In the days following the Uvalde, Texas, massacre, there were hundreds of additional shooting incidents in the U.S. Thirty-three of these qualified as mass shootings, but all of these shootings were tragedies, nonetheless. One of the reasons these senseless incidents continue to occur is the refusal of the left to consider an important causal factor that figures into all of them: the absence of God the Father in American culture and the lives of the perpetrators.

If pushed, the left will discuss the negative effects of human fathers missing from the lives of mass shooters. Like Salvador Ramos — the Uvalde murderer — most of the mass shooters over the past several years grew up in fatherless homes. Even with this well-documented statistic, the left prefers to avoid the subject because so many of their polices encourage fatherless families. Further, try to engage the left in discussing the even more negative effects of God the Father missing from the lives of mass shooters, and you will be ridiculed.

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But Jesus will smile upon you.

We promise.


I somehow have a grudging respect for your “Can Do Attitude,” Guys.

But I hope you haven’t printed too many copies. There could be Tragic Consequences.

There are a lot of folks out there smarter than you. And they’re all mining the “MAGA” fools gold.

Have you considered that a couple of old crooks from the past might be woefully outclassed by today's crooks?

Especially since you only found religion on your way to the grave.

It’s still worth a try, I suppose.

You may take heart from the sage insight of beloved showman, P.T. Barnum who told us, “There's a sucker born every minute!“

So the show must go on. Good luck!


Is there a lack of God when a shooter opens fire in a church? This argument is beyond ridiculous.


Sheesh SoDakD, your hate of people that believe in God and Jesus and America is really coming out. Is that a requirement to be a democrat, you have to hate God and Jesus who taught nothing more than to love one another and be kind, all things that go against being a good democratic I guess, so you have to attack them as well, and hate America just as much too. Cripes, you and the other democrats spend all your time telling us how republicans are bad, I guess that must be because we believe in God and country, makes sense why you don't like us then. So let's see, hate God, hate America, hate anyone that loves God and America, welcome with open arms abortion, thieves, murderers, drug dealers, terrorists, etc., still trying to figure out what anyone sees in the democratic party, I guess if you enjoy being full of hate and anger, it makes you a good democratic party member, no thanks, life is too short to be a democrat.


What you mistake for hate is my amusement at how gullible Christians will trust any con man who says they found Jesus.

Don’t forget to buy the book‼️

Dear Leader

And you know how seldom I pay my bills

Dear Leader

Maybe you could send ME a little money to Make America Great Again!


SDD, perhaps you should post a "ha ha" with things you find amusing. It is difficult to discern the difference between your hatred and your amusement. Just an idea.

Dear Leader

As I think about it, their confident, self-righteousness is almost as entertaining as yours. Though I do appreciate that you’re not expecting me to buy a book…

You argue for pride - not profit, so your entertainment is free.


Please, Please PLEASE don't anyone mention that there is a book, or any other information, available to others to learn more or at least understand the point of view that differs from yours. Oh, my God. Information and opinion are only allowed if they fit your agenda......The American Way. No wonder we are in such huge crisis in our country.


Hi, Kate. Will you buy their book?

If you do would you please share what insights you’ve gleaned from it?


Aha. You don't know how to do your own research, huh? You might want to learn that art, SoDakD. It is a marvelous tool for finding out all sides of issues instead of relying on just your own party's talking points. Then again, I think you have your mind already made up about everything anyway. Why bother to research when you intend to spew what you have already decided is absolute truth. Sad.


You may remember, Kate, that Mr. North lied to the House Intelligence Committee during a 1986 meeting in the White House Situation Room when he was asked if he had given aid to the contras.

Perhaps you’re just the one to tell us if he truly has found Jesus or if he just wants to sell books.


SDD, Unfortunately, I am unable to read people's minds or hearts to determine what they think or believe. Based on Your posts, you seem to judge very well and read minds and determine what people "truly believe", even when they have not said what you seem to see, and then have the audacity to write it all out so the rest of those who read and post are well educated by you. Please continue to regale us with your marvelous and miraculous ability to do so. I am not able to read minds. I am not "just the one" to do so for you.


How right you are, Mr. North.

All of America's problems are due to the “refusal of the left to consider an important causal factor: the absence of God the Father in American culture...”

Bless you, Mr. North, for once again taking America’s future into your own hands.

Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Some people say you stiffed both at the same time. But I, for one, believe God works His will even through crooks and liars.

And that’s why I believe the Chosen One will overturn our rigged election and take his place with John F. Kennedy Jr as his new loyal Vice President.



