World leaders are gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, for a summit, referred to as COP26, addressing the overwhelming issues surrounding climate change. This is a pressing emergency, with time quickly running out to alter the course of this drastic situation.

The stakes were spelled out in frustrated terms by U.N. Secretary General António Guterres, who opened the summit by dismissing claims made by many of the 120 world leaders on hand that they are making headway in this global fight.

“Recent climate action announcements might give the impression that we are on track to turn things around. This is an illusion,” he said during a press conference.

An international commitment to limit greenhouse gas emissions as a means of keeping global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels is falling far short of that goal. According to the Guardian of London, scientists believe that global emissions must be cut by approximately 45% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels. We are nowhere near that level: Current plans will produce a reduced 16% rise in emissions, which is “progress” but still headed in the wrong direction.

“We face a moment of truth,” Guterres said. “We are fast approaching tipping points that will trigger escalating feedback loops of global heating.”

To address that, to have even a hope of accomplishing anything near that, nations must address the addiction in the room: our overwhelming reliance on fossil fuels that pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It’s at this point in such discussions when most international leaders begin to look around nervously, shuffle their feet and eventually point to small, incremental advances as proof that progress is being made — even though those meager inches fall miles short of what’s needed.

It’s a momentous problem, of course, because so much of the world’s economy is tied to carbon fuels. While some broad transition is already taking place, it likely isn’t enough — or fast enough — to avoid a precipice that may lead to disastrous, deadly and costly weather changes in our not-too-distant future.

 It’s not just “inconvenient truth,” as Al Gore warned us a generation ago. Today, it’s the nightmare at our doorstep and it will only worsen unless we act.

Our half-steps and denials have left us in the position of now needing to act drastically, which is something practically no one expects to see from our leaders. The failure to act more decisively and sooner has put the global economic foundation at peril, for the adjustments needed now would mean greater financial repercussions.

There was long ago a path to a relatively smoother transition on this, but that opportunity is gone now. We’re standing at a stormy crossroads with little choice left to us. We need action sooner rather than later. We need action yesterday.

This issue is really about the world we’re leaving behind for others, much more than ourselves. As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted, “The people who will judge us are children not yet born, and their children, and we are now coming center stage before a vast and uncountable audience of posterity, and we must not fluff our lines or miss our cue. … Because if we fail, they will not forgive us.”


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Sheesh, when does it stop? Do you know there were over 400 private planes flown to this conference by people attending, did you know that Jill Biden's husband was part of an 85 car motorcade during this conference? They do nothing but sit around and tell you, the average person, you are ruining the climate, you are destroying the world we live in, but it is ok that they fly around in jets that use 400 gallons of fuel an hour. But like everything else the liberals believe in, it is full of hypocrisy. Our own climate envoy this week praised China for their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and the U.S. has promised to financially support China in this commitment, but in 2020 China brought 38.4 gigawatts of new coal fired power plant online, that is new plants, and they are committing to build even more over the course of the next 10 years. So the U.S. praises China for their commitment, we promise to fund their commitment, and they just shove it right back in the world's face that they are going to continue building coal fired plants. Tax dollars well spent again by this administration.

E pluribus

Voice, you’re very good at calling out hypocrisy. There’s so much of it everywhere. Like shooting fish in a rain barrel,

But hypocrisy is only a sad sideshow to the tragic crisis building for our children and our grandchildren.


E, then maybe all these people telling us to cut back the use of oil now should do the same and help us save future generations as you say. The problem is the thousands of tons of CO2 that was generated by all these leaders and their staffs flying around the world only to sit there and tell me you are going to have to pay more to save the planet, really, then stay home, do these conferences remotely, we have the technology to do that. When I see them starting to make an effort, I will too, and not just telling me my taxes are going to go up to fund their climate agenda, and tell me my gas prices are going to go up because we are going to stop drilling oil, these things don't affect the people making these decisions, they have enough money it doesn't matter to them, they affect me and people like me, and we are tired of being told what to do and how to do it by people that honestly could care less about how much any of this costs. The new saying for the democratic party is Rules For Thee But Not For Me, and it applies to climate change as well.

