It’s no surprise to any of us that our civic education needs reforms. From Jay Leno’s joking to our national civics test scores, we’ve known for years our nation faces a grave challenge.

Many, including me, have previously stated that our nation’s civic challenges are rooted in our historical ignorance. Having taught at the Air Force Academy and at Dakota State, I have experienced bright students in my class who were unable to do college-level work as they did not have command of basic American history.

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I think the wrong article is under this headline.


Dr. Ben Jones is Noem’s hand-picked Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Education, in his new position as State Historian and Director of the South Dakota State Historical Society.

We should expect his platitudinous bromide to avoid addressing any of the issues so clearly raised by M. K. Tuntland’s, “Letter: 2022 Standards Opinion.”

If one were unaware of the controversy underlying the Noem camp’s attempt to present history through the Trumpian “America First” feel-good filter, one would come away thinking the good Doctor was just telling us that education is good and teaching history is important.

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