Please help me get the importance of this infamous Trump-Zelensky phone call.

The Democrats and their soulmates in the liberal media are seriously getting ready to impeach the president — again — because President Trump asked Ukrainian President Zelensky for a couple of favors?

Apparently, given the hysteria, it’s the first time in U.S. history that our president has asked the leader of a foreign country to do a favor for him that might help him politically at home.

President Trump asked — “pressed” is the loaded word the New York Times and its multimedia echo chamber uses — Zelensky to do two things having to do with political corruption.

One was for Zelensky to help Attorney General Bill Barr open an investigation into a Ukrainian company involved in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The other favor, the one that was immediately declared an impeachable offense by the AOC/Schiff/Waters Democrats and liberal TV pundits, involved the shady activities of the Biden Family Overseas Enrichment Corp.

Trump asked President Zelensky to have his prosecutor open a corruption investigation into the huge Ukrainian gas company that put Joe Biden’s son Hunter on its corporate board and paid him about $50,000 a month to …  

Do what? No one knows. Hunter knew nothing about the international natural gas business or Ukraine.

That stroke of good luck for the younger Biden in 2015 just happened to occur at the very same time VP Papa Joe was serving as the Obama Administration’s bag-man-in-chief for U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine.

Even luckier, when the gas company was about to be looked into for corruption by the Ukrainian prosecutor, Papa Joe came to Hunter’s rescue.

As he boasted in a video that the New York Times apparently has not yet seen, Papa Joe told the Ukraine government he’d withhold $6 billion in U.S. aid unless the prosecutor was fired in six hours, which he was.

The New York Times and its fellow liberal fake journalists aren’t very curious about the details of the Biden Family’s blatant conflicts of interest.

Impeaching Trump is all that matters to them and the Democrats.

The president’s phone call won’t hurt him politically and he’ll never be impeached by the Senate, but the publicity about the Bidens’ slippery doings in Ukraine will destroy the Biden Family.

Papa Joe is an old coot who was never going to win the nomination anyway.

It’s Hunter I feel sorry for. He’s young. Now everyone in the media is talking about his personal issues and his past drug problems. He may never work again.

Hunter should have known better than to take that high-paying Ukrainian “job.” He was as unqualified as I am.

It wasn’t a crime to take it, but he knew he was being used by the Ukrainian gas company to get access to his dad. It’s not brain surgery.

As the son of a famous politician, I know what Hunter has had to deal with. Those kind of fat jobs and sweet business deals are offered to the families of big-time politicians all the time.

I was offered stuff many times in the 1980s. I’d always call the White House lawyer and ask him what he thought.

He’d always say, “Your gut will always tell whether it’s wrong or OK. But if you have a problem, call me.”

To this day I get called to go out on Republican campaign trails.

All they want me to do is endorse them so they can pretend they have the mantle of Ronald Reagan.

This year I was asked to endorse a politician running for president in, of all places, Ukraine. I wouldn’t do it.

Then I was offered $100,000 by someone in the United States just to go to Kiev, go to a cocktail party or two and be photographed next to the candidate.

I turned that down, too. The Ukrainian politician didn’t care about me or Ronald Reagan or conservatism. He just wanted to wear the mantle of my father.

Someone should have been warning Hunter long before 2015 to watch out for those $50,000-a-month do-nothing job offers.

His Papa Joe, for instance.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan.” He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation.    

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President Dump is so innocent that he won't allow anyone with any knowledge of his Ukraine dealings to testify before Congress or release material to Congress. A sure sign of innocence!!!


antiteaparty: Be careful that your rose colored glasses do not turn blood red from hatred. Do you actually think that the Democrat lead House will be truthful and fair on anything? If your answer is yes you need to put an "L" on the middle of your forehead.


I would trust the Democratic lead House to be more truthful than anything out of Dump's mouth. The man lies on average of 20+ times a week since he has taken office. But, I know the Dump cultists love his lies and would believe anything their savior says.


This right wingnut conspiracy theory just keeps getting better. Two Russians who live in Florida who have donated significantly to Dump and other "America First" super Pacs and who also worked closely with Rudy to "investigate" the Bidens' Ukraine dealings were arrested this morning for making illegal campaign contributions. They were arrested quickly for fear they were trying to flee the country. Ahahahahahaha! You just can't make this stuff up. Dump is going down.


antiteaparty: Wear your "L" proudly!


DLJ is your typical Trump thumper, the name calling, the excuses, the can't stay on topic at hand so I'll comment on something else and make it sound like I'm contributing. At least the majority of us get a good daily dose of comedy from the 'followers" of the self proclaimed second coming! Hahahahah

oh really now

awesome!! :)

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