Larry Skow

solutions are out there. But it all boils down to money. And who will give up theirs first. i am betting not the Royal Family/Bezos/Soros/Gates an list goes on. Environmental movement has hands in global warming as well. The push for Ethanol in gas--Increased demand for corn--corn takes huge amount of water to grow plus removes a food source from humans. The plants increased the need for natural gas for heating the plants. Huge by product is CO2. Gathering system lagged behind so it was released. Now the CO2 gathered is over a $1 Billion market. But it shows how the Environmentalist pushed a problem on to global warming. Farmers have pulled out tree groves/shelter belts to plant crops. Now the movement will be to replant trees across the world. Always fallow the money folks. And who will give up the money first? I suspect average Joe the everyday guy will take it in the shorts. Which leads one to wonder--who carried Joe Biden's dirty shorts out of the meeting with the Pope? If it true story--which likely is. Too many jokes flying around.

Larry Skow

Who is going to tell the 3 spaceballs--Bezo's/Musk/Virgin air to stop with the rockets for 90 seconds of travel? What president or politician is going to do that? They say one rocket launch is equal to flying 381 people from new york to London. They usually burn 80 gallon kerosene per second. One notices Greta doesn't say a word about then either. Electric vehicles have huge carbon footprint. Lithium alone uses 500,000 gallon clean water to process for 1 ton! Far surpasses fossil fuels. Plus no way to recycle the batterys. Devil is in the details as they say


Great effort guys, I’m sure your grandchildren will completely understand if you bequeath them your long catalog of all the climate-change hypocrisy that consumed you instead of fixing the damage to their planet

You’re leaving it all to them. But every generation needs a challenge - right?

Too bad your self-satisfied generation blew your biggest challenge.

OK, Boomers. Wish us luck. It’s the best you can do.

Jolly Roger

This is what happens when Christians behold climate change.

This planet doesn’t matter. It’s just a waystop on the way to Paradise.

We Pastafarians know better.

The Great Spaghetti Monster teaches that the planet is our most precious possession.


Bank of America predicts oil to be $120 a barrel by June 2022, that is 45% higher than now. I know it doesn't work this way, but just for fun, since the average gallon of gas costs $3.40 in the U.S. now, 45% higher is $4.93 for a gallon of gas, just think what diesel will cost, and folks, this could just be the beginning as the democrats continue to push their liberal agenda's through, inflation is just starting ramp up so we really have got a lot to look forward to next year, don't we?


Typical Boomer selfishness - gas prices over the planet

Jolly Roger

An expected Christian response - But what about gas pricea❓‼️

Gimmy A. Breake

Christians cross on the other side of the road

The burden of stewardship is too heavy a load.

Such a bother it is to confront global warming.

No problem if seas rise. So what the weird storming?

Why reduce carbon, methane or Freon?

The Lord’s coming soon. It’s written in neon

that the world is fleeting. And so high maintenance.

But not for long. Soon is acquaintance

with Paradise. And Rapture. No chores at hand.

Goodbye to the planet. A one-night stand.

Yet, too bad for the kids. See what we leave ‘em.

A planet on fire. Diseases aggrieve ‘em.

While pious folks wave us suckers goodbye.

Off to their righteous reward in the sky.

But first they’ll forgive us - for what we don’t know.

The hypocrites’ faith is mainly for show.


Yep Truth, just trying to survive today as Jill Biden's husband administration has made it tougher for everyone to just get by day to day, let alone what it is going to be like 10 years from now. Heaven forbid anyone care what something costs, because you can always just print more money or raise more taxes to pay for it, right?


How refreshingly honest. ⛽️ > 🌎

At least we agree on something.


And Truth, go read a story about a family of 11 interviewed by CNN that brought up the cost of groceries, CNN and other liberal pundits mocked them for drinking so much milk and complaining about it, by the way they have two biological children, adopted six more and are fostering another, really awful people I am sure in the eyes of a democrat. It's things like this and your comment about the cost of gas that when people, even some democrats I am sure, see and hear about that shows how out of touch you and your party are.

Larry Skow

Truth fairy: You speak of hypocrisy but give no answers to the problem. You should of joined the hypocrites at COP26 I don't see what you see in lot of the replies. Shall we shut off oil? Electrical power? transportation? the last ice age ended 11,500 years ago South Dakota was covered by retreating Glaciers--that means melting. So here we are. What is your answer to solve the issue? it all boils down to money an who is going to give up their share of the pie? First Co2 was buzz word. Now it methane gas. You call it natural Gas when it heats your home. Willing to give it up? There will be no one single solution--it will be many solutions that add up. I am all for stopping the deforestation of the rain forests. The trees are money to someone. But we should be replanting. The Royal Family of England are some of the biggest rapists of other countries known to man kind. Plundered assets for the king/queen of england. Yet here Prince Chuckles says military force/tactics need to be used in name of climate control. EXCUSE ME! I got something for you Prince Chuckles. So FairyTale put forth your ideas. That is what it is going to take. Not a bunch of hot air an "pledges" from mush minded like Biden. What is everyone willing to give up? Can't have it both ways.

