It’s ironic that these same legislators and the governor who talk about the evils of socialism are the same ones pushing this economically costly anti-transgender “culture war” bill and are expecting the South Dakota taxpayers, businesses and employees to bear the financial costs which will result. Lawsuits and boycotts will most likely happen at a bare minimum.

It’s easy to spend someone else’s money on wasteful and reckless pursuits for political gain — some being personal political gain rather than actual problem solving.

I challenge Gov. Noem and the legislators who are pushing this anti-transgender bill to accept personal financial responsibility for any socio-economic costs South Dakota taxpayers, businesses and employees will incur as a result if this bill is enacted into law.

It’s long overdue for these elected officials to pony up and finally put some skin in the game!

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True Christian taxpayers will be glad to “pony up” to preserve our God-given right to reject the sinners who Christ rejects. Noem knows they’re more votes among the righteous than among the damned like you.


True Christians don't reject anyone. If they are true followers of Jesus, they follow his teaching to love one another. True Christians know that means all others. Even judgmental people like you!

Mr. T

You’re probably right. At least according to the teachings of Christ himself.

But you may understand that for many of the Nation’s young people Christians are just another political interest group. And one that rejects many Americans they count among their friends.

It’s why there are so many unfilled pews on Sunday.


From FoxNews: “The Federalist rips Cowardly Noem for blaming 'cancel culture' for uproar over transgender bill punt”

How ironic to see the GOP now has even Trump uber-loyalist, Kristy Noem ensnared in their culture wars. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for her to sacrifice 2000 South Dakotans to the Virus to prove her worthiness.

She may be learning how high the cost of loyalty really is in the Party of Trump. Her loyalty has cost us the lives of one South Dakotan out of every 500. And this pandemic isn’t over.

Was it worth it, Kristi?


Kristi can style her hair like Melania's, botox her lips, campaign for Donald, drag home over a million dollars and then lie about the election results (insurrection, anyone) and drag in more money for herself and Donald, campaigning and grifting on South Dakota's dime for her security TRANSforming herself into America's little sweetheart. WHAT?

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