Voice, how often you call out my hatred. For God. For all of America. And I guess that includes you and your fellow Trumpsters.

Somehow you can’t imagine a reality where I might think you're mistaken. Perhaps even a bit silly. Definitely entertaining. But that doesn’t have to be grounded in bitter hatred.

Without my wandering into amateurish psychoanalysis (which might diagnose your focus on “hatred” as a piece of personal “projection”), let me offer instead an alternate perspective.

I have family members who basically feel as you do. But they care for me nonetheless. Some of them have made personal sacrifices and gone out of their way to help me in my need.

My grandkids love them and snuggle up to them when we’re together. How can I hate them knowing that long after this era is gone the family connection will remain if we don’t descend into hatred.

Of course, you and I don’t share that warm and fuzzy bond, but I can’t hate you or Americas’ many Trumpsters without despairing that today's polarization means both the end of my family and America’s family.


Well, Kate, I guess I’ll have to pass on this one. I am not inclined to line the pockets of a lying would-be traitor like Mr. North. (Surprising - to me at least - even Larry knows about this.)

Remember, the Iran–Contra affair? You know, that 1980s political scandal involving the illegal sale of weapons to the hated Khomeini regime of the Islamic Republic?

North put together the part of the plan to take proceeds from that arms sales and give them to the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua.

These were actions which had been specifically prohibited under the Boland Amendment.

North was granted limited immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before Congress about the scheme. So by agreeing to snitch he avoided prison.

So my point is that if you were going to lecture us about being open to other perspectives, you might’ve picked a book by a better candidate.

In fact, could you give it a second try? What would you suggest for the number one book I might read to understand your perspective? Or at least some perspective I should examine?

(Please don’t cop out by cleverly suggesting your favorite version of the Bible or some self-help book.)


SoDakD, the end of the American family is coming and is being pushed by the democrats, they have done it for decades, only now, you are out front with it and have nothing to hide. Your party works behind parents backs to condition our children to think that big government is all that matters, you have had people in your party say as much, your party has said that these children don't belong to their families but to the schools, to the educators, all paid for by my taxes. You have forced God and pride in America out of our schools, you have used the DOJ and FBI to attack parents when they stand up for their children at school board meetings. And what good have the democrats done for the American family, anything, no nothing, your party is at it's best when it is destroying and ruining, you want people to rely on your government, you want children to move away from their families and look to the government for answers, it's in your parties actions, never in your words because then you might get caught. And the democrats answers to all that is failing in this country, turn to us, we will help, like we have for the last, fill in the blank, decades, we are here to help. But strangely, nothing gets better under the democrats "help", things keep getting worse and worse, but you are always there to claim your here to "help" some more when the next tragedy happens, odd how nothing ever gets better when a democrat "helps".


How recently it was that you were bemoaning the Democrats’ “Doom and Gloom.”

But now you’re setting the “Doom and Gloom” bar so high.

It’s going to be hard to beat this latest jeremiad.

But please don’t hold back, old buddy. I always look for your posts.

At the end of the day, you’re always a bright spot.


Only a sick person can find what is going on in this country as bright, and for some unimaginable reason, democrats are finding a lot of bright spots in today's America, just ask them, they tell this lie daily, from Biden on down to people like SoDakD, things are great in this country according to them. But who is surprised, you are getting what you wanted all along, remove guns, keep killing babies, grooming our children, higher taxes, higher debt, higher crime, higher inflation, higher illegal immigration, struggling families, it's all in the democrats playbook, how could it not be, they are doing all of this and sitting back enjoying their "bright" spots that they are creating. For a party that does nothing but claim to be the party that cares for everyone, it sure is hard to find anyone you are helping nowadays. Well except for the elite, the Hollywood wonders, the rich politicians, the George Soros types, you are doing their bidding for them and they sit back and watch it all happen and you all just fall in line as our country goes from bad to worse to worse and worse. Well enjoy the fruits of your labor SoDakD, what you and the other democrats are doing is working well for you, for the rest of us, we will continue to suffer and struggle and pay the price of your ineptness.


