The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) official blessing of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID vaccine technically removes one more hurdle for those who have been hesitant to take the coronavirus shot.

How much of a difference this will make remains to be seen.

The FDA announced its formal approval Monday after having granted emergency authorization last December to face the brunt of the pandemic. Official approvals for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are still pending.

While many people have gotten vaccinated — as of Sunday, 73% of U.S. adults have had at least one dose of one of the three vaccines — some have avoided it for various reasons and with variable intensities. One reason cited by some of the unvaccinated has been that the FDA has not moved beyond its emergency declaration, and these people said they were waiting for an official nod. A poll released in June by the Kaiser Family Foundation indicated that 31% of unvaccinated Americans said they’d be more likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine once one receives full FDA approval, according to NPR.

With the FDA’s endorsement of the Pfizer vaccine — it’s the most widely used vaccine among Americans — a new surge in vaccinations may take place.

This comes at a crucial time in the pandemic. Cases across the nation are rising largely because of the Delta variant, and areas of the country where vaccinations have lagged are taking the biggest hits.

This may also include South Dakota, which has had a relatively decent vaccination response. According to Newsweek, this state leads the country with a 312% increase in new infections the past 14 days.

Also, a look at the Department of Health’s community spread map for South Dakota offers a view that’s rather different from last year. For much of 2020, the sparsely populated counties in the central and western parts of the state saw mostly light cases, and these are areas where people are likely more resistant to getting vaccinated. But now, those areas are being harder hit by COVID.

The regional trend in all this is not promising. It was noted in Monday night’s Yankton City Commission meeting by Commissioner Nathan Johnson that hospitals in Omaha and Sioux City were full last weekend while Sioux Falls facilities were filling up. That is a wave that will likely impact other, smaller facilities sooner or later. On Tuesday, Yankton County recorded its first double-digit increase in COVID cases since last spring, as well as two new hospitalizations.

Eventually, this conversation may lead to the specter of vaccine mandates, either from a government level, a scholastic level or a business level. This will likely be an explosive issue wherever and however it arises.  

At this point, there is little you can tell the unvaccinated that they haven’t heard already, but the FDA endorsement adds new ammunition to this terribly important and urgent matter.


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Not so fast...

Do you not find it suspicious that a current member of the Board of Directors of Pfizer was the former FDA Commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer?

Pfizer got tired of paying billions in fines for illegal marketing practices, bribing physicians, and suppressing adverse trial results so they bought the FDA Commissioner.

Study that and then add up all of the deaths from drugs that were FDA approved. I can provide an exhaustive list if you'd like me to.

Old Hugh

Abe, ol’ buddy, some people know how to take “no” for an answer. Some people even know how to take “no answer“ for an answer.

But I don’t fall into either category.

So I’ll continue plying you with the question OfftheFence is tired of asking. And that is:

“Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?”

Your only response has always been some variation on ‘Just you wait. You’ll be sorry.’ ”


Counting down the days.

Just wait, you'll be sorry.


Weird how all of my information - from here in the US and also from many other countries - differs from yours.

NO! the unvaccinated are NOT GETTING SICK. They are trying to make people think that. The people that are getting sick are the VACCINATED. The vaccines compromised their immune systems and the vaccine NEVER WORKED FOR ANYTHING. It was all political with the end result being an experiment on human beings for bioweapon warfare and depopulation. If anything, the VACCINATED were vaccinated with another virus which now they are trying to PUSH AS DELTA VARIANT.


We now have not one, but three independent scientific studies establishing that the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca serum’s all contain over 98% to 99.5% GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES!

Go ahead and try to denounce this as fraudulent information. As long as some find this interesting enough to investigate, I'll feel my posts are worthwhile.


The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not contain any graphene oxide. The ingredient list for both vaccines have been published and tested by outside parties. They were not found to contain any graphene oxide in their formulas, including their lipid nanoparticles. Lipid nanoparticles, basically tiny balls of fat, are used in mRNA vaccines to protect delicate RNA molecules so the vaccine can enter the human body without being destroyed. Lipid nanoparticles have been recognized as potential drug delivery systems (ways to get medications into human cells, especially injectable drugs) since the 1960s. Lipids are fatty, oily, or waxy and include fats and oils (triglycerides), waxes, and steroids, among other things.

Please post your findings. You always blather on about how you have to "dig deep" to find the answers, show us where you are getting your "facts". so far in our many debates all your "facts" were BS.

And with the internet and available information being just a click away, Im sure if I put obscure questions to google or otherwise I would find some interesting sites that quote FACTS about a lot of things.

Gimmy A. Breake

Voice and Abe still dodge our questions

and double down on strange obsessions.

The central query they’ll not answer;

consumes their credibility like a cancer.


Here's another means of dodging your question: Dont you find it strange that people from nearly every country on Earth are standing against the covid hoax? Don't you read the news of independent doctors, institutions and journalists, also from around the globe, having found the same misinformation that you assume is the gospel, are able to disprove the propaganda you shill for? Do you actually put that much trust in the CDC, WHO and your inept Democrat administration?

You have proven how pathetic and gullible you are. Great Job!


Oh yeah... You'll be sorry!

Old Hugh

“Just you wait, you’ll be sorry.”

Abe, old buddy, you’re becoming a parody of yourself. Focus, dude, you're forgetting to answer my question. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep reminding you.)

“Why are so many UNVACCINATED people overwhelming our hospitals?”

Do you have an answer to this straightforward question you keep forgetting?

PS I’m hearing that a side effect of Ivermectin is loss of memory. After I dewormed Old Charlie, he kept forgetting where the barn was.

Got rid of the worms though.


Ha! That awkward moment when DHS describes how Ivermectin is effective against the virus.

Geez... dont you tire of losing?


It appears that the pro vax crowd is in sharp decline worldwide. Many have already died, many more are now too embarrassed to argue their poor choices and the rest are in hiding with their pinkies, their blood pressure cuffs and thermometers.

Funny how facts stand on their own. On a long enough timeline, every lie will be revealed. Act now to get your houses in order. Remember, the pharma gods will not be held responsible for your burial costs.


Please tell everyone who Christine Grady is, who she is married to and why anyone should take her seriously. BTW it wasn't the vax that was approved. I swear we are living amongst the brainwashed covidiots!


Ok, since the pro vax crowd is dodging this question, please allow me to tell you. Christine Grady is the head of the FDA and - stranger than fiction - the wife of Anthony Fauci. There you go, folks. Fraud and more fraud on top of some fraud with fraud sauce, whipped fraud and a fraud on top.

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