THUMBS UP to the re-opening of Nebraska Highway 12 west of Niobrara. The roads had been closed five months because of March flooding that damaged the Niobrara River Bridge and destroyed the Mormon Canal Bridge, which both cross the highway. The Nebraska Department of Transportation held a ceremony Tuesday to mark the occasion. The Niobrara community plans its own celebration. A caravan will line up at St. William Catholic Church at 6 p.m. today (Friday) and “cruise” over the opened road to Verdel, Nebraska, for root beer floats. The celebration continues Saturday with a full schedule of events. Check out Niobrara’s Facebook page for details.

Ready For Riverboat Days

THUMBS UP to Yankton’s Riverboat Days celebration running today (Friday) through Sunday. The annual event attracts more than 100,000 visitors annually. The three-day schedule includes fireworks, parade, arts festival, vendor, rodeo, bands, amphitheater entertainment, kids activities and a whole host of other activities at Riverside Park and throughout Yankton. Riverboat Days has become an “end of summer” ritual, but it also showcases all that’s great about River City.

School’s In

THUMBS UP to area students, teachers and staff members as they head back to the classroom for the 2019-2020 school year. Some schools have already begun classes, and they have posted online photos of opening assemblies and other activities. The Yankton School District is scheduled to begin Monday, while the Sacred Heart Schools have delayed the start of classes because of air conditioning issues …

Back In Action

While we’re at it, THUMBS UP to a more welcome sign of fall, the high school sports season. The Yankton girls’ tennis team opened its season on Thursday, with Yankton boys’ and girls’ soccer teams opening today (Friday) at home. Other area teams follow suit later this month. It’s always an exciting time to see our area teams excited for the upcoming season. (Speaking of, our fall sports preview comes out Aug. 30.)


THUMBS DOWN to the “pumpkin spice” everything trend, which reached a breaking point on Wednesday when Hormel Foods Corp. announced it would be making Pumpkin Spice Spam, available for purchase online beginning next month. Since Starbucks first introduced its pumpkin spice latte in 2003, companies have tried putting the flavoring in nearly everything to try to capitalize on the trend. But putting it in the meat product goes farther than anyone should have gone. Let’s save the pumpkin spice for pumpkin pies and call it good.  

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