And SoDakD, what part of my comments do you look for the most and enjoy the most, is it when I talk about the 40 year high inflation or the record high gas prices or the food shortages or the fuel shortages or the record high illegal immigration or the record high crime sweeping our country or the record high drug overdoses or the attack by democrats on our constitution or the attack by the democrats on our families and children or me pointing out the constant lies coming out of the democratic party or the failed leadership of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and all the democrats, and all of this in the last 16 months under democratic control? Which one of those do you particularly enjoy hearing about the most? I just saw producer prices hit another all time high last month, boy, you democrats are sure good at setting records, do you like to hear about all those records you keep setting SoDakD? Just trying to figure out what part of your every day life you are enjoying the most, you must not be having any trouble getting by, you must enjoy paying $5 for gas, you sure don't seem like you want to fix that or any of the other problems you have created. Just like the rest of your party, but you do a great job of keeping the few Americans still listening updated on Jan. 6th, can't wait for the next clown show to come on Thursday, keep that laser focused on Jan. 6th, because no one else is, and be sure to keep ignoring all the problems plaguing this once great nation of ours.


Here are the bright spots SoDakD and the other democrats love seeing: 1) The Fed meets this week amid expectations that it will raise interest rates by another half-point, perhaps even three-quarters of a point. The meeting comes just a few days after the government reported inflation rose 8.6% on an annual basis in the month of May 2) The price of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 14.2% on an annual basis in May. The price of nonalcoholic beverages rose 12%. Dairy went up 11.8%. Cereals and bakery products 11.6%. The price of miscellaneous food products went up 12.6%. And then the cost of eating out went up 9% 3) The price of gasoline went up 48.7%. The price of fuel oil went up an incredible 106.7%. And the democratic solution, from Biden himself - "Today's inflation report confirmed what Americans already know: Putin's price hike is hitting America hard." There you have it folks, just what every American was waiting for, the democrats solution, do nothing, continue to let people suffer, continue to let inflation get worse, raise interest rates, drive the economy into a recession, and continue to blame everyone else. Problem solved, at least in a democrats eye.


To be honest, Voice, I think what I find most enjoyably entertaining is how upset your misinformation makes you. I’ll confess to a certain “schadenfreude” as I read your angry postings.

You set up your ”polemical strawmen” and triumphantly knock them down day after day, as I watch how frantic you get struggling in your unique world. A world that seems devoid of both a clear understanding of American history and the American Constitution.

And every now and then you pitch me a misinformation “softball” that is so much fun to hit out of the park. I can’t resist.

And you never get discouraged. You just ignore it and pitch me another. If volume and tenacity were the requirements to win a debate, you’d definitely win every time.

And if we were a comedy team, you would be the world's best “straight man.”

Does this answer your question?


I guess my main amusement is your complete denial that Trump and his Republican cohorts planned and organized a coup. The evidence is clear. They tried to prevent a legitimate transfer of power. And failed.

Oh, the irony. The biggest (Republican) elephant in the room: It’s the Historic event that will define the Trump era throughout all time.

And still you tell us:

“…keep that laser focused on Jan. 6th, because no one else is.”

More accurately, “no Trumpster is.”

You may win the midterms, Voice. But you and Trump won’t escape History.

Jon Wick

SodakD, I’ve been off the board for awhile and found this thread interesting. Obviously, you discounted, mocked and ridiculed the editorial for only two reasons: 1) it’s author and 2) it supports Christianity’s role in society.

However, I did find your observation/belief about religious folks illuminating. I am a man of faith, at least now I know that going forward you’ll just view me as another “gullible Christian” and nothing more than a mere “amusement”.


Aren’t you jumping to a few conclusions, Mr. Wick? Aren’t you taking my specific observations and making sweeping generalizations?

Maybe a lifetime in business has made me a bit skeptical, but I find that what people SAY they believe is seldom really predictive of what they’ll actually DO. Mr. North certainly has earned my skepticism.

So the fact that he lied under oath before the American people about his role in an illegal international arms sale to some of America's most intractable enemies (The Iranian Ayatollah and his pals) raises in me the likelihood that his subsequent role as a pundit and author after professing to have “found Jesus” is a bit suspect. (And, yes, also a bit amusing.)

You DO know Oliver’s history - right?

Anyway, please understand, I have lifelong Christian friends whose sincerity and integrity I can only admire. And wish to emulate.

Especially since they are not “reformed” traitors trying to sell me something like Mr. north.

And in the end, I have no idea where you fit on the spectrum of Christian sincerity.

However, the way you’ve conducted yourself in our exchanges - in my mind, at least - makes you deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps you’ll do the same for me…


Also, I’ll observe that while one of the strengths of Christianiaity is Christ’s focus on forgiveness through penitence, this sadly is often manipulated to ensnare the gullible.

If you buy North’s book and discover that I’m being too skeptical, I’d be open to your perspective.

