants? Why are we allowing hospitals to treat covid patients incorrectly when other physicians have saved every one of their patients with drugs that have been proven safe and effective?

Do you not see this for what it is?


What are you smoking? It has NEVER proven to immunize and therefore cannot be classified as a vaccine. What I find truly amazing is your ability to miss out on the truth, get it wrong everytime and continue to blow your misinformation out your cornhole.


Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease. Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination.

Gimmy A. Breake

Risking death for their families, their friends and their neighbors

Voice, Abe and Larry’s diligent labors.

Spreading lies proves loyalty. They’re not wussy.

All for the braggart who grabs for the p*ssy.


How this filth gets past Hertz confounds me. Your pathetic rhymes deserve the dustbin.


Abe, you’re lucky they don’t take down your posts of quack ideas and conspiracy theories which are far more deadly.


Turns out our anti-VAX trolls have pretty thin skins.

Hey Abe, where was your righteous indignation when your buddy Larry accused Noem of “sleeping her way to the top” and then called our current vice prez a wh*re.

Larry’s accusations were totally fabricated.

But Gimme is just referencing what our former Predator in Chief bragged to the world.

Your brand of Christians were so quick to move past this. Have you forgotten already?

Does it hurt to be reminded?


Off the Fence,

Watch and learn. What I have been posting is news from around the globe. It's nice to be buffered from the dangers of urban life, but Yanktonians have often been the last to learn about current events.

Mark my words: the jab is a death shot.


Abe, if it’s you that us rubes have to depend on for contact with the outside world, we’re in big trouble.


Abe, I Googled your man Thomas Renz, and learned he is an inexperienced lawyer who just got his law license a couple of years back after failing the bar exam four times. The fifth try was the charm.

There’s a lot of Interesting information out there about Mr. Renz, but the short take is he’s making a good reputation for himself among you anti-VAX conspiracy theorists who are apparently sending him a lot of money to file a blizzard of anti-VAX lawsuits.

This is the kind of thing I usually find when I track down your “information.”

When you see all the unvaccinated people dying every day don’t you have any second thoughts about what you are doing?


I highly encourage all of you, pro vaxx or anti vaxx alike, to read Jacques Attali's A Brief History of the Future (2006). It should put to rest any whisper of conspiracy theory and empower people to make better choices as we go forward. I personally enjoy reading it in the original French writ, but it is conveniently transcribed into English for you. Bon jour, numbskulls!

E pluribus

This numbskull finally understands your paranoid, dystopian world view, Abe. I’ve been puzzled about this for quite some time.

But your man, Jacques Attali's “A Brief History of the Future” explains it all.

Monsieur Jacques predicts the fall of the US Empire to take place around 2035.

Oh, and thanks for writing your comments in English, Abe. Like most of us South Dakota rubes, my French is a bit rusty.


I am convinced that Abe and E are the same person

most of the time it sounds like he is arguing with himself anyways.

Both have made duplicate post comments to the same "opinion" posts today (4 different letters/opinions)

Mr. T

Anything is possible, JM. But what would be the motivation to post two countervailing arguments?

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