This week, President Joe Biden was asked whether he had any message for social media amidst a dramatic rise in the number of diagnosed COVID-19 cases thanks to the delta variant. Biden immediately responded that companies like Facebook were responsible for murder: “They’re killing people -- I mean, they’re really, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they’re killing people.” Meanwhile, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said that Facebook had not stopped misinformation thoroughly enough on its platform, calling misinformation a “serious threat to public health.”

None of this is accurate. Facebook is, first of all, a platform; it is not a publication with the same responsibilities of editorial oversight as a publisher. To treat Facebook as such would be to transform its purpose. Furthermore, on a purely factual level, it is simply untrue that Facebook users are disproportionately likely to avoid vaccination -- in fact, according to Facebook’s statistics, vaccine acceptance in the United States among their users now stands between 80% and 85%, and 3.3 million Americans have used their vaccine finder tool to seek a location for a vaccine.

So, what’s driving the Biden administration’s finger pointing? Its broader agenda to utilize the massive market dominance of the social media platforms to squeeze alternative media sources out of existence. Before the rise of social media, most Americans who used the internet for news bookmarked a variety of pages and then visited them individually. Over time, as social media grew and as people began to access stories they liked through an algorithmically controlled newsfeed, Americans used social media for news. This centralized the mechanism for information dissemination.

Now, the left sees an opportunity: If all the news is accessed in one place, by restricting access in that place, the news monopoly once held by legacy media can be reestablished. All that will be required is labeling everyone they don’t like “misinformation.”

Kara Swisher of The New York Times, who has spent the past several years attempting to pressure Facebook into exactly such censorship, says as much openly. According to Swisher, Biden wasn’t wrong to say Facebook was killing people. Actually, writes Swisher, the problem is that Biden restricted his analysis to the coronavirus: “Attempting to stop falsehoods by claiming to offer good information is like using a single sandbag to hold back an impossibly fetid ocean. It’s like that when it comes to a range of once-anodyne, now divisive issues, from election integrity to critical race theory to whatever.”

“Whatever.” Literally any topic on which Swisher disagrees is now dangerous misinformation that must be curbed. This week, NPR went so far as to pressure Facebook to suppress traffic to my website, Daily Wire, on precisely this basis. NPR admitted that we don’t print falsehoods, that we don’t spread conspiracy theories and that we are honest and open about our conservative perspective. So, why should we be suppressed? Because, according to NPR, we cover “specific stories that bolster the conservative agenda.” And, quoting an expert, NPR reports, “If you’ve stripped enough context away, any piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation.”

There it is: even truth can be misinformation. And misinformation kills.

The authoritarianism of the left is in full swing. Americans must spot it and fight it before it destroys our ability to see anything other than that which the left wants us to see.

Ben Shapiro is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers “How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps,” “The Right Side Of History,” and “Bullies.”  

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"The authoritarianism of the left is in full swing. Americans must spot it and fight it before it destroys our ability to see anything other than that which the left wants us to see."

Oh, Mr. Shapiro... we know exactly how you feel.

Gimmy A. Breake

Once more old Abe’s awake at night

The world he sees is such a fright

He’s another hopeless, hapless chump

Who believes the words of Mr. Trump


Ms. Breake,

I'm awake because I'm at work.

I'm not frightened of anything.

I'm filled with hope and have much to look forward to.

I'm far beyond partisan politics and regard world issues above any of your pawns.


Authoritarianism is the TOTAL Property of Repubicans. Trump is a TOTAL AUTHORITARIAN! And Champion LIar! If Trump ever says anything at all that is True, I will be the first to let you know.

Grateful Dead

US coronavirus cases among the unvaccinated have nearly tripled in the last 2 weeks amid all the misinformation coming from your conservative buddies in the media.

And you ignore all this to focus on the “authoritarianism of the left.”

The pot calls the kettle black as you whistle past the graveyard.


Hahaha, not whistling.


Life is full of compromises. Ben Shapiro is the price we pay to the Press & Dakotan publisher for his forbearance in allowing Kelly Hertz to keep his job.

For me, it’s still a price worth paying…

Jolly Roger

I think Insomniac Abe is the other compromise we have to accept.

Friedrich Farmer

For someone who bid us adieu just a short while ago, Abe, you sure do post a lot.

Did you have a change of heart?


Yes, Mr. Farmer, I guess I did.

I'm hopeful that I might inspire some to do their own independent research to determine where the truth can be found.

It's my opinion that the MSM newsfeed is still manipulated to form public opinion; just as it has been long before John Stockwell told me so in 1985.

Do you think the truth gets stifled? Do you believe the contrived drivel that is controlled by just six corporations? If so, im afraid you and your ilk have smashed the koolaid stand!

Gimmy A. Breake

Whatever Abe’s doing working at night

In can’t be important if he thinks it’s his right

To steal his employer’s time on the job

Amazing how easy he finds it to rob


Self employed, you dingbat.


No wonder you’re working at night.

Ever wonder if a more successful employer could give you decent hours?

(Mom always said, “You can always tell when they’re losing an argument ‘cause they start calling names.”)

Friedrich Farmer

Abe, are you talking about John R. Stockwell, the CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies and wrote the book,” In Search of Enemies?”

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