Larry Skow

An Fairy tale. Us boomers got along without a lot. We didn't have cell phones/laptops/computors of all types. No A/C in cars--the old 2 an 60 A/C. No A/C in the homes either--window open an fan. 3 Tv stations. We could walk thru town carrying a 22 on way to dump to shoot rats. Sorry Girl it is your generation that whines when things don't go right. Your generation that is blasting away shooting everyone everyday. We didn't die of drug O.D. Sorry Girl--your generation is one who has choked the chicken here not us.

Gimmy A. Breake

Larry and Voice tout Boomer achievement.

The kids can expect the old whitemen's aggrievement.

An endangered planet - mortgaged to the hilt.

Larry and Voice party on without guilt.


Larry, I’m so sorry to hear how much you’ve suffered.

Somehow you got left out of the munificence that led to the rest of your generation having more economic power, than Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z all put together.

Boomers love to claim this is all because of their hard work. And we’re just lazy.

But maybe - just maybe - this has a little something to do with the economic reality that - after adjusting for inflation - the average hourly wage has about the same purchasing power it had in 1978, 43 years ago.

And the cost of education has skyrocketed since the generosity of the GI Bill ended in the 1950’s.

The hard truth for younger generations is that we no longer can expect to do as well as our parents. America isn’t so “exceptional” for us.

We’d have to move to those countries you folks call socialist: Denmark, Norway, Finland or Sweden to have the confidence in upward mobility that our parents had.

Pardon me if I’m a little peeved that you Boomers are destroying the planet, while keeping all the goodies for yourselves.

Boomers like to call themselves the “Greatest Generation.” And I do appreciate what our parents did during WWII.

But postwar? I think the “Greediest Generation” is a more appropriate description.


At the danger of repeating myself, you just keep doing as your told liberals, you keep letting the politicians and the liberal elites fly around the world in their private planes, and drive around in their motorcades, and just let them keep telling you how bad of a person you are for using a car to get back and forth to work, how dare you use your diesel tractor to plant and pick your crops, how dare you use a diesel semi to get goods to your stores. I assume most of you are still driving gas or diesel cars or trucks? I assume most of you are still driving to the grocery stores to get your food that is brought to them by diesel powered trucks and roads that oil is used in or is used to make the materials that are in the roads, I assume most of you are still buying things, almost all that require oil in some form to be used to make them? If you were really wanting to make a difference, you would stop doing these things, you are killing the world by driving, buying groceries, buying almost anything from the stores, how dare you, whatever will I tell my children about you people that are using oil, you are very selfish. We will never get away from using oil and producing CO2, it isn't going to happen, sorry to be the one to tell you that. Oh yeah, and then when gas hits $5 a gallon by election time next year and you are all still running around blaming Trump and the racists white people, the people that vote that have to buy that $5 a gallon gas are going to know who is running the show, the hypocritical, tyrannical party of the left. Good luck.

Larry Skow

truth fairy: I have no clue what or how you dream up this stuff. Never once was suffering brought up let alone me. I put you on the spot time an time again to explain what or how you would things to cure the problem or any issue an you go off on things to divert away. You must live in same closet as gimme a break an his break family. I hear Jail Break/can't get a Break/Condom Break/Bad Break/Needa Break/ an host of other Breaks are in town for the family reunion

Larry Skow

truth fairy; You also have it wrong. Boomers never called them selfs "the greatest generation". That was the generation that served in WW2. Or the ones that lived in that time period as all contributed. Severe rations on items at home so the men overseas could have it. Fairy Tale you need to get your ducks in a row before you comment. Or don't let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird butt. But are you ready to give up all things oil/natural gas are involved with? If so you won't even have a electric car/solar power or wind turbine. Leaders of the world in the COP26 fell asleep. They know the truth of the issue. China doesn't care at this point an likely never will. So tell us O Fairy Tale--who will give up money an power first--who will blink an act? I betting USA taxpayers will be forced to first. We are in this reset they talk about. We shall see how it goes--it could be interesting times.



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