In this season of peace, remembrance and celebration, we are beckoned by the ghosts of 1776 and 1787 to recall the historic work of this nation’s founders in establishing a republic grounded in the aspirational principles of liberty, equality and self-governance, and our duty as citizens to defend to defend it.

The serious challenges to American Democracy, at home and abroad, have generated searching concerns amidst exposure of its deep-seated vulnerabilities and led some to wonder if our nation is facing a “Machiavellian Moment,” the point when a republic is confronted by its own mortality.”

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Very nice, Mr. Adler.

But how little you RINOS understand.

The Deep State feeds on your ignorance and the blood of our children feeds their insatiable hunger for power.

Q has foretold it all.

Write your simplistic punditry, but the true battle for America is happening beyond your understanding.

Larry Skow

Pay Atten Jan 6 2023-- Brunson vs Adams is before SCOTUS.


Blah, blah, blah.


Mr. T

The Supreme Court is scheduled to have a conference on January 6, 2023 where they will consider if they will actually hear this Brunson v. Adams case.

The date of January 6, 2023 is very appropriate since if SCOTUS eventually rules in favor, it will mean the January 6 coup has finally succeeded.

So it would truly be monumental in my opinion for SCOTUS to actually hear this case.

If I understand it correctly, if Brunson v. Adams succeeds, the implications are that 291 Representatives, 94 US Senators, President Biden, V.P. Harris, and former V.P. Pence are defendants who could be removed from office and/or tried for high crimes for their participation in certifying the 2020 election.

Christian Nationalists hope it also has the potential to confirm what they believe our Founders thought to be the foundation of America… that the REAL Constitutional authority is held under a Christian God and all governing bodies are subject to it.

Maybe someone with a better legal understanding than mine can weigh in on this.

But this seems like a very bad joke and even worse law, in my view.

However Larry and the Trumpsters will have the last laugh if SCOTUS rules in their favor.

Larry Skow

Mr. T. Congress took Oath to uphold the constitution. They did not do their Job. (not the first time--but). FYI. Jan 6th was orchestrated by GOVT troublemakers. Trump never said use violence. Read listen to his speech. Try re- reading the USA constitution as well. Or maybe for the first time. But 1-6 was complete failure of security by people who were paid to prevent these issues. Lets review Pelosi's texts/emails in preceding 2 weeks leading up to this known trouble spot brewing. Lets see all of Twitter regarding election collusion. Lets see all Twitter accounts leading up to this. Be fair--look at all of it. By the a$$hole I am not a Trumpster. But open minded enough to say LETS SEE ALL THE EVIDENCE! By the way LETS SEE THE COMPLETE WARREN REPORT AS WELL. Why is it still locked up 59 years later?

Friedrich Farmer

Larry, earlier I responded to one of your “I aint no Trumpster” denials by saying "If it looks like a Trumpster, walks Trumpster, and talks like a Trumpster, then it probably is a Trumpster. Even if it's a Democrat-hating Independant who espouses Trump Think…

And then you told us, “Trump has America's best interest in his heart.” (His coup attempt was just “legitimate political discourse” of course.)

And the examples below make it oh, so much clearer….

(Larry Skow Dec 30, 2022 5:58am)

“Kimbal all due respect. This "Violations' as you call it started long ago. Decades ago. Look at the Kennedy assignation and before that actually. This has been going on by both parties. Mr. Trump just ripped the scab off the wound and exposed the ongoing "game". It took 1️⃣election meddling by many agency's and the 2️⃣deep state plus 3️⃣releasing a virus upon the world to unseat him. Was he Perfect? No! Absolutely not. But we were in much better position with the dollar/no wars/No Ukraine welfare--which in case you missed it is 4️⃣just a huge money laundering scheme to fund WEF. Look/dig into 5️⃣the corrupt ties Biden and group has had with Ukraine for YEARS. This "Rape" of USA has been ongoing and really leading us to a UniParty. Just slow convergence--people bend slow--not fast. The destruction of core family unit has been going for decades as well. Church's are infiltrated as well. 6️⃣This LBGQT has been indoctrinated to the youth to confuse them. Now you are seeing 7️⃣the tra@sgender side turn on the L@sbian side. They hate women. It is the women of society they are out to destroy and rid the world of. Women in many societies are the bond that hold the world together. USA has been unique country since its founding. None other has ever existed like it. 8️⃣USA founded capitalism. No other economy style like has ever existed either before the founding fathers let it develop. China's own success is based off capitalism. But 6️⃣the left FEARS capitalism/free trade. They have to destroy it. All of the WEF members all made their money off capitalism--but 7️⃣they wish to destroy and control all of us. You/me/Sodak d/Gone Broke/Clown Russ they want to control and dictate our daily routines. Power/money corrupts the shadow state has corrupted the USA top to bottom. There is a last stand coming in the future. Many a person that is more religious than I have ever been, has been telling me 8️⃣this is fight between good and evil. When USA falls the World falls to Totalitarianism. We may be seeing the start of another Pandemic with China letting infected travel and foolish county's letting the infected in. We will find out in 2023. If the dark side takes over they will purge all that helped USA fall. Once a traitor--always a traitor. They won't take the risk. So off go their heads first. You were just a disposable tool for them. I bet all the non believers will cry out to God as the axe falls.”

If it talks like a Trumpster….

Larry Skow

To all Kool-Aid Swillers: By all means now let's see all of Congress's taxes. Every last one. Let's see how one makes millions of dollars while sitting in Congress on $174,000 yr salary. Every Politician should have to post up taxes. Let's run a DNA test and on Pocahontas Warren. Post it up. Cheap way to check her native American blood story. Do away with the double standard that exists. What's good for Trump is good for all.

Friedrich Farmer

“What's good for Trump is good for all.”

If it talks like a Trumpster…🤔😏🤭

Gimmy A. Breake

This verse is lovingly dedicated to the new GOP House of Representatives with SINCERE (honestly) appreciation:

🔴Trumpsters kept saying,


Cavalry to the rescue!

We got brawn and the brains!

But when the troopers arrived

we see none of these forces

know how manage their unbroken horses.🔴

Larry Skow

Ok all: Does any one know difference between HONEST DEMOCRAT and SASQUATCH? Give up? Sasquatch has several sightings. Honest Democrat---0!


Almost as funny as watching your Trumpster House in action today, Larry.

Looks like more fun to follow.

You're going to need a lot more Democrat votes to keep up.

Another “Gift that Keeps on Giving.” 🤣


That was supposed to be “jokes“ not “votes,“ but as I’m thinking about it, the way things are going you Trumpsters may need Democrat votes to be able to pick a speaker.

E pluribus

So many more Trumpsters have fallen afoul of the law than Democrats.

(This isn’t so funny, is it Larry?)

The tally so far in Trump’s failed coup:

Approximately 316 federal defendants have had their cases adjudicated and received sentences for their criminal activity on January 6.

Approximately 173 have been sentenced to periods of incarceration.

The list is growing. I’ll help you keep track of the insurrectionists as they fall. (I’ll spare you my long list of a dozen or so Trumpsters who went down during Trump's administration.

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