As the good people of Yankton County strive to understand the difficult issues related to zoning, I would encourage everyone to please stick to the facts.

The latest craziness was the statement last week at the Irene meeting that farmers need state certification to raise a single chicken. Under no circumstances would one chicken ever require a conditional use permit let alone state certification on a yearly basis. To claim that as the reason to break away from Yankton County is absolutely ridiculous, false and dishonest.

Our county commission and planning commission have been working over the last year to update our zoning that was put in place in 2003 and updated in 2006. Our proposed changes will make some of the livestock requirements less restrictive, but our efforts have been placed on hold because of two record flooding events, and legal challenges to our zoning ordinance.

The same attorney who prepared the legal challenge to our zoning ordinance is also the attorney who is representing out-of-compliance CAFO owners. Now he shows up at a meeting designed to further split the county. I believe it is important that we make good decisions that work for all the people of our county — and not be bullied or intimidated by a few individuals and organizations who have very vested interest in the zoning process.

I greatly appreciated the Press & Dakotan’s recent editorial (Jan. 7) in which the editors noted that there are people on all sides of the zoning issue who reside both within and outside the city limits of Yankton. This is not the urban-rural split that some want to create for their own purposes. We all want economic development. We all want our farmers to succeed. We all want clean air and water. The challenge is to balance all those important goals.

Over this past year, I have appreciated the numerous telephone calls, emails, and conversations I have had with citizens. The support and encouragement from so many people is humbling. The citizens of Yankton County are intelligent folks who see through the appalling attempts to distort the facts for the benefits of a few. The truth is that the vast majority of our neighbors want to protect the land, air, and water quality of our community. They want to keep Yankton County a wonderful and prosperous place for future generations.

Moving forward, I challenge everyone, myself included, to do more to bring our community together. I ask that you become a part of the solution to these issues, and not part of the problem. Let us discuss the facts in a respectful manner and do what is right for our entire community. Complaining without offering a better solution helps nobody. Stirring up controversies with mistruths and fabrications is not helpful.

Finally, let us heed the words of wisdom from former Yankton County Commission Chairperson Marian Gunderson, who said: “We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

If you have a question about Yankton County, I am just a phone call away (605-857-3799).


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These words would be a very good attempt to bring the community together but its all fluff. Thiscommunity was divided when an “anti-cafo” group supported by out of state organizations came to OUR community and encouraged protests instead of conversations. It’s further divided by a county commission that plays by their own rules and creates hysteria. You have been asked several times to have conversations with the Agriculture business community but slip your way out. You have lied several times about hog barns and road damages in media settings to help further the divide. You add to hysteria with your statements during county commission meetings when you should be encouraging conversation. You expect an extension due to weather to repair a bridge but won’t allow the same for your county citizens who are attempting to play by the rules. You are in a position that could bring this community together but that’s not on your agenda.


Dan, your credibility is non-existent. You have worked tirelessly to stir up controversies with mistrust and fabrications. I would like to point to the October 4, 2019 Planning and Zoning meeting as a great example. But it's no great surprise that the video of that meeting has now been deleted from Youtube. Three cheers for transparency.

You are correct. There has been no changes to the ordinance that would require a CUP for one chicken. But the County Commission has offered new and whimsical "interpretations" of the ordinance at almost every meeting. For example, requiring all Animal Feeding Operations to get a CUP (despite court rulings saying that wasn't necessary). Therefore, the County could "interpret" that need for that one chicken. Again, I would point to the October 4, 2019 Planning and Zoning meeting as an example where the County offers new and bizarre interpretations as a practice.

So if you are still confused why so many are not choosing to reach out and talk to you, it because they know you're just going to lie to them. We've all seen it again and again over the last couple of years.



FYI the meeting that took place on October 4, 2019 was a Planning and Zoning Meeting. To find that meeting you have to go to: and scroll down to October 4, 2019. (It's there.)

In Time

Time and time again.......lies, lies, and more lies. More confusion due to a new lie. Yankton County is going down the tube because as our county commissioners will never ever win in Yankton County. Farmers don't need to WIN......just be treated fairly which won't be done here. So sad. The farmers and CAFO's are FAMILY run.....not by suits in another country . We could and should have the best life here. We have the best meat in America available to us.

Honest Abe

"In Time"

laughable at best. just reading your comment, along with the others, made my day....

if it is fact driven, you and the others forget to list them... why not put truths and facts in these posts instead of the continuous lies and myths we see every time somebody posts about the commission. Facts are simple. This commission has not lied, hidden or deleted anything from the public. This commission has been out front with their ideas, thoughts and any preconceived notions of bias. They don't hide behind the desk and blatantly lie about their positions on items on the agenda. They don't testify and argue on the behalf of any persons appearing before them like the previous regime (Bodenstedt would argue points for applications against public questions and Epp would give testimony for applications - than vote on the application for the applicant.

I guess in todays society, it is easier to play Victim and throw out multiple falsities, than it is to be honest and work together to come together as a county. Compromise does not mean surrender.

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