Larry Skow

Good old SoDakD who mocks/ridicules all with equal ease. One wonders what life has dealt him to look at everything with such scorn. Must be terrible to go through everyday life with such bitter outlook on life. But I do know a few folks like that. Usually they are heavy drinkers and blame others for their short comings in life. Sometimes it is just fun to put something out there to see how SoDakD responds. Course if I was So. dak democrat or democrat in general I would be bitter as well. But here a funny. Yesterday a lady was sitting on her usual corner panhandling with usual sign of woe(she changes up). So being prepared for a joke of the day. I "barrowed one" of granddaughters Tampon(short supply you know). As my turn at corner came up I had my hand out she ran up to collect-- I dropped the tampon in her hand. Look on her face? PRICELESS! My granddaughter and I laughed whole time we were in Sam's club. Isn't it odd how Biden and crew has gotten us in such a world of "shortages". Gasoline/electricity/peanut butter/fertilizer(Excluding the democrat line of B.S)/labor/Baby Formula/Tampons/various food products/lot of basic everyday materials. Didn't have these shortages under Mr. Trump. And has anyone noticed? Covid has went by wayside--just as Mr. Trump predicted as all "Pandemics do". We just had a scamdemic not pandemic. Didn't have these shooting either. We are almost to third world status folks. Good news is Joe Biden has never finished anything in his life--so there is hope. And SoDakD--you may pretend to claim you don't believe in religion or god but with last dying breathe folks like you always ask god to forgive you. Always happens at the end.


Good old Larry who mocks/ridicules all with equal ease. One wonders what life has dealt him to look at everything with such scorn. Must be terrible to go through everyday life with such bitter outlook on life.

Jon Wick

SoDakD, I would say that we probably have both jumped to some conclusions and made some sweeping generalizations at times throughout the interactions we’ve had between us and others while on the boards here at YP&D. I guess that just confirms we’re both human.

I am not a reformed Christian as I have been a person of faith my entire life. However, I have had some unpleasant encounters with non-believers in the past because of my faith and because all too often, all Christians are routinely lumped into this hypocrite/scammer persona which is certainly not the case. I am grateful that you recognize this distinction. Therefore, I will leave the authenticity of Mr. North’s faith to be settled between him and God because a day will come when we will all talk to God weather we believe in him or not.

Yes, I am aware of Mr. North’s history and would place him in the same category as Eric Holder/Barack Obama because of their genius idea of arming drug cartels during Operation Fast and Furious. As Holder was held in contempt of Congress and Obama used executive privilege to hid evidence. I have no intention of buying his book as I view all books such as this be it right or left, as generalized propaganda with little actual value. If I’m really that interested in one of these books, I’ll check it out from the library.

SoDakD, I will be taking an extended sabbatical from the boards. But I will be stopping in occasionally for a quick read. I’ve enjoyed our discussions, as I too have explored topics from another viewpoint as a result. I’m not sure we’ve changed the other’s mind or opinion but maybe we have at least gained a better understanding.

I’m going to leave you with something to contemplate related to the culture wars. Below is a political theory/strategy developed in 1966 by two Columbia University professors. Please review this list and compare it to historical Democrat policies/positions, legislation, executive orders etc. and the current goals of the political left especially the progressive left. I think you’ll see why I refer them (Progressives) as Neo-Maoists.

The Cloward-Piven 8-point plan to implement Socialism

1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

"You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright, but we'll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you'll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We'll so weaken your economy until you'll fall like overripe fruit into our hands." --Nikita Khrushchev “


Mr. Wick,

To me the Cloward-Piven 8-point plan has long since passed into well-used conservative canards and simple bumper sticker slogans.

Among the hyperbole and simple spinning there are some vague truths. But to me the modern definition of “socialism” has become nothing more than the budgeting of government money for efforts one disagrees with - whether that may be oil subsidies or food stamps.

The list of these sorts of expenditures (cherished or reviled) is quite long for both Republicans and Democrats.

And yes, I think it’s likely that we have not fundamentally changed each other’s minds. Though I think I have a better idea of how someone of goodwill with your political bent thinks about things.

And perhaps I’m doing the same service for you.

Most importantly I think we both can accept that people of different political persuasions can still recognize an American commonality.

Certainly that is how I interpret our shared interest in seeing what the January 6 Commision turns up. (Which - in fact - I hope to discuss with you at a later date as things become clearer.)

And an American commonality is what I hope will remain after this time fades into memory.

Because after the Trump era passes the American people will still be here, struggling toward “a more perfect union.”

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