A subtle tactic used in fighting any conflict is to instill doubt in the justification of the cause. Sun Tzu wrote: “All warfare is based on deception.” This principle is being blatantly applied in advertising, social media, network news and all the movements dealing with racism, discrimination, poverty, health care, man-made climate change and illegal immigration by claiming it is hurtful, selfish, ignorant and insensitive if one disagrees.

This brainwashing always starts at a very early age with the replacement of trust, previously reserved for God and our parents. The distrust in public education is based on their messaging that is inconsistent with our core values and seen as indoctrination that must to be questioned and opposed.

Joseph McCarthy was a zealous opponent of communism.  His tactics, impugned to this day, are now vindicated as communism is alive and thriving in the United States with their tactics exceeding that of McCarthy’s.  

The public education system and politicians use all the tricks found in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” This explains the drive for government overseeing the curriculums for pre-K education and child care programs. Advancing Critical Race Theory and Sex Education Programs are part of “divide and conquer,” allowing situational ethics to replace the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Impressionable young minds are being reconditioned to regard freedom and liberty as selfish, forcing them to disregard obvious hypocritical behavior by those professing this philosophy.  They use illegal immigration, abortion, man-made climate change and unlimited spending to twist logic into a guilt trip if one does not conform.  They also try to recharacterize references to God and His doctrines to show their causes to be reasonable and just. They condemn rebellion against injustice and disobedience to Judeo Christian laws as insensitive and unfair to the less fortunate.  

“Just wars and rebellions” are fought in defense of our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. These are the bedrock of our nation and the formula for its unique success that caused this nation to freely transition into a constitutional republic with free and open elections. By not requiring ID, having mail-in ballots, early voting with technology has interfered with any hope of having open and transparent elections.   

These tactics allowing lies, unjust biases, unsustainable policies and advocates for rights of non-citizens over legal citizens must be stopped.  Inaction against these attacks is complicit, giving permission to tolerate these evils.

We are taught that we should be like children of God, trusting and believing God’s promise that right will prevail. Knowing where the line is between blind obedience and confrontation is obtained through prayers of petition for greater faith, insight and courage. God does help those who help themselves. Prayer is conversation with God to resolve these problems, but the problems must be understood before we can solve it.  

Regardless of the problems we see, there must be balance as evil must exist. We cannot understand what is hot without cold, up without down and therefore we cannot understand good unless we know what evil looks like. Our desire for freedom to discover this is God given and no government may assume the right to give it to us or take it away.


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Kevin, thanks for the crystal clear picture of the GOP.


Thank you, Mr. Kube.

This is why God chose Mr. Trump to rule over us.

January 6 was just a warm up - God testing the faithful.

Next time God’s People will put The Chosen One back on his rightful Throne.


Throne??? Chosen one????? God's people?????

Hello division of church and state?????

i thought we were a democracy......not a monarchy.

Jolly Roger

Oh boy! The Press & Dakotan is letting another religious faith group hawk its wares on these pages.

I’m now hopeful the Press & Dakotan will finally publish my exegesis of The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I’ll rework my draft explaining the Holy Virtues of my Faith and send it along shortly.

As a devoted member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I believe we must never underestimate the power of Pastafarianism.

Jon Wick

Jolly, I’m curious about something. Why do atheists like yourself so strongly oppose religious speech and teachings? Since atheists believe in nothing and that they just cease to exist when they die, why even bother to attack people of faith, only to try aggressively to impose your own religion on others? When in fact by your own belief, all religion is futile anyway.

Though you may “claim” to be irreligious, you reveal that you are indeed religious when you attempt to refute another’s religious view. Therefore, having made a religious statement. For all your supposed lack of belief, you sure do a lot of preaching.

Based on these actions, it appears to me that Atheism, is simply illogical thought….


Yep, in Joe Biden's America expecting liberty is asking too much. Heck, expecting to see affordable groceries, affordable gas for our cars, affordable gas to heat our homes, affordable clothes for our kids, being able to afford the tax increases, all the new standard in Joe Biden's America. But toughen up America, this is the new norm under socialism. Writing columns about should wanting liberty being to much to ask, it has come to this. With liberal policies taking over, expect less and less liberties, more and more overreach by the government, but the government is going to expect more from you, so expect less, give more, get less, just the way a socialist country is ran. Well done democrats.

Jon Wick

Well said VoiceforAll.


Love how JMDrury and Jolly Roger don't say anything with any substance, but as soon as someone says anything about God they are shouting this isn't fair, how dare anyone be able to say anything they don't agree with, it's not fair, it's not fair. You will get your participation ribbon mailed to you I am sure by someone that feels the same way you do, don't want your feelings to be hurt to much by a differing opinion.


Also the new Joe Biden America, flying illegal immigrant children from the southern border into New York at 2:30 a.m. and when questioned, Jen Psaki's only answer is that 2:30 a.m. is not the middle of the night, really, that is the answer? Hiding children in the dark of the night, why, what are they afraid of people seeing? Imagine what must be going thru those kids minds as they are transported by smugglers thru Mexico along with drugs and who knows what else, to the southern border, kept in Joe Biden's cages, have you seen his cages, of course you haven't, CNN and MSNBC won't show them, and then load them on an airplane at 2:30 in the morning, really sounds humane doesn't it democrats? God help those children. Sorry for mentioning the G word again.


