Why should we stop at stop signs? Why should there be laws and mandates? How could we POSSIBLY enforce it? Maybe we should just rely on good ol’ “South Dakota common sense” whether we stop. The answer is the protection of the public, your fellow citizens. The same is true for wearing masks.

We’re at war with an invisible enemy that has invaded our shores and spread across the whole country. With any other war, citizens would rally to help the war effort especially when you have 800 to 1,000 body bags coming in EVERY DAY! Be a good citizen, a patriot and wear a mask.

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What you named is a law....stopping at a stop sign. All laws are to be enforced. If you are not considerate enough or smart enough to follow the suggestions of the dept of health and our Governor then perhaps you should reexamine your priorities.

Friedrich Farmer

Kate - why do you support a president who knew this pandemic was serious way back in February but hid it from us? And a quarter of a million Americans are dead.

So now you give us these weak platitudes?


I don't see any mention of the President in my post nor that of MrO'Rourke in his. You are making assumptions about what I was supporting or if Mr.O'Rourke was criticizing someone in his post in your comments. I cannot speak for Mr.O'Rourke. I was suggesting we all have the intelligence to follow the the guidelines of the dept of health. I fail to see why that is a weak platitude. But, you are entitled to your opinion of what I was posting but bringing in 'facts' that were not in either post is presumptive.


I though Trump knew it in January? Oh well, no matter, although we know Trump made the statement referring to about that time of year, he never gave a source of his information. Still wondering how Trump knew this, but CDC didn't. Just doesn't make any sense. CDC are the experts in this area, Trump is not. The recriminations are easy to make. When we are not in office, we always say we can or would have done better than the gal or guy in office. But it can never be proven one way or the other. I think if you listen to Biden, you know that control of the virus is really up to state and local governments. Biden has recently said as much, ie. that he cannot do it, but he would encourage governors and mayors. You saw the stock market today? After a very impressive run up for the last week or so (ever since the election), big drop. Why, Try this: "Dr. Michael Osterholm, a coronavirus advisor to President-elect Joe Biden, said a nationwide lockdown would help bring the virus under control in the U.S." https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/11/biden-covid-advisor-says-us-lockdown-of-4-to-6-weeks-could-control-pandemic-and-revive-economy.html Maybe a good idea, maybe not. Oslerholm also said we'd (Biden & Company) would bring the economy back long before the 2nd qt of next year. Osterholm is a college professor, with tenure, and of course a guaranteed income. I'd ask: What about the rest of us? Osterholm has an answer for that too: the government will take care of us. Look, I'm really tired of the politics of this virus. Health care by Politician is BAD healthcare no matter which party they claim. Sorry to ramble, but I'm really pissssed off over this virus and the lack of progress in controlling it. I won't go into the reasons, but you can guess - oh heck, don't guess, I'm in 2 high risk groups, put them together, and well, you know. All the time we spend blasting politicians and saying "our side would have done better" is wasting time. Wear the effing masks.


Who continues to make this a political issue? I have worn the effing mask, distanced by 6 ft, washed hands regularly, used hand sanitizer and have allowed no one into my home (with or without a mask) since March. I have my groceries delivered to my front steps. I have done all this, followed all the precautions. I have 3 high risk conditions. The CDC, at request of the President, made these recommendations. Our Gov did the same . Neither one of them had to mandate a thing. People should listen. Instead, they made it political. I wish you all well. Take care of yourself and take care of your neighbors.


Hi Kate. Thanks for your comments. I regret that you are in multiple risk categories for this virus. Got to be tough. The inability to get out and about, I think, it harmful to peoples health in many way. I go out as little as possible myself. I've been dealing with one of my conditions, which causes high risk, for coming up on 2 years, and all this time I've been limiting contacts, carrying hand sanitizer, etc. I though we were supposed to enjoy life when we retired.

Heard the worst conduct regarding the virus to date. From a friend, her cousin tested positive last week. So where are they now? This cousin and his entire family had tickets to Disney World in Florida for this week. Test or not, they went anyway. It gets worse. Both the cousin and his spouse are full time practicing nurses !

And another. There is someone who posts here, I know his user name, who has been complaining about the lack of a mask mandate in South Dakota. Saw him the other day in one of Yankton's retail establishments. You guessed it. No mask.


My Thoughts: I share your empathy for me right back at you. It really doesn't matter, does it, whether we have 2 underlying conditions or 3? The consequence remains the same. We are pretty much stuck at home following the precautions as best we can. And in the meantime, the pandemic is politicized . You are so right....... that is just the height of ignorance. Stop the blame game and work on the solutions! I was happy to hear yesterday's conference of biologists, CDC heads and researchers clarify a number of things regarding

Corona; shutdowns , mask mandates, school closings, the safety and correct manufacturing of the vaccines that are up coming soon, the necessity of getting the vaccines, etc. If you didn't hear it (not you, My Thoughts, as I feel pretty confidant you are as vigilant as I am in trying to get good information. I know the CDC and researchers, etc were introduced by VP Pence, but if everyone could put aside the politics, it would be in your best interests to find the broadcast on YouTube and pay attention to what the "science" has to say. I will also add the link to an interesting article from Oxford Univ. that you might want to read. Maybe neither of them will do a thing for you but BOTH of them gave me hope, helped me further distance from the "politics of a pandemic." Obviously no one has to read or watch, but I think you might find parts of each one of great interest... and probably some hope. Best wishes, My Thoughts, to you and to everyone else as we deal with a serious medical issue. God bless and thanks for writing and your support. I will try to add links to the video and the news article. if I fail to get the job done, I will find them again and add them in separate post. https://www.aier.org/article/the-blizzard-of-bogus-jouralism-on-covid/

and the WH task force briefing : it is on Youtube under title of Full WhiteHouse Coronavirus Task Force Briefing (I am sorry I was not able to pick up the actual url. I will continue to try.)


My Thoughts: Thank you for your comments and support/well wishes on health. It is very much appreciated and reciprocated. I am sorry you are dealing with co-morbidities as well. I did write a response yesterday but apparently it was not accepted for posting for some reason. Perhaps it will show up later? It did have what some opinion which may have been unacceptable but I am unaware which part or parts that may have been. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I agree with your thoughts and am so tired of this pandemic having been made and continuing to be a political issue. If you check you tube for Nov.20th you will see the White House Warp Speed update from Dr.Fauci , Dr Deborah B., and 3 other health /pandemic experts. It is preceded by a short speech from VP Pence but you can skip over that if you wish. It was on no major media networks at all but all of the top scientists we are being told to follow on the science so persistently by the media were the speakers. I also had a link to an Oxford University research paper done on Covid that would have been a comfort to some who have lost or have very ill relatives with the virus. It was not political in any way. At any rate, thank you for reaching out and please accept my wishes for your continued safety and health as well.

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