Once more: It’s time for YOU to answer a question Mr. VoiceforAllRINOS:

Do you agree with Mr. Trump that we should sit out the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election if the fraud isn't solved?

You SAY you support Trump, but I’ve been suspecting for a while that your enormous output on various other lesser topics is your obvious attempt to hide that you’re really one of the RINOS.

You keep proving it.

Trump is telling us the stolen election is the number one issue, and you keep ignoring him.

Jolly Roger

Gee, Mr. Voice, I hope I didn’t hurt YOUR feelings.

Here’s a Participation Trophy for you 🏆.

You certainly deserve it for your voluminous contributions to this feed.

A participation Trophy 🏆 is particularly appropriate when childish quantity falls so short of adult quality.


Headlines - "Talban Promises Land to Relatives of Suicide Bombers Who Attacked U.S. Soldiers", these are the same Taliban that Joe Biden called "professional and business like". Virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe walks out of interview", once again, a democrat being asked tough questions that they "don't like" and walks away, sounds a lot like the current president, won't take questions from the press, walks away from them, straight from the democratic playbook. "Jen Psaki makes treadmill joke in regards to the supply chain crisis", if you didn't see it, Jen said it's a "tragedy" some people might have to wait to get their treadmills, this is what an administration tells the American people as this crisis gets worse and worse? No answers, only poor jokes, Completely out of touch with Americans, they have also said this is a "high class" problem, really? This isn't going to affect the middle class, the poor, in this country? Higher costs of goods is not going to affect you? At this point, anyone that is working will have to get a 6% raise this year just to stay caught up with inflation, so companies that are struggling, loosing employees because of Joe Biden's mandates, they all have to come up with a 6% raise for each and every employee just so those people do not fall behind. This administration is completely out of touch, they don't care, it is a joke to them, democratic policies are ruining this country.


More smoke for your smokescreen, Mr. VoiceforAllRINOS.

E pluribus

“Joseph McCarthy was a zealous opponent of communism. His tactics, impugned to this day, are now vindicated…”

Vindicated, Mr. Kube? Very novel perspective. But such an unfortunate misunderstanding. It’s wrapped in expressions of Godly faith, but that doesn’t change things.

There was a very good reason McCarthy’s tactics are “impugned to this day.”

McCarthys lies - despite a lack of any proof of subversion - cost more than 2,000 government employees their jobs as a result of McCarthy’s investigations.

McCarthy spent almost five years trying in vain to expose communists and other left-wing “loyalty risks” in the U.S. government.

Charlie Chaplin, Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes, poet and critic Dorothy Parke, Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, Orson Welles, Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo,

and Leonard Bernstein were among those whose careers were damaged when they were blacklisted as a result of his lies

My attention to the rest of this exposition wandered after I read this factless and dangerous declaration...


Sure thing Jolly, your short little quips add so much to the discussion, understand it is hard for you to form a thought longer that 4 sentences, leave the quality discussions to the adults. And E pluribus brings up Joseph McCarthy, so we just as well talk about how Adolf Hitler made his changes, he controlled the media, which is being done by the liberals as we speak, Hilter censored anyone that had a differing opinion, sound familiar, Facebook and Youtube taking down any videos having an opposing view to the vaccinations or anything the democrats say is not true, and we all know the democrats own the truth. Hitler forced people to think and accept what he said they had to, wow, this is really familiar with Joe's mandates, if you can't get people to accept what you want, you force them to accept it, the new American way, and if anyone opposed Hitler, they were not around very long, look how people are treated in the new America that oppose getting the vaccine, you loose your job, your called a murderer, you are threatened. And parents fighting for what their kids are taught in schools, now the police and DOJ come in and chase you off or you get arrested, Hitler did the same thing, and it just kept getting worse and worse just like it is here. They start small and they gradually just keep taking more and more, this is how the democrats want to run the show. Tough to hear that isn't it democrats, maybe it isn't, I think you are all ok with this, right, because Adolf, sorry, Joe, says it is ok, and you better not question him.


Ok QgopFromnowon, I understand the truth hurts for you and you want to deflect it, again with no reasonable arguments from you as usual. Also as usual, all you hard line democrats have yet to show anyone on this forum a list of Joe Biden's accomplishments as president, what has he done to make America better? Seems like you are the one's hiding behind the smoke screens of Joe Biden and Jen Psaki.


I’m sure no Democrat, but you’re certainly a cowardly, deceitful RINO.

Declare your allegiance or stop trying to fool us.

Old Hugh

Why do you feel such victimization? I don’t get it.

You decry liberal control of the media, yet your FoxNews is the most watched media in the US.

Doesn’t this give you Trumpsters a propaganda arm completely aligned with your TrumpWorld and more powerful than either CNN or MSNBC?

You seem to exemplify those who liberals stereotypically describe as losers motivated by white grievance.

If the shoe fits…

Just sayin’…

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